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West Roseville CA Homes

From Southern California to West Roseville

My family moved from Southern California to West Roseville CA around 1994. Back then West Roseville only went out about to the Autumn Oaks Apartments and Foothill Tennis Apartments (now called Allegria At Roseville Apartments).

Kaye Swain Real estate agent Roseville CA shares cows

West Roseville Memories

We bought a home in West Roseville where our bathroom overlooked a field with cows! I loved the sweet hint of country living that accompanied the great advantages of city living like good stores, restaurants, medical options, etc. The Woodcreek Oaks neighborhood was still quite new – at least the neighborhood of homes by JTS builders was (we had friends who lived there 😉 ).  And Sun City must have been in the planning stages as they just this year (2016) celebrated their 20th anniversary! I’d still be in that home but the cows moved and we realized we needed a single story or a home with a bedroom and a bathroom downstairs. But I do miss those cows.

West Roseville Goats and Other Fun Critters

Things have definitely changed over the years! I love that we can still enjoy that country feeling, though you’re probably living in homes further over in West Roseville such as in the Westpark or Fiddyment Farm neighborhoods if you have cows nearby. Or perhaps over near the Morgan Creek Country Club. But our beloved Roseville goats continue to wander around in a variety of areas including West Roseville, munching on grass and delighting nearby residents – young and old!

One reason Kaye Swain loves living in Roseville CA is the cute goats

Thanks to our lovely nature preserves, we can enjoy delightful walks, runs, and bike rides throughout the city along the beautiful walking trails. But, when you’re walking, running, or biking do be alert. With a little bit of country can come a little bit of country critters! And that’s true for all of Roseville, not just West Roseville. My sweet turkeys are still marching around – the adults (pink arrow) were strutting around one of our local golf courses the other day. And last week, I spotted a mom, dad, and baby turkeys (where black arrows are pointing) – so cute!

Kaye Swain West Roseville real estate agent shares cute turkey babies

Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent shares turkey smiles West Roseville golf course

Not Such Cute Critters

Along with cute and cuddly, however, comes not so cute and cuddly – like skunks, squirrels, rattlesnakes, coyotes (spotted this year), and mountain lions (spotted last year). To learn more about each critter, click each name to go to a page with info about them. Plus here are some other useful sites with info about some of these interesting, albeit disconcerting, critters, just in case…

Another “critter” that is of special concern to us in Roseville, from West Roseville to East Roseville and all around the Sacramento valley- as well as the whole world this year – is the mosquito! The normal garden-variety mosquito is bad enough. For years, Placer County has been spraying to help stave off West Nile Virus. In fact, they just did a spraying in West Roseville – in the Westpark, Fiddyment Farm area.

Kaye Swain social media Roseville CA neighborhood association mosquito updates

But this year, there is also a major concern about the Zika virus! According to the Placer Mosquito & Vector Control District, they are monitoring the Zika mosquito activity closely. Currently it is mostly in Southern California. However, according to the California Department of Public Health, there have been some found in Northern California cities including 5 in Alameda, 4 in Contra Costa, 1 in Napa, 2 in San Francisco, 2 in Yolo, and others. Their list is updated weekly and you can find it by CLICKING HERE. KQED has a good article on the Zika mosquito too.

You’ll be happy to hear that our Placer Mosquito & Vector Control District, as well as others in the state, are researching, planning, and preparing to fight it if and when it becomes necessary. Sadly, scientists are discovering it is an extremely hardy critter. Happily, it’s not fond of our normal California weather so that may be a big help over the next few years. We definitely hope and pray they will find a way to stop these bugs SOON!

At an RCONA (Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations) meeting recently, the Placer Mosquito & Vector Control District’s Public Information Officer shared that they plan to attend as many outdoor city and community events as possible, like Movies in the Park, National Night Out, etc., to give away a variety of free bug repellent towelettes. Their goal is to give all of us a chance to “test drive” different brands. Isn’t that a cool idea! 🙂 Click here for a link to the two flyers she shared, with more information about mosquitoes in general – something we all need to be proactive at working against.

