New Home Construction Vs. Existing Homes – Cool New Choices Vs Awesome Mature Landscaping

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New Home Construction AND Existing Homes in Roseville CA

I’ve lived in Roseville for over 20 years and continue to love this sweet town full of great people and neighborhoods; gorgeous roses, not to mention camellias like this sweet pink one for Pink Saturday, rosemary, and more; and terrific houses – both delightful brand new home construction housesĀ and lovely existing homes all over. I remember when we first moved here, West Roseville only went to about Pleasant Grove – if that street even existed. The Autumn Oaks Apartments were way at the end of West Roseville and they were a welcome and safe haven for many relocating families. Now, West Roseville has pushed the city limits as far NorthĀ as possible and is heading West faster and faster with the gorgeous brand new homes in Fiddyment Farms and Westpark. And so many new neighborhood associations – very cool! I do love new home construction with their fun-to-visit model homes, but existing homes have plenty to offer as well – sometimesĀ more than a brand new home. Why do I say that?

Pros and Cons to New Home Construction and Pre-Owned Homes

1. Existing trees, bushes and flowers – when we bought a brand new home construction houseĀ in West Roseville many years ago, we loved it. BUT it was really hot in the summer as we were surrounded by tiny little baby trees all around us. Those trees have grown up into beautiful tall trees but it took many years to do that and I learned then I REALLY love mature landscaping! 2. The back yard including plants, cement – if any, and sprinklers should, hopefully, be in installed. Most of the brand new homes come with dirt – and that’s all. Sometimes you can get a great deal from the builders on the backyard, but not often.

3. If you shop carefully, you can find a home with great upgrades but without the major costs that a brand new home home construction upgrade would entail. 4. Most existing homes that are at least a few years old will have stores and schools nearby while many of the brand new homes, like Fiddyment Farms and Westpark, are seeing markers on a map of PLANNED schools and stores – that may or may NOT come in the near future. When my folksĀ bought a brand new home in Del Webb’s Sun City in West Roseville almost 20Ā years ago, there were grand plans for a couple of stores and other great amenities nearby. It was years before those actually came to fruition, and one never did. 5. Established neighborhoods – I actually found it easier to get to know people in the new neighborhood, since we were all new and excited. I had started a Neighborhood Watch group thereĀ and I’m sure that helped. Then again, many homes were vacant for a short while, or still being built, so it was awhile before we actually had neighbors in some spots. We had no problems with crime thanks to our great Roseville police department, but I did hear of oneĀ new home still under construction that had some appliances stolen. I personally think it’sĀ safer to have all the homes occupied.

Bottom Line in the New Home Construction Home vs. the Existing Home Debate

If/when I buy again, I would look at both new home construction and older, existing homes. My primary goal is ensuring a floor plan that works well for my senior mom and myself – with plenty of aging in place options for her now and me down the road. The new single story home I bought had the perfect floorplan for us at the time. But when I later bought another two story home, due to family needs, I found a great floorplan in an existing home with a bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room downstairs along with lovely and mature landscaping that I enjoyed as much, if not more. The bottom lineĀ for me is toĀ find a home that fits you and your personality as well as your personal needs. Get a good home warranty whether it’s a new home or an old one. (They have great new construction home warranty optionsĀ for brand new homes that give you four years for the normal cost of one year. And use a trustworthy real estate agent for all transactions to watch over your interests, just as the agent for the seller (whether an existing home or brand new home) will be watching out for their interests. That’s so vital for all parties in a real estate transaction!

P.S. House hunting in the Roseville / Sacramento area? I’d love to help you – CALL KAYE at 657-229-KAYE or email me at – I can help you with brand new home construction houses,Ā very old homes, and everything in between. šŸ™‚

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