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KCRA A-List is Now the Sacramento City Voter A-List

Once upon a time there was a great resource called the KCRA A-List. It was an annual opportunity for people to vote for their fave businesses and biz people all over the greater Sacramento Valley. And guess what! It still exists and it’s still a great resource. It just has changed its name to the Sacramento A-List by City Voter. It’s also known as SacAList on Twitter and Facebook.

KCRA A-List Sacramento City Voter Vote Roseville California Joys Kaye Swain best local blogger THANK YOU

Roseville California Joys Blog is on the A-List Nominees

And guess what else? Kaye Swain (yup, that’s me 😉 ) is a nominee for best local blogger, with Roseville California Joys (not to mention my real estate I’d so appreciate it if you’d spend a few minutes, pop over to my page, register and vote for me. 🙂 And to all who have voted for me – THANK YOU 🙂  🙂  🙂

More Great Businesses on the Sacramento City Voter A-List

And while you’re there, take a stroll through some of the other great places listed on the Sacramento City Voter A-List (formerly KCRA A-List) and vote for your favorites! Some of my votes went to:

Hurry and VOTE

The Sacramento City Voter A-List voting is almost done. Come August 28, 2016, it will be closed. BUT the results will be up all year round. It’s a great place to go when you’re wondering, “what are the best museums to take the kids or grandkids too?” or “where should I take my car for repairs” or “what’s the best wedding venue to recommend to my kids.”  And YES! You will find places in all the cities around Sacramento – including Sacramento itself, Roseville, Rocklin, Citrus Heights, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Folsom, Auburn, and more!

I regularly recommend this as a resource to my real estate clients moving here from out of the area. But I often use it myself and find it a great resource even for those of us who have lived here for decades. It’s been “crowd-sourcing” since before that was a word. 🙂

The Sacramento City Voter (Once KCRA A-LIST) Great Resource

So definitely bookmark Sacramento City Voter (formerly KCRA A-List) for those times you are looking for the best…what-ever. And be sure to vote for all your faves so they’ll get even more business, become even more popular, and not disappear like some of our faves have done (sniff…I love Barnes and Noble! But I still miss Borders! 😉 ).

And FOR SURE vote for Roseville California Joys and moi, Kaye Swain, as the best blog and blogger in the Greater Sacramento Valley, Roseville area.  🙂  I would definitely and PAWS-itively appreciate it! And my Roseville granddog would be woofing happily all day long. No that cutie above isn’t my granddog. All my granddogs are sweeties but they don’t hold roses in their mouths. But he is a cute pooch, isn’t he! 🙂


Have a great week y’all. And THANK YOU!!!!

Kaye Swain real estate agent Roseville Sacramento pink rose

P.S. What’s YOUR fave biz on their list? We’d love to hear. AND if you’re a small biz on the KCRA A-List, now known as the Sacramento City Voter A-List – do let us know and put the link – either in the comments here or at our Facebook page – we’d love to check it out 🙂


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Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent shares rose potpourri

Roseville Potpourri

Today is a bit of a ROSEville potpourri. First off, did you get a chance to read my Pokemon Go post last week? I sure had fun writing it! AND I have three interesting updates to it!

Pokemon Go

1. Pokemon Go Has Lost Over Twenty Percent of Its U.S. Userbase! Of course, there are still plenty of people using it and the creators, Niantics and Nintendo are most likely still making quite a bit of money. But still, rather intriguing.

2. While at a neighborhood meeting at one of the Martha Riley Library rooms at Mahany Park, we had a good view of several people Pokemon Go-ing around our room again. BUT there were considerably fewer than the last time. I’m not sure if that’s because most people have already caught the Pokemon critters there, there are fewer peep in Roseville playing, or what.

