Interesting 3-2-24 Local News Roseville CA Area

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3-2-24 Local News Roseville CA Area

Hi and welcome to this week’s 3-2-24 local news Roseville CA area. Every week I think, what will I write about? And every week there is SO much to write about. It’s quite fun and interesting. Let’s check out what’s up this week, in addition to the rain we’ve been enjoying. Can you tell, I am REALLY looking forward to SPRING! Only a few more days….

I am looking forward to spring

Local Restaurant News

According to the Sacramento Bee, at least 20 new restaurants have opened up in the Sacramento area in February! WOW!!!! Here are some of the ones closest to us:

And, as per Yelp, Fred’s Burgers recently made its debut at 4210 Rocklin Rd, Rocklin, CA 95677. There’s a video circulating from before their Rocklin opening, giving us a sneak peek of what to expect.

It’s thrilling to have such a diverse array of dining options at our fingertips!

Local Hotel News

Roseville is set to welcome two new hotels near the Westfield Galleria at 251 Conference Center Drive, thanks to a recent land purchase by a hotel developer, as reported by the Sacramento Business Journal. The buzz is that these might be a Hampton Inn and an Element by Westin, with amenities like outdoor cornhole and pickleball courts. How exciting!
Not to be left out, La Quinta is making its way to Lincoln, CA, as showcased in a video by “Retired Sockmonkey” from Sun City Lincoln Hills.

Local Park and Rec News

I’m always on the lookout for local Roseville News regarding our Park and Rec options and I LOVE their videos, like this one:

I’m always eager to bring you the latest on parks and recreation in our area. Currently, the winter/spring ExperiencePRL magazine is still the go-to resource, featuring an adorable dog on its cover. Rocklin and Lincoln have also released their latest guides, packed with activities and programs for everyone to enjoy. I highly encourage visiting their websites for the most up-to-date information and to subscribe for updates.

Local Garden News

Green Acres Nursery is buzzing with advice on five annuals perfect for seed planting soon. If you’re planning significant gardening projects, keep an eye out for Lowe’s and Home Depot’s mulch sales around late March to early April. These sales are not to be missed for the green-thumbed among us.

My personal, all time favorite, has been the sunflowers and I might give them another try this year. I’ve read about doing a sunflower house. I never achieved that but I did plant a bunch of sunflower seeds in a square in the yard and my grandkids could hide in it surrounded by a few dozen large and lovely sunflowers and LOVED it. My mom would have loved a sunflower by her window if she had seen this cute kit. 😊 What’s YOUR favorite flower or flower project?

Local Volunteer Options

For those interested in giving back, there are excellent volunteering opportunities available, including with Sacramento Blue Star Moms and Seniors First, which offers Meals on Wheels among other services.

Sacramento Blue Star Moms March 9,  9-12

Seniors First AND Meals on Wheels

Seniors First has some great volunteer options including Meals on Wheels. Click here for more info about both.

Good news for Conservationists, and Really – For All of Us

Conservationists and all who cherish our natural environment will be pleased to know that a property in Placer County, initially slated for an aggregate plant, will now remain untouched. This change comes as plans shift towards creating a mitigation bank and selling conservation credits, as detailed by the Sacramento Business Journal.

Safety and Scams

Our latest Roseville 911 Public Safety Newsletter is packed with important dates for community clean-ups, drug take-back events, and tips on avoiding new scams, especially for those selling used cars. Stay informed and vigilant!

Kaye Swain Roseville Blogger REALTOR sharing Roseville CA Police Safety Newsletter 911 for March 2024

Be VERY careful when selling your car. There’s a whole NEW scam for that targeting those selling their used cars!  Northern California Car Buying Scam – Man says buyers vandalized car to get a cheaper sale. “They dumped oil all over my engine compartment and made it look like I had a blown head gasket,” Powell said. “They took the cap off my radiator and dumped oil in the radiator.” He ended up selling for far less than it was worth but eventually realized he had been scammed. Click here for more details.  (This is one of the reasons I LOVE Carmax 😊) 

Used Car Companies

On the topic of cars, I’ve found Carmax to be a reliable choice for buying and selling used vehicles without the hassle. However, a new player, Carvana, has caught my eye with their expansive location in Rocklin, CA. CapitalOne checked them out as well. Click here to check out this interesting article comparing the two. PLUS below are two very interesting videos by two totally different people comparing the two.  It’s always great to have options, and I’m curious to hear your experiences with these companies.😊😊😊


Happy March Y’all!

There’s always something happening in the Roseville, CA area, and I love sharing all the interesting local news Roseville CA area offers –  from new restaurants and hotels to community events and conservation efforts. Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Facebook at and/or because some items never make it here AND vice versa. Whether you’re interested in real estate, local happenings, or simply staying connected with our community, I’m here to share the joys and discoveries of our vibrant area along with all the lovely homes we have for sale. 😊 AND ONE LAST QUICK REMINDER – MARY POPPINS STARTS NEXT WEEKEND 

Mary Poppins LIVE - for the next two weekends - great for the whole family
Mary Poppins LIVE – for the next two weekends – great for the whole family







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