Looking For City of Roseville Parks? Try These Two in West Roseville

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City of Roseville Has Parks!

Kaye Swain real estate agent shares West Roseville park near Sun City and Silverado homes at Eskaton Village

The City of Roseville has PARKS! In fact, our sweet City of Roseville CA is home to over 70 delightful parks of all sizes from teeny tiny to HUGE! And each has a different feel and different flavor. Some are perfect for our littlest kids and grandkids. Some are sheer wonder for our biggest. And many (most?) have fun options for all ages. Some have TONS of shade. Some have no shade. And many have a mixture of shade. (Can you tell I’m writing this on a hot day – which makes me REALLY think about shade! 🙂 )

City Roseville Parks Off Woodcreek Oaks Blvd.

I had the chance today to explore a lovely walking path and two City of Roseville parks that were new to me. I was heading to Safeway on Woodcreek Oaks and Blue Oaks and, since I had some time to spare, I thought I would check out my handy dandy miniature Roseville Parks Recreation Guide’s parks trails and bikeways map – which is basically a matchbook with a map that folds out and lists most of our many lovely parks. (It’s also online. 🙂 )  I spotted a couple of parks off Woodcreek Oaks and Horncastle so thought I’d check them out for future visits with grandkids.

I drove around in the area and parked next to a portion of the Roseville biking/walking trail and headed out on the paved road that is divided with one lane for bikes and the other lane for walkers. Shortly thereafter, a divide appeared so off I went to the left.

Adam V. Baquera Park

Kaye Swain West Roseville REALTOR sharing parks info

I ended up at Adam V. Baquera Park – 100 Painted Desert Court, West Roseville CA. It was really delightful! It looks like it would work ok for kids from two on up to probably even 10 because there’s one tall slide and a fun climbing thing but there’s also a short slide and a couple of little riding things. You’ll also find a half  basketball court, a big field, and some other fun equipment for kids. (Don’t you love my technical terminology. 🙂 ) It’s one of the smaller Roseville parks and it does not have swings but it does have lots of tables which is nice. Baquera Park is labeled as elementary age but I’m going to try it with my grand-toddlers.

I’m guessing it’s a little bit newer park because there’s not a lot of shade yet but there are lovely trees all around that will eventually provide more shade for the playground equipment. Because of that I’m going to save this for a morning trip or an autumn day to explore with my grandkids since it’ll be a little hot for them and me. That being said, the walk to get there  was delightfully shady! So if you’re just looking for a new place to walk with them this is great because you can even bring tricycles, bicycles, etc. and have a lovely time walking/biking with lots of shade for a good portion of the walk.

Blue Oaks Park

Blue Oaks Park is one of many delightful City of Roseville Parks

Retracing steps from Baquera Park and then heading back on the trail past my car, I discovered another  divided road. A right turn led to Blue Oaks Park – 8001 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd., Roseville CA. This cute little park is right next to Blue Oaks Elementary School.

It offers the swings that Baquera Park doesn’t have, along with some cool climbing walls. I suspect the walls are a bit too old for the grand-toddlers, but we will definitely have to check them out in a couple of years. It also has benches, picnic tables, and another half basketball court. It, too, doesn’t have much shade over the playing equipment, so I’ll probably save it for mornings or cool autumn days.

Vernal Pools

West Roseville parks sign about Vernal Pools

Heading back to the car, I thoroughly enjoyed one of the many beautiful preserves/open spaces that we are so blessed with here in Roseville CA.  made yet another turn where I came to another beautiful wilderness area with less shade but a delightful breeze so I enjoyed walking a little farther. I still had a few minutes to enjoy reading an information sign that explained about our Roseville vernal pools. I see them every rainy season but hadn’t realized just how beautiful they are in providing havens for cute little critters.

Cute Critters And Restful Park Benches

A lovely walk between Blue Oaks Park and Baquera Park Roseville CA

Speaking of cute critters, I was glad to spot a park bench along the route as well –  great for taking a little bit of a break or to just enjoy the wildlife you might spot, like adorable turkeys! Plus, did you notice in the photo above that fur babies (otherwise known as adorable dogs) are welcome on a leash and they even have clean-up helps! Very nice!

Love City of Roseville Parks!

I love ALL the parks I’ve visited in the City of Roseville. These definitely have some fun things things to do in Roseville that my grandkids will enjoy down the road. And I particularly loved the shady walking path. All in all, a delightful visit, nestled in one of the lovely subdivisions of West Roseville, off Woodcreek Oaks and Horncastle. 🙂



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