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Christmas Joys in and Around Roseville CA

Christmas music programs and Candlelight services are some of the sweet Roseville CA Joys Kaye Swain blogger REALTOR loves to share

CHRISTMAS MUSIC JOYS It’s the 2015 holiday season in Roseville CA and beyond and I’ve got Christmas carols playing almost non-stop. My Bethlehem Village nativity set is on my mantel. And I’m slowly but surely decorating my Facebook pages and Pinterest boards for Christmas. I’m also checking with friends and family for interesting Christmas nativity and music …

Thanksgiving Fun in Roseville CA

Happy Thanksgiving pilgrim boy 2014 from Roseville California Joys and Kaye Swain 400

Thanksgiving In Roseville CA Living in Roseville CA at Thanksgiving time can often mean a warm sunshiny day, perfect for all kinds of fun activities on and around Thanksgiving. The chance of snow in Roseville at any time, and particularly on Thanksgiving Day, is remote. Even fog and rain are rare. That means the annual Roseville …