Changes are Coming to Our Roseville CA Area

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Smiles In Roseville CA

I shared about the Sun City Roseville art festival a couple of weeks ago. As some already know, I was quite excited to learn I had won one of the lovely works of art that were for sale. And it was one of my favorites! The piece is titled “Smiles” and it definitely made my grandkids and me SMILE BIG! Check this handsome Ostrich out! Many thanks to Nanci Woody for sharing this and, indeed, for all the great artists in Sun City Roseville CA who shared their artwork, as well as worked hard to raise money to help local children in need.

Love this painting titled Smiles by Nanci Woody in Sun City Roseville CA
Smiles by Nanci Woody


Not only did the cute Ostrich above give me smiles. Last week, when I was leaving Walmart in Roseville, I was expecting to be greeted with yet more rain, as it had been raining off and on all day. Instead, I was smiling all the way home after seeing this gorgeous rainbow! I heard some even saw a double rainbow that day!  March definitely came roaring in like a lion but exited gracefully like a lamb this year in our Roseville CA area!

Roseville Is On the Move

Here’s a video from the Placer County Government about projects coming up along the Baseline Corridor including Roseville.

Here’s another video from them talking about even more happenings and upcoming changes. Thank you to Bonnie Gore for posting it.  According to the description, “You will hear about what you can expect to see in the next year, what efforts are being made to mitigate the issues – including how we manage our water – and how our community will look in the future.”  I watched most of it as it was going on and it was quite interesting!  Check it out! 

 Roseville’s Latest PRL (Parks Recreation and Libraries) Video

Don’t forget to click on these links to check out my YouTube playlist – RosevilleCaliforniaJoys for more updates. You can also find all my playlists at  Kaye Swain on Youtube including Retirement Living Roseville Area

Lincoln is On the Move

I just read in the Sacramento Business Journal that Lincoln recently annexed over 113 acres along Highway 65 and it is available for someone to step forward and start developing it. This brand new “Special Use District B Northeast Quadrant” is “entitled” for 429 residential lots and about 70 acres of commercial development, per the listing broker.  So basically, right now we don’t know what will be coming but probably something – could be houses, retail stores, etc. , will be arriving in the next year or two or three or… (Don’t you like my specificity. 😊

Sacramento Airport Is On the Move

Early in February I wrote at about some major changes being planned for the Sacramento Airport. According to the Sacramento Business Journal, “With Sacramento County supervisors voting this week on a contract with a Phoenix architecture firm, a future moving walkway at Sacramento International Airport’s Terminal B is progressing.”   Hooray! 😊

Bottom Line for Roseville California Joys

Changes are coming to our Roseville Area. On the calendar and in our area.  It will definitely be fun to watch them all, won’t it. 😀


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