3. As we sat in the meeting, I kept hearing creaking above us – almost like someone was crawling around on the roof. When I left, I spotted a couple of teens playing so I asked if there were ever Pokemon critters ON the roof at various places. “Sure are,” they replied. “Does anyone go up on the roof to capture them,” I asked. “Yup, we have a couple of crazy friends who have!”  Yikes! Parents, best to warn your kids to stay OFF roofs – due both to their safety as well as any liability they might incur (that would most likely come back and bite you) by accidentally damaging something up on the roof!  😉

Sacramento International Airport near Roseville CA

Sacramento International Airport

Second today are some tips about the Sacramento International Airport. Last week I headed out there to take a loved one to her flight back home. I hadn’t been out that way in months so I was surprised (tho don’t know why since I do know that road work does take a LONG time) to realize the i80 is still divided with the slow lane separated from the other two faster lanes. I couldn’t remember if there was an option to exit for the airport (there was) from the faster two lanes. (They don’t have off ramps for several of the exits.). I decided to play it safe and stay in the first lane and oyyyyy, there was a traffic accident that brought just our lane to a standstill. It was cleared off quickly so we were only stuck at stop and go for about 20 minutes. And since I always make sure we head to the airport plenty early for just that reason we were ok! Still, it definitely added stress to the trip! All’s well that ended well, though, and we got there right on time. We even had time to enjoy a lovely lunch together at the tables on the 5th floor with the Panera salads we had brought with us. (My current fave is their Strawberry and Poppyseed Salad! It’s SOOOO good relatively low in calories! Makes it easy to have an enjoyable lunch out and stick to my healthy eating diet! I’m so happy since I’ve lost 35 pounds in the last 3 months with that diet. Yay!

I must say, though, I’m really glad I can take my normal route to the Sacramento International Airport for my next two trips with more loved ones. Usually, I just head West on Baseline to the 99, then go South on the 99 to the 5 North which then drops me right at the airport. Much easier, less traffic, less stress! Very cool! Gotta love the back roads and side roads in Roseville and the Greater Sacramento area, right! 🙂

Your Turn

What’s your favorite route to the Sacramento International Airport? Or your take on Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments below or at FacebookRoseville California Joys. We’d love to hear. 🙂


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Roseville CA Pokemon-Go-Happy

Have you seen them yet? They’re all around. Especially in public areas like parks. What are THEY? The people, from kids to adults, who are walking around, looking at their cell phones, going in circles sometimes, and then leaving. They’re the people who are playing the latest craze – POKEMON GO!

Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR shares Pokemon Go app(As opposed to normal people like me, who are walking around, looking at our cell phones, checking our email, looking at our text messages, taking photos and editing them… 😉 )

I’ve run into them a few times and have to say, over all, they have ALL been quite nice. 🙂 When we were at an RCONA (Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations) meeting at Mahany Park with windows on two sides, it definitely made the meeting more interesting to watch all the people coming and going in the (usually) quiet courtyard in back as well as the front walkway.

We just finished National Night Out 2016 here in Roseville and across the nation. I helped with two different groups in Roseville. One was at Royer Park and there I spotted several people flow by, some were kids with moms and strollers, some were moms and teens, some with older teens alone, like this sweet couple who let me take their photo. 🙂

Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent shares Pokemon Go players

I’ve even spotted a couple of Pokemon hunters at my church. Well, her 9 year old son was the hunter, using mom’s cell phone, which ensured he would be well supervised. A VERY important thing to do, I might add.

Here’s an example of what you might see if there are Pokemon Hunters in your area – this was when Pokémon Go took over Sleep Train Arena. 😉

What TO DO with Pokemon Go?

A great question. I actually downloaded the game to find out a little about it. As I type THESE WORDS, I still don’t really get it. But I’m hoping some of the resources I’ve dug up to share with you will help us both.

Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent Squirtle Pokemon Go

I will say that it does give me cute little pokemon critters (and you know I LOVE critters) on a green field OR on my computer. WOW! 😉  But beyond that, I am clueless. So let’s start with some resources for what TO do.

I started with Surfnet Kids which has long been a fave resource for me for ideas for fun and educational ideas for my grandkids and me. She had several great links including’s Things To Do First which actually helped me catch my very first Pokemon! 😉  It also taught me how to change its name. I tried to call it Roseville California Joys – too long. Then Roseville Joys – still too long. Hence the name, Rose Joys.

