TASTY TUESDAYS: Yummy! El Azteca Mexican Restaurant in West Roseville is a Family Favorite!

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Roseville is home to several of my favorite eating places, with even more in the surrounding areas of Placer and Sacramento counties. I’ll be writing about each of those along with fun and favorite recipes in upcoming weeks in my Tuesday posts for Tasty Tuesdays. Today I’m featuring El Azteca. This restaurant has morphed a couple of times since we first moved here, over two decades ago.

I’m not sure what it was first. But then it either started or became a posh “upscale” burrito eatery with (as I recall) wraps rather than burritos, flavored rices, and other tasty but unusual choices for a burrito place. We tried it and it was ok but we were trying to find “replacements” for the favorite Mexican restaurants we’d woefully left behind in Southern California so it wasn’t quite at the top of our list.

THEN the current owners took over with traditional Mexican. We gave them a try and were absolutely THRILLED! After a year of looking in our neck of the woods of Northern California, we had finally found a Mexican restaurant with delicious flavors and tasty traditional delights we were hungering for like their crunchy tacquitos with handmade guacamole sauce made from delicious avocados. It quickly became a family favorite and we’ve shared it with various friends as well.

Nowadays, it’s a popular hot spot for many, growing big enough to expand to a bigger area. And every time I go in and order one or both of my two favorites, they are just as delicious as ever. They are one of the few restaurants that rarely, if ever, makes a mistake on an order (OK, maybe once, about 6 years ago, a minor one, maybe…maybe none 🙂 )

The people are friendly, they cheerfully welcome phone call orders (which is good because when they’re busy, you may have to wait a bit for your order whether eating in or taking out), and, of course, there are free chips and salsa to cheer you up while you wait for your yummy food.

Yup, this great restaurant is on my short list of extra favorite Mexican restaurants of which there are two in Southern California and now two in Northern California. If you’re yearning for yummy Mexican, do give them a try. Their phone number is (916) 772-6682 and the last time I checked, they were closed on Mondays. You can find them at 4006 Foothills Blvd in West Roseville (in the Bel Air Shopping Center between Bel Air and Rite Aid.) Enjoy!

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