3 More Roseville Parks Full of Sweet Surprises

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National Night Out In Many Roseville Parks and Beyond

National Night Out (NNO) was a fun night for many all across Roseville, the Greater Sacramento Valley, and indeed, throughout the nation. Here in Roseville, there were more than 35 gatherings at various Roseville Parks and other locations.

RPAL, many of our neighborhood associations, some apartments, and some block groups all joined in on the fun.

I got to enjoy time at two of the neighborhood get-togethers – visiting with friends, meeting new-to-me neighbors, and taking tons of photos. I’m already looking forward to next year’s NNO, with some new ideas I learned from others that I’m planning on implementing for our next get-together then, if not sooner.

In the process of preparing for National Night Out, I also visited some new-to-me parks in Roseville CA. After all, with over 70 parks in Roseville, there are MANY I have yet to visit. I LOVE finding new ones AND sharing them with you.

Kaseberg Park

Kaseberg Park is located at 1151 Rand Way Roseville CA 95678 and it’s in the Kaseberg-Kingswood neighborhood. It’s one of the bigger of the Roseville parks – 13 acres. It was awesome. I happened to be there on a particularly HOT day and just soaked in the awesome shade of the many tall trees all around as you can see in the photo above. Some were already shedding some brown leaves. It almost felt like autumn which is my favorite season. Granted, a REALLY HOT day in autumn. But in the shade, it wasn’t bad!

Kaseberg Park has a cool set of playground equipment for kids. You’ll also find BBQs, 2 picnic areas (and that includes sinks), restrooms, and huge multi-use grass fields.  They even have sand volleyball and horseshoes!

Plus it’s one of the Roseville parks that you can reserve! Very nice indeed!

William L. Taylor Park

William L. Taylor Park is one of the smaller parks in Roseville. This 2 acre park is located at 700 Parry St, Roseville 95678. It’s tucked away inside the Folsom Road neighborhood.

Taylor Park has a fun playground for kids including belt and bucket swings,

Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent shares Taylor Park Swings Roseville Parks

a picnic area, a basketball half court and open grass to play on. There are 2 BBQs, 4 picnic tables and even electricity! Very cool!

Misty Wood Park

Misty Wood Park is also a smaller park – 2.5 acres. It is located at 1501 Misty Wood Dr., Roseville 95747 and is in the Pleasant Grove Neighborhood.

It has a very cool playground for all ages

complete with a sailing ship just ready for kids and grandkids to sail off in their imaginations. It has a BBQ, 3 tables, a field to play on, and a half court basketball court.

And by the way, in case you are wondering about the spelling… Roseville Parks page lists it as Misty Wood Park rather than Mistywood Park. (I make that mistake all the time and apparently, I’m not the only one. 🙂

Love Roseville Parks

All three parks were quite delightful to visit. And I bet they are sweet delights to all, especially the neighbors who can meander to each from their nearby homes. What fun! Want to know about other Roseville parks? You can visit the ones I’ve written about by clicking here. And you can go to the overall list of Roseville parks at the city website by clicking here. Whatever Roseville Parks you visit, do have a lovely time! 🙂

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