Rose Joys Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR Pokemon Go Critter

TechRadar has a Pokemon Go Guide that they are updating regularly.

USA Today in Santa Monica CA offers us –  A beginner’s guide to ‘Pokémon Go’

Bargain Fox has a great infographic on Pokemon Go along with a very in-depth coverage of what to do and how to do it. Including giving me info about Poke Radar which helps you figure out where people have spotted Pokemon.  There were none in my neighborhood (whew!) but at the moment they are all around Roseville including, you guessed it, at the Westfield Galleria at Roseville and the Fountains at Roseville. 🙂  You can access Poke Radar online or use the app. I thought the online was a bit faster/easier, but obviously if you are out and about, the app is probably your best bet.

Forbes has another way of tracking the Pokemon all around your immediate area – and it’s right in the app, a new update!

Be aware this app is a major battery hog! It’s been an ongoing issue since it came out but the developers are aware of it and working on it.

And yes, now as you read THESE WORDS, I’ve learned enough to actually do something with the app. It’s not the most intuitive but with the help of the resources above, you or your beloved poke hunter can get going. BUT keep reading…

What NOT to do with Pokemon Go?

Safety FIRST

First off – the most important – DON’T DRIVE AND PLAY POKEMON GO!!!!!


Per the Roseville City Police Department (who besides being awesome also have a great sense of humor 😉 ):

“You know your Pokemon strayed too far when….
We’re glad you’re going outside and having fun playing Pokemon Go! But remember, the Pokemons you’re chasing don’t know about safe versus unsafe or illegal areas–that part is up to you. Please:
–Don’t go into other people’s yards or other private property without permission. If you notice non-players watching you with worried expressions, be a good neighbor and explain what you’re doing. We’ve gotten some concerned calls from residents who thought you were prowlers up to no good.
–Remember that Roseville parks and trails close an hour after sunset, except for lighted playing fields.
–Sorry, but the Vernon Street garage is for drivers parking their vehicles only, not pedestrians. We’re still trying to get the word out to the Pokemons about that.
–We don’t even have to tell you not to play while driving…right?” (I know, I already shared that. But I think it can’t be emphasized enough! 😉 )

Safety Concerns

Inside Edition has a good video update on Pokemon Go:

My fave tip – the group system. More than 2, encourage older teens to go as a group and keep their eyes open. And go with the younger crowd. If your schedule is tight, talk to other parents/grandparents, and take turns going out with them. Pokemon-go-pooling. 😉

Real Estate Concerns

And, since I am a REALTOR, I was really intrigued by this article from Ryan Lundquist, Sacramento expert appraiser and blogger, That place where the internet and real estate values meet! In it, he discusses the impact the virtual world could have on your real estate values. 😉

Pokemon Go in our area

A variety of businesses and cities have decided to have fun with Pokemon Go and that includes in our area. Here is a sampling:

Fleet Feet – On the Move with Pokemon Go

Yelp – Pokemon Go hotspots (Pokestops) in Greater Sacramento region

‘Pokémon Go’ Tips: Where to Hunt for Pokémon in Roseville, California

I love the posts from the Roseville Parks and Police. 🙂

There is even a Roseville Pokemon Go Group on Facebook! As well as Sacramento, Rocklin, Lincoln…. If you’d like to know if there is one for your area, try going to Facebook, type Group Pokemon GO YOUR CITY NAME  🙂

The Sacramento and San Francisco Zoos have gotten in on the action!

And plenty more. In fact, if you’re interested in giving Pokemon-Go a try for your business, I have several resource articles saved at my Pinterest board of small business resources.

My Take on Pokemon Go

To be honest, I’ve never been fond of Pokemon. But I have grandkids who LOVE it. So far, they’re not playing this for which I’m glad. This does seem best suited for older teens who can drive, though that is a definite concern as well. Personally, I’m hoping we can skip this particular craze. But in case things change, I’ve learned it’s always best to be educated, informed and prepared. And now, thanks to this post, I am! And hopefully, you are too. See you around Roseville.  🙂



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