Busy? Spotlight on Five Stores that Deliver Groceries in Roseville!

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Need Stores that Deliver Groceries in Roseville?

It’s such a delight to share the great things about Roseville California with my friends, family, real estate clients, and readers. It’s a great city! Roseville CA is full of interesting sights, sounds, activities, cute critters, and more! It’s also a city with some great businesses – large and small – that help make our lives easier. As a busy Realtor, not to mention caregiver for elderly loved ones and babysitter to adorable grandkids, I have really grown to appreciate  several stores in our area that deliver groceries (and other items) in Roseville. They help me do my jobs BOTH easier and faster, and still stay within my budget!

Need Stores that Deliver Groceries in Roseville
  1. Raley’s Grocery Stores – Shop Online – This also includes the Bel Air grocery stores in Roseville among others. 🙂
  2. Safeway
  3. Walmart
  4. Amazon
  5. Farm Fresh To You

Not only that! These stores are a huge help for elderly seniors who can’t or no longer want to drive. I wish these services were offered near another elderly relative! It’s much less expensive than hiring a caregiver to take an elderly senior out shopping!

Raley’s Grocery Delivery

Five Stores that Deliver Groceries in Roseville include Raleys Safeway Amazon Walmart Farm Fresh to You

I use Raley’s grocery delivery on a regular basis and LOVE it! At this point in time, I can usually order and get my groceries delivered on the same day! Currently, the groceries are delivered by FoodJets Sacramento (which you can also contact directly for restaurant meals’ delivery – something I have not yet tried) and both Raley’s staff and the FoodJets’ staff have been a delight to work with.  (Notice it’s not FoodJet or Food Jets 😉 ) There are small fees for the order itself, and the selecting of items. If you order over their minimum required amount, however, the food picking charge is dropped.  It’s a huge help for me – saving me time and energy that can be better used in other areas in this season of my life. And oh my – my sweet mom LOVES the flowers we can order from them!

Flowers from Bel Air Raleys for Kaye Swain elderly mom

Safeway Groceries Delivery Options

Favorite ice creams around our neck of the woods in Roseville California

I have used Safeway’s groceries delivery options several times over the past few years – both for myself personally as well as sending groceries to a couple of different loved ones who lived in the Safeway delivery areas. They have also been great to use and I really appreciate them! Plus THEY have my elderly mom’s VERY favorite Klondike bars – Double Chocolate and Brownie Swirl! A sweet treat for her, indeed! Not to mention chocolate versions of our fave Yasso frozen yogurt treats! Hooray! They have their own truck for the delivery service. Generally, I order from them the day before I need it delivered. They have a set fee as well, but there are several ways to lower the delivery fee, including picking larger time periods. Again, this service has been a real blessing for us!

Walmart Home Delivery Groceries Plus!

Did you know that you can order non-perishable groceries and other items from Walmart? And that, if you spend $35 or more, it’s free 2-day delivery to your home? I love many of their Great Value products! For that matter, Walmart is a great resource for many things for my family – both grocery items and other items – like the lovely blue towel sets I bought on sale recently! Returns are fairly simple as well, as I discovered recently when I had to return a ladder I had ordered. I still shop in person at my local Walmart. But with all that’s going on, I’m also making good use of the fact that they are one of the terrific stores that deliver groceries in Roseville and our Greater Sacramento Valley area!

Amazon Home Delivery Groceries & More

I bet you weren’t surprised to find Amazon was on my list! After all, they were one of the main companies for starting home delivery options. They are a wonderful resource for caregivers, grandparents, parents,  home buyers, home sellers, and even real estate agents! They offer a great array of non-perishable grocery items – including my mom’s fave candy bars that are often hard to find! 🙂

I have heard they also offer fresh groceries in some areas. They recently purchased Whole Foods and I am able to buy some of their Whole Food choices – though I haven’t yet. But when I typed it in, I discovered Roseville is apparently not included for their fresh Whole Foods. I don’t think Sacramento is either but you can try clicking on —  Prime Fresh

  —- to check.

They also have a Prime Pantry that I’ve used a bit but not much. It could be worth checking into for many, though.

Grocery Delivery Tipping Etiquette

Are you wondering, “Do you tip grocery delivery person?”  That will depend partly on which delivery service you use, what their policies are, and what your inclination is. Walmart and Amazon use delivery services or the UPS, mail, and Fedex so that’s never been an issue. Currently, Raley’s FAQ state, “Tipping is optional. Drivers are allowed to accept tips, but customers are not obligated to tip delivery drivers.”  From chatting with the FoodJets drivers, I gather it’s definitely mixed – some people do, some people don’t.  Safeway’s current policy states, “Our drivers do not accept tips, but they do appreciate your gratitude.”

Whether you tip or not, if it’s a hot day, I bet a cold bottle of water or soda will always be appreciated! 🙂

Farm Fresh To You

Fresh tomatoes are wonderful

I have to tell you, I haven’t tried this yet but have heard GREAT things about it, including from local neighbors who use it and love it!

And they often have great coupons out and about to make it easy to give it a try.

According to their website, they “bring the season’s best mix of organic produce and specialty farm products conveniently to your door by growing and partnering with local farms and artisans in your area. Each delivery comes with farm news and recipes!”

Currently their options include:

  1. Fruit only
  2. Mixed fruit and veggie
  3. No cooking
  4. Organic snack pack
  5. Traditional CSA
  6. Veggie only

Hooray for Stores That Deliver Groceries in Roseville

These are all huge helps to me as I juggle real estate clients, area photography, family needs and more. And how grand that we have so many great stores that deliver groceries in Roseville CA! Yet another of the many reasons to love living in Roseville California! 🙂


P.S. You’ll notice I said “Currently” and “At this time” a lot and didn’t get too detailed on specifics. As you know, all prices, fees, etc. are subject to change with little or no notice!  :).

P.P.S. Interested in homes for sale in Roseville CA? Check these out – with the most recently listed first!

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