Roseville REALTOR Kaye Swain shares rosemary mosquito repellant

Some other steps we can take to battle these bugs include “thinking green.” As in, adding more mosquito repellant plants around our Roseville homes. Did you know that mosquitoes don’t like plants like Rosemary? That’s one of my fave ground cover plants. It smells good, looks nice, and it’s great in cooking. Talk about a practical plant! BUT do be cautious when buying Rosemary. According to Canidae (manufacturer of my sweet granddog’s fave dog food), in their article, “Garden Plants that Help Fight Fleas” (and Mosquitoes), “Rosemary is also a member of the mint family. Be careful when planting Rosemary, however. You want to make sure to get the herb plant, which is safe for pets and not Rosemary Pea or Rosemary Bog because they are toxic for dogs and cats.” That was certainly news to me! How about you?

There are several other plants that repel mosquitoes. Green Acres Nursery suggests Lemon Thyme, Lime Basil, and Catnip. More practical plants and my grand-cat would definitely LOVE that catnip! Also, Thyme, Catmint, and Cedars. You’ll find links to these and more at my Pinterest board on Mosquitoes.

Love Living In Roseville CA!

Yes, here in Roseville CA we do enjoy cute critters and less-than-cute critters.  But isn’t it nice to know that we have great people in Roseville, in Placer County, and in our sweet state of California who are working hard to help us be safer and more proactive in needed areas! So we can keep enjoying the lovely walking trails from West Roseville to East Roseville and all in between! As I said earlier, we moved here in 1994. We loved it then and we love it even more now! With all the the cute AND not-so-cute critters. 🙂

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Sunshine to the Max in Roseville CA

Haven’t we enjoyed several lovely and cool few days here in Roseville as Summer approaches. But come next week, WATCH OUT! It will be time to BEAT THE HEAT as summer starts!

Kaye Swain Roseville real estate agent shares weather Roseville 95747 time to beat the heat

Come the first day of summer, we’re back in high temperatures –  and by Tuesday there will be triple digits. That’s definitely hot weather any time in Roseville and especially for the first days of Summer!  Then again, it could be worse. A couple of days ago, my weather app was guestimating it would be 106!!!!   Either way, I guess we will probably ALL be singing about the Sunny Side of the Street then!


This seems like a good time to share some good resources and important reminders for all ages dealing with summer heat in and around Roseville.  Resources like:

Family fun ways to beat the heat for young and old in our Roseville Sacramento area

Kaye Swain Roseville real estate agent spraygrounds help beat the heat

Heading North or South

Beach Joys Help You Beat the Heat

Kaye Swain Roseville real estate agent shares beach joys swimming pool tips more

I’m from Southern California where we spent oodles of time at the beaches, frolicking in the waves, sun bathing (and sometimes burning) on the warm beach, and more. Here in Northern California, the beaches are a wee bit cooler but my kids, grandkids, and their friends have assured me there are plenty of fun options here as well. (I freeze much easier than I used to so I have just taken their word for it. 😉 ) Then again, with San Francisco’s weather temperatures primarily showing highs in the 60s next week, you’ll beat the heat nicely just by enjoying a fun visit to the bay area.

With oodles of grandkids, one of my fave Northern California resources is RedTri. Here are some of their recommendations for what to do when hot weather comes:

And that’s not all – here are other great ways to beat the heat that I discovered!

Safely beat the heat!

Water Safety

  • If you head to the beach or the river on days when high temperatures are getting to you, be sure to stay safe. Use lifejackets (which are required for kids under the age of 13, regularly apply sunscreen, follow all the listed (and other) rules. And keep your eyes on kids and grandkids no matter their age. 🙂
  • Did you know you can borrow life jackets from a variety of sources? Me, either! —->>>> Life Jacket Loan Program 
  • Roseville water safety tips
  • SMUD water safety tips

Heat Safety Tips

  • If you don’t have a good air conditioner or cooler, and the heat is getting too much, call your local library to see if they are staying open extended hours due to the hot weather. You could also head for the movies, a local store, grocery store, etc. if the high temperatures get to be too much for you.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water – and if you’re outside and active, drink extra water.

Heat Safety Tips for very young and very old

Pet Friendly Safety Tips

Kaye Swain Roseville real estate agent recommends buy houses with swimming pools beat the heat

Now it’s your turn.

