Weekend Fun at the Great Flea Market in Roseville CA

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Denios Farmer’s Market and Swap Meet

Denios Farmer’s Market and Swap Meet is a great flea market as well as a terrific place to go for fresh vegetables. There are always many

great deals in used treats just waiting to be discovered, and a terrific place to shop for new bargains. It’s also appropriately designated Denios Flea Market. In fact, I found it on the list of flea markets at AmericanFleas.com. This is a site dedicated to listing all the fun and interesting flea markets, swap meets, peddlars’ fairs, emporiums, and more. There are about 90 flea markets just in California on their list and Denios Farmers Market and Swap Meet is one of them. Of course, things change constantly in life. Some of the flea markets on that list are no longer around. And some new ones have popped up, like the 49ers Flea Market in Auburn CA that aren’t on their list. At least, not yet. But it is a good place to start tracking down flea markets and swap meets wherever you live in the U.S. And for us in Roseville, it’s nice to know that Denios Farmer’s Market and Swap Meet, which started in 1947, is still going strong today and is definitely a great flea market!

Denios History

I was fascinated by these videos by Alex Cosper of SacTV.com. In them, he interviews Eric Denio about Denios flea market which has an incredible history that began with Jim and Marilee Denio in 1947. Eric Denio is their grandson and son of Ken Denio, who now runs this swap meet / flea market, which allows hundreds of vendors from farmers to collectors to sell items at amazing bargains. If you watch them, you’ll not only learn the history of Denios Farmers Market and Swap Meet, you’ll learn some intriguing history of Roseville itself. 🙂

The History of Roseville Denios Farmers Market – Alex Cosper Interviewing Eric Denio of Denios Great Flea Market – Part  1

The History of Denios in Roseville CA – Alex Cosper Interviewing Eric Denio of Denios Farmers Market and Swap Meet – Part  2

The History of Denios in Roseville CA – Alex Cosper Interviewing Eric Denio of Denios Farmers Market and Swap Meet – Part 3

The Sacramento Press had an interesting article about Denios – “Independent Owners Still Thrive at Denio’s Swap Meet”

Denios Farmers Market

The Roseville & Granite Bay Press Tribune has an interesting article from last June, 2015. I loved the comments about the farmer’s market options. “…this Roseville landmark is considered one of the largest produce markets in Northern California…The whole east wall of our property is all produce stands. It’s a couple football fields’ worth, that’s how big it is,” says Eric Denio, Market Operations Manager. “There’re always different seasonal vegetables and fruits that are out. That’s one thing that Grandpa really prided himself on, and we pride ourselves on, that we’re one of Northern California’s largest produce markets.” That’s a LOT of vegetables! The fresh veggies was always my senior mom’s favorite place to visit when she and my dad headed to Denio’s. They were quite tasty, indeed.

Denios Farmers Market is open every week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And yes, there are fresh fruits and vegetables for sale all three days. While Friday is only about 1/3 the size of the Saturday and Sunday market, since it’s only the “open air market,” the Friday market vendors DO offer a nice selection of fresh produce as well as a wide variety of new and used merchandise!

Great Flea Market Goodies

In addition to the fresh produce, you can find all SORTS of big and small things to buy at Denios great flea market and swap meet. Some of the vendors who come have been regulars there for years and bring the same basic items. Other vendors might be neighbors with garage sale goodies or other ocasional vendors with constantly changing stock. Some of the merchandise is brand new, other items are totally used. Just SOME of the many MANY things that may be available there (it varies from week to week):

  • Music
  • Art
  • Antiques
  • Furniture
  • CLothes
  • Comptuers
  • Watches
  • Services including banking and insurance
  • Dollar Box delights
  • Bedding
  • Home and Garden Decor
  • TVs
  • Home Improvement items
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Granite countertops!
  • Toys
  • Comic books and trading cards
  • Wrought iron home decor
  • Birds
  • Kettle corn
  • And on, and on, and on!

