Are You Ready to Spring Forward Wisely in Roseville?

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It’s time for a change. A time change, that is. At 2 am on Sunday, March 12, 2017, we will SPRING FORWARD one hour.

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Wise words from Roseville Fire Department

While you’re at it, the Roseville Fire Department recommends checking the batteries in your smoke alarm as well as your carbon monoxide detector.

Not only that! At a recent neighborhood meeting, one of our association members shared that she and her family had to call the fire department in the middle of the night when the carbon monoxide alarm in her kitchen went off. The Roseville fire department showed up and checked everything out. Turned out – the carbon monoxide detector had simply…..expired!

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We had several firefighters attending our meeting that night. They explained that both smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors notify you when they expire – with either the irritating beep we probably all familiar with – usually starting in the middle of the night.

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OR they go off like my friend’s did. Talk about irritating! They drive me nuts! How about you?

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Spring Forward into new batteries!

So! To avoid that irritation, I highly recommend we all follow the Roseville Fire Department’s wise advice and check expiration dates on these important tools as well as changing their batteries.

And one other thing you might check at each time change? The batteries in your flashlights. I came up with that one during the last major rain storm. We were supposed to have mega winds. I had to really dig to find my flashlight and then had to dig further to get new batteries for it. I’d have been up a creek without a paddle if I hadn’t heard the report of the wind.

Happily, the wind turned out to be a no-show and now I have a fully stocked flashlight. Hopefully, after the time change this weekend, you will too.

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Spring is coming! So are the Roseville goats!

So enjoy these fun clocks, be sure to SPRING FORWARD, and don’t forget to change the necessary batteries. AND have a great week with this lovely early spring we’re thoroughly enjoying here in West Roseville. And hooray! We’re getting close to our cute Roseville goats coming back to eat all the lovely grass the rain gave us! 🙂


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