Like 9 Hole Golf? Check Out This Sun City Roseville Golf Course!

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9 Hole Golf

Do you like to golf but have limited time and/or energy? Would you prefer a 9 hole golf game instead of an 18 hole golf game? Do you get frustrated playing 9 holes at an 18 hole golf course since you feel it’s not really finishing the course? Have you tried the 9 hole Sun City Roseville golf course?

Sierra Pines

Lots of questions I know. Perhaps the most important one is “Have you checked out the Sierra Pines 9 hole golf course at in Sun City Roseville?” Did you know that it is open to the public? It’s a gorgeous golf course. In fact, both the Sun City Roseville golf courses are quite lovely – Sierra Pines AND Timber Creek golf courses. But the Sierra Pines golf course in Sun City Roseville does have the advantage of being only a 9 hole golf course.

Pros of 9 Hole Golf Courses

Why play a 9 hole golf course? I know some golfers who would never play it. Others who play it only when forced to. Still others who enjoy it thoroughly. The advantages of a 9 hole golf course are:

  • Less time consuming
  • Less energy consuming
  • Can be better exercise if you opt to walk – which is probably more likely with a 9 hole golf course than an 18 hole golf course
  • Easier to play when teaching a child or grandchild to play golf

  • Easier to play when teaching anyone to play golf
  • According to Pine Lake Golf Course in Lincoln Nebraska, “A 9-hole course is adaptable to any skill level. Long courses can be intimidating to beginners, making a short course more attractive to them. They are also suitable to golfers with a higher skill level because it gives them a change of pace from a long course that they may be used to.”
  • It’s less expensive
  • It allows for more time with family while still enjoying golf outings
  • According to GolfNow, “Your Scores Still Count – You can still submit your nine-hole scores if you are keeping a handicap and all of those friendly matches you play with your friends only get more competitive with less room for error.”
  • It’s become much more common with today’s busy schedules. “Golf Digest notes that…the nine-hole round is already the norm in some places. Leigh Bader, who runs Pine Oaks, a nine-holer in South Easton, Mass., told the magazine 30 percent of the course’s rounds in 1998 were nine holes; in 2011, it was 70 percent.”
  • It’s an historic decision! “Nine-hole golf has an impeccable pedigree. The First U.S. Open in 1895 was played on a nine-hole course: Newport (R.I.) Golf Club. Arnold Palmer and Pete Dye, among other golf luminaries, learned the game on nine-hole courses,” writesΒ David Chmiel, USGA
  • According to GolfContentNetwork, “Nice mix of holes: When you play a 18-hole course sometimes the front 9 can be loaded with par 4’s or lack par 5’s. With a 9-hole course you get a nice mix of them all because they only have 9 holes to fit it all in.”

That should give you at least a couple of good reasons to consider it. Maybe even give it a try, if you haven’t already. πŸ™‚ Here are some more…

Enjoy Eating at Sierra Pines

Did you know that both of the Sun City Roseville Golf courses have eating options. Most people know about Timbers at the Lodge beside the Timber Creek golf course, which is a full service restaurant. I just discovered that the 9 hole Sierra Pines Golf Course has a deli. It’s also open to the public – and that includes non-golfers. And from what I hear, its food is quite tasty as well.

Read John E.‘s review of Al’s Deli on Yelp

I will definitely keep that in mind for those days I’m showing houses for sale, especially golf course lots, in Sun City Roseville. Bet my senior mom would love one of those bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches!

Sierra Pines 9 Hole Golf Course

Wondering what the 9 hole Sun City Roseville CA Golf course looks like? Check out this lovely flyover video.

Golf Course Lots in Sun City Roseville

In case you were wondering (being a REALTOR, I assume everyone thinks of these things πŸ™‚ ), YES, there are golf course lots on each of the Sun City Roseville golf courses. So if 9 hole golf is totally your thing, you can definitely enjoy Sun City living with a home overlooking the Sierra Pines Golf course. That’s the good news. The less good news is that ALL the lovely golf course homes are popular! Each month MAYBE one or even a few become available and they go fast. BUT it’s definitely worth the wait to buy one of these beauties. Talk about lovely views daily!

Interested in Sun City Golf Course Homes? Or even Sun City Golf Course Homes in general?

Intrigued by the lovely views and wondering what Sun City Roseville golf course homes for sale are available right now – whether by the 9 hole golf course of Sierra Pines or the 18 hole Timber Creek golf course? Or maybe you just want to see all the 55+ retirement community homes that are currently available. Here they are and if there are any golf course homes, they should be here as well. IF there are not any, it’s still possible some are available as not all agents mark the correct boxes. So give us a call at 916-768-0127 or email us at and we’ll be glad to dig deeper for you. πŸ™‚


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