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So many fun things to do during the holidays! And holiday and seasonal activities in Roseville and the surrounding area abound. You’ll find plenty of them listed in various articles here at Roseville California Joys.

Happy Valentines Day in Roseville CA

Happy Valentines Day from Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent

Happy Valentines Day Month! Here in Roseville CA we do have fun during this sweet season. I have been thoroughly enjoying the cute Valentines on various doors as I share neighborhood news and updates in the two neighborhoods where I volunteer. Here’s a fun sample of some of them. (Want a PDF eBook of this list? …

Roseville Christmas Lights 2016 and More

Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent Christmas Lights 2016 eBook

Merry Christmas Home Search For Roseville Roseville Christmas Lights Joys Roseville Christmas Lights 2016! Christmas lights are some of the sweet joys of our holiday season, don’t you think? I remember driving around for hours with my parents, ooooohing and aaaaaaahing at the lovely ones we saw in one huge neighborhood in Southern California. They assigned each …