Do you have any suggestions for things to do or places to go in or around Roseville or the surrounding area to “beat the heat?” Or hot weather safety tips? We’d love to hear. Just leave a comment below or pop over to my Facebook page and let us know. 🙂

And have a GREAT week however high the temperatures get to!


P.S. Of course, another fun way to stay cool in hot weather is a dip in your very own swimming pool!  🙂


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Homes Roseville CA

Healthy Eating Turn Around

I have turned over a new leaf and am on the healthy eating bandwagon.

Kaye Swain Roseville real estate agent shares healthy eating breakfast food choices

No more sodas, candy, or chocolate ice cream for me right now – hopefully never but I’ve learned never to say never. But so far so good. I’m thrilled that I’m down 20 pounds and am now working hard to eat healthy, eat fewer calories, and eat enjoyably. My new healthy eating diet includes low but healthy fats and low calories. I have some friends who are on low carb diets. Other friends are on the non-gmo diet, and still others on a gluten free diet. And my grandparents were ahead of all of us with preferring organic veggies and fruits. My grandpa got me hooked on Organic Gardening and Farming (which is now Organic Gardening) way back when and I still enjoy that magazine.

I must say, I really appreciate all that the City of Roseville CA and the surrounding Sacramento Valley offers those of us on healthy eating diets of all kinds. We have so many choices here that many of my friends in smaller towns do not have. In fact, I remember when we were moving to the city of Roseville, there were much fewer food and restaurant options available. But even so, it was more than in our old home city in Southern California. Now we have so many more food choices – including healthy eating food restaurants and grocery stores and I really appreciate that! I wanted to share some of my faves with you, along with a few others I discovered while writing this. Just in case there’s some here you haven’t discovered yet. 🙂

Health Food Options at Grocery Stores and Specialty Stores

Raley’s – Bel Air – Raleys and Bel Air in Roseville (four stores), Sacramento, and other cities (132 stores in all) have great Natural Foods departments that I frequent often.

Roseville real estate agent Kaye Swain shares Safeway Woodcreek Oaks organic vegetables

Safeway – There are about 18 stores in our area. I love the natural food section at the Woodcreek Oaks/Blue Oaks intersection. I also appreciate that Safeway offers food (including health food items)  delivery. Even though the stores are quite near me, if we’re sick or on a tight time schedule those delivery services really come in handy here in Roseville CA, Sacramento, and sometimes even in other parts of the country, if another family member is ill.

Trader Joes – A family favorite all over the country. Tasty food, healthy choices, and great prices! 1117 Roseville Square, Roseville, CA 95678 – 916-784-9084, as well as locations in Fair Oaks, Sacramento, Elk Grove, and more.

Whole Foods Market Roseville – I do enjoy visiting this store. I usually go for specific needs I can’t find in my local grocery store and they’ve always had the item. Of course, I usually also walk out with several other tasty treats!  The Fountains At Roseville, 1001 Galleria Blvd., Roseville, CA 95678 – 916.781.5300 They also have stores in Sacramento, Folsom, and more.

Sprouts Farmers Market stores – we have two in Roseville as well as stores in Citrus Heights, Sacramento, and Elk Grove and more. One is at 6760 Stanford Ranch Rd., Roseville, CA 95678 – 916-774-1120 (between Costco and Toys R Us) and one that is arriving June 15, 2016 at 2030 Douglas Blvd., Roseville, CA 95661 (in what used to be one of my two fave book stores – Borders!) off Rocky Ridge and across the street from Sunrise Natural Foods (see below). And WOOHOO – gotta love a healthy store with online coupons! Click here to see what’s currently available.

Kaye Swain Roseville real estate agent shares The Nugget Markets on Fairway Pleasant Grove

Nugget Markets – I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Roseville Nugget Market. Though after researching it for this post, I will be doing so in the near future. I was interested to read that it is “family-owned and serving Northern California since 1926.” And it sounds like great prices and great selections, which I’ve heard in the past as well!  They offer an email of their current ad specials which I did sign up for.  771 Pleasant Grove Blvd., Roseville, CA 95678 – 916-746-7799 They also have locations in Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, and more.

Pairings – Located at 701 Pleasant Grove Blvd. #180 Roseville, CA 95678 – 916-772-PAIR, they are in the same shopping center at the Nugget Market. How handy is that! And oh my, be sure to read their post 7 Healthy Olive Oil and Venegar Recipes to Make in 2016! They look and sound delish. I’m definitely going to try some. 🙂 (If you’re wondering why they’re on this list of healthy food stores – check out this interesting article.)

