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November yellow rose via Kaye Swain Roseville CA real estate agent blogger

Glorious Rain and Roses in Roseville CA

It’s been a lovely week in Roseville CA with much needed rain. Our roses and other flowers are enjoying it tremendously. ‘ And, oh my, I do appreciate living in Roseville CA where roses do this good in November and beyond! Such a sweet and sweet-smelling joy!

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Autumn Senior Gardening Delights in Roseville California

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday at Roseville California Joys 🙂     Have a terrific week in and around Roseville CA.   Kaye   P.S. For updates of fun happenings and things to do in and around Roseville CA sign up below and then, head to the latest autumn updates. 🙂 Free Roseville Joys Blog and Area Updates […]

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Kaye Swain Roseville CA real estate agent blogger loves autumn and pumpkin home yard and garden iron and other decor ks

Lovely Autumn Plant Shopping Trip to Our Roseville Garden Center

Autumn is here! My senior mom’s gardening projects have done great this past summer, even with the California Drought weather! She mainly focused on tomatoes which she purchased from Home Depot’s nursery section and replanted into bigger pots. She mostly keeps them in her two garden wagons. That way she can move them around to the […]

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Drought Weather! Time To Totally Ignore Our Roseville CA Lawns !?!?!?!?

THE CALIFORNIA DROUGHT The California Drought is big news in California, including the Sacramento and Roseville CA areas! It’s covered on the news nightly – and morning-ly. It’s usually on the front page of the Sacramento Bee. It’s all the buzz on Facebook between friends and on group pages. As you can see by the […]

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