Are Summer Camps and Activities in Roseville CA Worth The Money?

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Summer – school lets out and our kids and grandkids go HOORAY! But after a few weeks, those same kids are getting a bit bored and wishing for something to do. I still remember those moments from my summers! And I see it often with my grandkids. Happily there are plenty of fun summer things to do in Roseville CA to engage our kids and grandkids in the summer – often with a strong and wholesome and practical purpose. Here are just a few of the favorites of my friends and family.

Summer Camps At Churches In and Around Roseville CA

Vacation Bible School (as it was called when I was a kid, and still is at many churches) has always been a top priority for me since I was a kid. Later as a young mom, I loved helping while my kids were in them. Once they were teens, they often taught their own classes and I loved watching as I continued helping in one of the wide variety of options available. And now, it’s my grandkids’ turn. And they love them as well. Would you believe, I’m still helping too! It’s a lot of fun and a great way to help and encourage all generations.

Many of these camps do have fees but many also offer scholarships so be sure to call and ask if that’s a need. And having worked with a variety of these types of camps and classes over the years, those fees are well worth it. 🙂 Also, many offer lower fees or free registration to one of more of your kids if you volunteer. 🙂  The ages vary at each camp, as do the ages of the volunteer options for junior and senior high school students.

There are many excellent choices this year including:

Breakaway 2015 at Bayside Churches in Granite Bay and Blue Oaks, Roseville CA as well as Midtown and Folsom. (Otherwise known as Bayside Vacation Bible School in Roseville and surrounding areas 🙂 ). It’s fun, educational, and Biblical and I love it! – If you hurry to register BY TODAY – May 20 – it will save you some money! 🙂

  • Granite Bay – Classic – June 15-19 9-noon or 5:30-8:30, june 22-26 9-noon; Extreme games – July 6-10 9-noon
  • Blue Oaks – Classic June 22-26 5:30-8:30 pm; Extreme Games – July 13-17 9-noon
  • Folsom – Classic – June 22-26 9-noon
  • Midtown – Classic – August 3-7 10am – 3 pm

Summerfest 2015 at Valley Springs Church in Roseville CA – June 15, 16, 17, 18 – 6-8:30 pm

Discovery Bay at Life Community Church in Roseville CA

  • Summer Blast “Move!” 2015 – July 27-31 8:40-12 noon
  • Mega Sports Camp 2015 – June 10-12 5:45-8 pm

Everest Vacation Bible School  at St. Clare Catholic Church in Roseville CA – June 15th – 19th 8:45-11:30 am or 5:45-8:30 pm

Everest Vacation Bible School at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Roseville CA – July 13-17 9-noon

Camp KidsWay 2015 at Bridgeway Christian Church in Rocklin CA – June 22-26 – 9-12 noon

Summer fun in Roseville CA at the library city camps and church camps via Kaye Swain REALTOR

Roseville CA Summer Camps and Activities

The City of Roseville CA has a wide variety of summer camps and activities available as well including:
Summer Camps at The Utility Exploration Center

Day Camps for all ages throughout the summer

Don’t forget the perennial favorite – the Library Reading Club at all our great Roseville Libraries. And boy, these look WAY more fun than mine were umpteen years ago. 🙂 I even spotted a couple of Minecraft days in the mix!

Sports Fun in the Summer – Yes, there are lots of great sports options throughout the summer here too.

The Roseville CA Parks and Recs Activity Guide has plenty more summer fun ideas including one of my annual faves – SWIM LESSONS. SO vital for all our kids and grandkids, don’t you think? 🙂

More May Come

Yes, many of these are fee-based. But they are wholesome, fun, and often educational. I definitely consider a summer camp or other activity (or several) to be well worth the price. Be sure to check back later as I hope to add to this list if I learn of more fun summer activities and things to do in Roseville CA and the surrounding area.



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