Some of their tips are to bring your own bags or cards (or wagons to carry purchases AND tired wee ones). But do NOT bring alcohol, wheeled anything from roller blades and skate shoes to scooters, bikes, weapons, anything illegal or controlled, pets, or glass containers. To see the complete list, click here and go to WHAT TO BRING, and while you’re there, check out the rest of their great tips from clothing to wear (and not wear) to how to test items you are thinking of buying to how to pick up BIG items and so much more! I especially loved the section on NOW, WHERE ARE YOU to help parents and kids who have gotten misplaced.  To their tips I would add one. Write your cell phone number with permanent marker on the child’s arm or neck. (I don’t suggest names as bad guys could use that to gain their trust). But that phone number could be a big help in speeding a reunion once a Denios’ staff member finds a lost and scared little one. Works at zoos, and other big parks too. 🙂

Buying at Denios Great Flea Market

At this time of this writing, parking is $3 and if you walk-in instead, it will cost you $1 to enter. To ensure that’s still the case, you can click here for full buyer details. Wheeling, dealing, and “haggling” happens often and it’s fine to ask if you may, as well as to find out refund and exchange policies. Also be sure to ask for a receipt if you want one.

Selling at Denios Swap Meet

Are you interested in selling at Denios Farmers Market and Swap Meet? Not sure how to do it? Let me tell you. They have a WONDERFUL website full of details for sellers. Whether you just want to have your garage sale there, are looking to set up a complete Avon booth, or have a complete business there, they have the info ready and waiting for you. Just click here.

Eating at Denios

Yup, you’ll find plenty of food in AND out of Denios in Roseville CA. There’s Jimboys right across the street. And once you are inside Denios, you should have no problem finding a good variety of options including corndogs (fresh made daily!), chili, chicken. And plenty of potato planks – also made fresh daily. I’m getting hungry just typing this!

Be sure to visit their blog for fun ideas using their fresh produce. CLICK HERE for a ton of cute and tasty ideas including the most adorable fruit snowman and fresh fruit Christmas tree!

And if you can’t get enough of their chili, they currently have the recipe – All American Chili – posted on their blog under the date November 1, 2015.

Fun Events at Denios

Denios has special events periodically. Fun things to do like Dog Day of Fun coming up on March 26, along with Cinco de Mayo in May, Father’s Day in June, and Christmas celebrations in December. And at their Facebook page, I also spotted such intriguing things as a motorcycle show or two, a harvest festival, and even a VW invasion! Doesn’t that sound like fun?!?!?!?!  🙂

Denios Great Flea Market Deals

Denios Roseville has a Facebook page – Deals at Denios – CLICK HERE to see it. Once there, it says to click on “Posts to Page” to see the great deals from their vendors. However, I think Facebook has made a change – and you now click on VISITOR POSTS on the left side of the screen, probably under the map. Scroll down and enjoy the variety of posts from different vendors spotlighting great deals and fun merchandise.

Denios Gifts

Did you know that you can pre-purchase parking tokens and for every that you buy you get 1 free? A fun way to save money if you enjoy visiting their regularly. AND a cute gift idea for friends and relatives who love Denios!

Denios Store Spotlights

You can pop over to their website to the FEATURED VENDORS page for a map of Denios flea market / swap meet as well as a list of their regular vendors and their location(s) at Denios. This includes the Denios Famers Market booths full of delish fruit and veggies.

Ready to Head to Denios?

Denios Farmers Market and Swap Meet is located at 1551 Vineyard Road,
Roseville, California 95678. Their phone number is 916-782-2704.

As I mentioned earlier, Denios Flea Market is open all year long, rain or shine on Fridays through Sundays (although it looks like they do close for Christmas day.)

The current hours, at the time I wrote this, per their phone line and website:

  • Fridays  9am-2pm
  • Saturdays 7am-3:30pm
  • Sunday 7am-5pm

As one of the videos above mentions, the third generation of Denios loves to use social media which makes me a  happy camper as well – along with plenty of other people, I’m sure. If you’re included in that list, here are two of my faves:

  • Facebook where they show pix from now and from the past, featured vendors, and my fave – cute ideas for house and home.
  • Pinterest – Fun ideas using items you can find at Denios

Denios is Definitely One of the Top Swap Meets and Flea Markets in The Roseville Sacramento Area

Whether you head to Denios for their year round fresh produce farmers market or to enjoy a fun treasure hunt, you’re bound to find one or many interesting and useful items there. It’s a great flea market and a yummy farmers market and a fun time full of fun discoveries just waiting for you. It’s definitely one of the many fun things to do in Roseville and the surrounding Sacramento area. And do let us know what your fave purchase was! 🙂

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