Denio’s Farmers Market and Swapmeet – When I started working on eating healthier and losing weight, I started with adding more fruits and vegetables. Denios Farmers Market is a great place to head for those yummy treats at great prices.  1551 Vineyard Road Roseville, California 95678

Farmer’s Markets in and around Roseville CA – here’s a post I wrote on just that topic last year with a link to my Pinterest board for Farmers Markets throughout the area.

Sunrise Natural Foods – This is my long-time go-to place for health food options and healthy vitamins and other products! They are at 1950 Douglas Blvd. Roseville, CA 95661 – 916-789-8591 – as well as in Auburn, CA.

Eating Healthy While Eating Out In Roseville CA

Pressed Juicery – For all you juice fans, which definitely included my grandparents. They were certainly wise before their time. 🙂 This is at The Fountains at Roseville CA, 1182 Roseville Parkway #145 Roseville, CA 95678, 916-781-2030

Pluto’s – I love going there for their “make your own” salad with plenty of tasty choices. As long as I’m careful about what I pick, it’s definitely one of the places I can eat out at and stick to my diet easily. You’ll find them at the Westfield Galleria At Roseville (the mall) – 1173 Galleria Blvd., P-113, Roseville CA 95678 – 916-781-3663 as well as Sacramento and other locations heading to San Francisco.

Dr. Bob’s Donuts – I wrote about them in an article on Donut shops. A grand place to go to enjoy a sweet treat for many diets, including organic, gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free. And from the looks of their nutritional info, they should also work for my low cal, low fat diet. Hmmmmmm 😉  They were even in the news again for National Donut Day – click here to see the fun video from Fox40 Sacramento that shows off what they’re all about. They are currently at 336 Lincoln Street, Roseville, CA 95678 – 916-742-5241

The Green Boheme offers raw vegan eats and cold pressed organic juices as well as cooking classes and more.They have good reviews on Yelp and got a nice write-up in the Sacbee Meatless Dishes Round-up article below. You can find them at 1611 Lead Hill Blvd, Suite 160, Roseville CA 95661 – 916-474-5609

Healthy Food Delivery Near You and Me In Roseville CA

FitEats – 916-389-9899 Want to eat healthy know it’s going to be a busy week? Try FitEats – they deliver healthy meals in healthy portions (currently three days a week) and their prices seem very reasonable! (You have to order by 10 am the day before it’s delivered). Or you can pick up from them any time at one of their locations. The Roseville store is at 1455 Eureka Road, Roseville, CA 95661.  And they even have a weekly menu email that I just signed up for. 🙂 For more information, click here.  And here’s an interesting news show video about them.

More healthy eating options in the Greater Sacramento Valley Area

Elliotts Fine Nutrition offers healthy food and other nutritional products and has locations in Rocklin, Citrus Heights, and Folsom. 1-877-628-3663

Baagan is a vegetarian restaurant that started in Roseville but then moved to Rocklin. They were voted #1 Best Restaurant in the Sacramento News & Review and voted 2015 Best Vegetarian by KCRA-3 A-List! They are now located at 2620 Sunset Blvd., Suite #1, Rocklin, CA 95677 – 916-824-1688. Click here for a full list of the types of healthy food choices they offer, including dairy-free, vegan, GMO-free, soy-free, peanut-free, palm-oil free, mostly gluten-free and very allergy-friendly and MORE!

Dining roundup: 10 must-try meatless dishes in Greater Sacramento is a fascinating article about more healthy eating options in Roseville and the surrounding Sacramento area.

Enjoy Eating Healthy in Roseville and Sacramento

Kaye Swain Roseville real estate agent shares senior moms tomato better than any healthy eating restaurants Roseville CA

These are the healthy food options I know. But there are probably more in Roseville and the surrounding area. Not to mention, growing your own. My senior mom’s tomatoes are awesome for my healthy eating diet right now. If you have more suggestions (or want to share some of your healthy eating tips locally) we’d love to hear. Email me at Kaye at or message me at Facebook. 🙂

Homes for Sale Roseville CA

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