Do You Love to Golf? Here Are 6 Great Places to Golf in Roseville CA (Well-really SEVEN)

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The golf courses in Roseville CA are delightful-like this one in Sun City via Kaye Swain REALTOR and Christian blogger
Golf Joys for My Senior Parents in Sun City Roseville

Golf!¬†Such a popular sport, especially here in Roseville CA! I have to admit, I’m not a golfer. Yet it has played a major role in my life. My dad took up the game late in life and loved it! He became one of the many true golf fans!¬†My parents moved to Roseville¬†many years ago¬†to be near me. They decided on this due to his Parkinsons Disease. They bought a house in one of the lovely 55+ Retirement Communities in the area. They fell in love with¬†Sun City Roseville (a great place for active boomers and senior citizens), in large part because of the golf course for him and the swimming pool and exercise gym for both of them (not to mention other fun exercise options from Pickleball to Bocce and so much more). They never regretted that decision as they loved staying active as long as possible.

Eventually¬†the Parkinsons’ Disease progressed to a point where he was using a walker. Still, he didn’t quit exercising.¬†When the golf games he enjoyed started getting too hard, we began walking in the Westfield Galleria in Roseville. They open the mall earlier than the stores normally open for anyone to come walk and get healthy exercise. We had plenty of company too. Boomers and seniors mixed with young moms and strollers as well as¬†moms-to-be. We all enjoyed walking at the mall in the early morning. That way, we never had to worry about the weather. They both had such fun¬†looking in the windows at various stores, for clothes (mom), golf clothes (dad), home decor ideas (mom), golf home decor ideas (dad), cooking ideas (both), and more.

My senior dad who lived in one of the Sun City retirement golf course communities homes would have loved this home decor via Kaye Swain REALTOR

Golf Joys for Friends and Relatives

Now my beloved¬†dad is safe in heaven. But I still have sweet sons, nephews, and friends who all love the game of golf. I pinned down one such friend and “grilled” him on his fave golf courses in Roseville CA and which he thinks is best. I consider him a total expert as he has lived in Roseville and the surrounding area all his life. Plus he has played regularly since high school and is very¬†good at the game! His report (in alphabetical order):

6 Golf Courses to Choose From In Roseville CA

  • There are no golf courses around here that he does not like.
  • Diamond Oaks¬†Golf Course – He has played this and enjoyed it.
  • Morgan Creek Golf Course – He hasn’t played there yet but has heard it is a bit tougher course – a great option if you are looking for a challenge.
  • Sierra View Country Club¬†Roseville CA- He liked playing here but commented that it is very hard to get to play there as it is a private club.
  • Sun City¬†golf courses – this was my dad’s favorite place to play, which is logical since that’s why he originally house-hunted in one of the senior citizen living communities in the area. There are actually two courses – the 18-hole Timber Creek and the newer 9-hole Sierra Pines. My friend has played at the Timber Creek¬†and enjoyed it very much. He has never played at the Sierra Pines but has heard good things about it. I believe¬†you can play it two times to get 18 holes. I would also guess that many boomers and seniors might prefer to play Sierra Pines for a delightful but shorter game. I have driven all over Sun City, then and now, and find them very interesting and lovely courses. Very restful, and with delightful birds, geese, ducks and even wild turkeys! All in all, quite delightful, even for non-golfers.
  • Woodcreek¬†Golf Course – This is¬†my friend’s¬†favorite golf course in Roseville CA. As I said, I have not played golf. However, I have had the pleasure of eating at their restaurant and have to say, it’s a beautiful golf course.

Six golf courses in Roseville. All are lovely.

So Many Great Golf Course Choices in Roseville CA and Beyond

With them all, golf fans have many great choices. And that doesn’t count all the other golf courses just a wee bit further from Roseville, CA, including Granite Bay, Lincoln, Rocklin, Sacramento and beyond. Hmmmm, so many great choices, so little time. But plenty of fun to test them out, don’t you think?


P.S. We’d love to hear YOUR opinions of any of these golf courses in Roseville or any other golf courses in the area including Placer County, Sacramento County and El Dorado County. ūüôā

P.P.S. If you’re house hunting for homes in Sun City, you’ll be happy to hear that, in addition to their great golf courses, they have many other fun activities as well. Pickleball, Bocce, Swimming, Computer club, Crafts, and so much more. And those two golf courses ARE open to the public, so even if you choose a different 55+ retirement community in Roseville, you can still golf at Sun City!¬† Want to see what’s available?



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