Looking For A “Cutting the Cord Guide” in Roseville CA?

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TV used to be so easy here in Roseville CA and beyond. Now?  Not so much!  Many are looking for a “cutting the cord guide” in Roseville CA and beyond, including ME!

Remember the way things USED to be with TVs before we needed a Cutting the Cord Guide in Roseville CA

Remember the good old days? You bought a TV, took it home and plugged it in, and voila – it worked.  THEN cable came on the scene. We started having choices. When we moved to Roseville in 1994, I think we only had one choice? Though I could be wrong. Bottom line tho, once we had computers and internet, we went with Consolidated, which back then was Surewest (which originally was Roseville Telephone). We loved them – both for the TV options and the internet options. My sweet husband was awesome with computers and, because of his job at the time, we were among the first to get certain technical goodies that I barely understood but he LOVED. 😀

A few years later, one of my daughters moved to a house in older Roseville CA and ended up with Comcast Cable – and we liked that too.

Searching for a Cutting The Cord Guide in Roseville CA!

Now, I have the choice between those two options, and a few others like AT&T and Dish and…..  Not to mention Smart TVs!  And it totally confuses me at times. And it is even more confusing for some of my sweet real estate clients when they move to the area as each city can vary.  We do have a couple more options than Lincoln CA  has, as one client and I recently discovered. It took them a bit but they are quite happy with their options as well. And I have handy lists to share with my real estate clients depending on where they move that I keep adding to as I learn of even MORE interesting options.

Last night, I discovered even MORE possibilities thanks to some fun Christmas movies. 😀🎄 I was reading an article about how family favorite Candace Cameron Bure is sharing that her new network,  Great American Family,  had started their Christmas Movie Lineup – and I have to say, it sounds delightful. My whole family loved her in Full House and I have continued to enjoy watching her in a variety of shows and movies throughout the years. My senior mom and I LOVED watching her fun mysteries together.

But I have now officially cut the cord,” here in Roseville, as have all my kids (they were actually way ahead of me on this one – partly because the cable option was the easiest for my sweet mom, so we didn’t make any changes at the time.)  Now, though, I just have internet and a small (well – big to ME, but small at 44 inches compared to family members with HUGE TVs 😊)  Samsung Smart TV. 

Can you tell, I rarely watch TV? I  mostly just love having YouTube on my phone – tho not the YouTube TV channel – to listen to when I walk 😀 and the TV to share cute kid shows when my local grandkids come to visit.

So I wondered, is there a way I can watch a couple of those Christmas movies, if I wanted to? If you are wondering that as well, you will be happy to hear what I found out! YES – I found one “cutting the cord” guide followed by a few more! Happy Dance Time!

Some Good “Cutting the Cord Guide” in Roseville CA Options

I looked it up and here’s a list Great American Family Channel sent me via text for their “cutting the cord guide” in Roseville CA 95747 –
FROM “Great American Family: We are available in your area on the following providers. ASTOUND BROADBAND #218, AT&T U-VERSE #529 and HD #1529, CONSOLIDATED COMMUNICATIONS #66, DIRECTV #326, DIRECTV STREAM, DISH NETWORK #165, FRNDLY TV, FUBO, PHILO, XFINITY/COMCAST #1620,484
Not wanting to go the cable route at this time, I was pleased to see FrndlyTV as well as Philo as options. It turns out, Philo is only $25 a month and Frndly is even cheaper – ranging from $8 – $12 per month (prices as of October 2023).  And I especially liked the channel options on FrndlyTV. Not only that, they should even work on my iPhone. That means I could go for a walk and get great exercise, and enjoy the occasional Christmas movie fun. Hooray!

MORE “Cutting the Cord Guide” Options

But that’s NOT all.  Click here for a great article with a TON more options. It is primarily focused on how I could get the Great American Family Channel, which is what I would want. But it also offers plenty of info for OTHER channels as well. Quite eye-opening!
And for that matter, one of my fave book series covers this topic – Cord Cutting For Dummies – it’s dated 2021 so it should still be reasonably relevant?
  “Cord Cutting For Dummies” is Paul McFedries. And yes, it comes in paperback AND Kindle. 😊
AND if you, like me, haven’t kept up much on TV lately or you don’t mind reruns, I also discovered many of these particular Christmas movies are available on Amazon Prime TV Channel – which I LOVE.  So I can watch the movies that were new from the last 3 years that I never saw, and eventually today’s movies will probably be there in a Christmas season down the road. I do love multiple possibilities, don’t you? In fact…

While I was looking up a show for my grandkids on Amazon. and was  searching for a specific show, I was delighted to spot “Great American Pure Flix.” I immediately signed up for a 1 week trial to give me time to research it. If I’m not mistaken, it does look like it is, indeed, the Great American channel. Apparently, they merged together with Pure Flix a while back and Amazon offers it for $7.99 a month subscription fee.  I don’t believe it works the same as it does on the direct channel. I couldn’t find any of the Christmas shows that are coming up. However I then picked one from November – A Hot Cocoa Christmas – and there it was. So i think I will be keeping this subscription – at least for a while. 😊

A Hot Cocoa Christmas on Amazon thanks to Pure Flix Great American

Your Turn!

So I will be doing more research on all this and I’m  curious – do y’all have either of these? Do you have another cutting the cord guide in Roseville CA or the surrounding area that you recommend? Do you have any pros, cons, or reviews to share with me, about these or other options, and possibly to have them added to a future follow-up post? I’d love to hear! Email me at KayeSwainRE@gmail.com or Facebook DM me at @KayeSwainRE or @RosevilleCaliforniaJoys.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I’m off to listen to Christmas music beside a blazing fire and a lovely Christmas tree – all on my Samsung TV.    🙂
P.S. Click here for yet another interesting  “cutting the cord guide” with helpful  how-tos.

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