Interesting Changes and Exciting News For Roseville CA Area

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I am looking forward to the exciting news for Roseville CA of camellias and flowering fruit trees blooming even before spring

It’s FEBRUARY 3, 2024! This marks the midpoint between the onset of winter and the arrival of spring. In the Roseville, CA area, this is a time when we can anticipate the soon blossoming of fruit trees, the vibrant blooms of camellias, and the first signs of bulbs emerging. It’s an exciting period, heralding the transition of seasons! And that’s not all. There’s even more exciting news for Roseville CA area…


Big News for Food Enthusiasts! It’s a moment of pride and excitement for our Roseville community! One of our great local restaurants has soared to incredible heights, securing the #18 spot on Yelp’s Top 100 US Restaurants for 2024. This achievement is truly remarkable, given the fierce competition across the entire United States. With a staggering 990 reviews, this establishment’s popularity and excellence are undeniable.

So, which culinary gem has brought this honor to Roseville? None other than Guy’s for Lunch, located at 1249 Pleasant Grove Blvd, Roseville, CA 95678 (Phone: 916-740-8424). This casual California sandwich shop is winning hearts with its secret French cooking techniques, creating exceptional dishes like their standout chicken salad and pulled pork, which, according to the owner Guy Manwaring, “cooks for 3 days in its own fat, making it super tender.” Mixed with a sweet barbecue sauce and house-made jalapeno sauce, it strikes a perfect balance between flavor and heat. The rave reviews, including one from Yelper Josh P. who describes the result as “nothing short of amazing,” are a testament to its gastronomic excellence.

But there’s more! My personal anticipation went up sky-high when I read about their PASTRAMI sandwich. Having cherished memories of the best pastrami sandwiches from a little open-air cafe in Southern California, I’m eager to see if Guy’s for Lunch can match or even surpass those flavors. This is definitely a culinary adventure I won’t miss!

A word to the wise: try to visit outside rush hours if possible. Operating hours are currently 11am – 3pm, Tuesday through Saturday, and it’s known to get quite crowded.

And by the way! This isn’t their first rodeo on the Yelp top 100; they’ve achieved this distinction before, five years ago!


Excitingly, Fogo de Chão, a renowned Brazilian Steakhouse, is set to grace the Ridge at Creekside center in Roseville. While it’s sad to see Mimi’s Restaurant close by the end of March, the arrival of Fogo de Chão brings a very interesting  flavor to our dining scene.

Here’s a video from a different Fogo de Chão (I’m not sure where) and I’m guessing it might be quite similar to our coming Fogo de Chão. What do you think? It does look GOOD!

And another quick note on local closures – the California Pizza Kitchen at the Fountains shopping center has said its goodbyes, leaving many locals missing its unique offerings. Thankfully, other locations remain accessible, including in Sacramento.



Aquatots is coming to East Roseville California 95661 great for parents and grandparents to water-proof their kids and grandkids

Great news for families! Aqua-Tots Swim Schools are making a splash in East Roseville, offering a warm, year-round indoor swimming experience for our kids. With an emphasis on safety and fun, Aqua-Tots is a welcome addition to our community, ensuring our little ones learn to swim in a safe and encouraging environment.

I am personally a huge believer in swim lessons as soon as safely possible with our kids. It’s a great sport, very healthy, and an excellent safety measure! As Aqua-Tots puts it, “Participation in formal swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% among children ages 1-4 years old!”

Aquatots in Roseville CA will be a great safety addition to our lovely city for kids and grandkids


All Roseville, CA, public library locations will be temporarily closed for construction on Monday, February 12, 2024, but fear not, they will swiftly reopen on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. This quick turnaround might just set the record for the shortest construction project in Roseville for the year! 😱😄


All Roseville CA Library locations closed on February 12

And talk about intriguing and exciting news for Roseville CA! The Roseville Utility Exploration Center is embarking on an exciting construction venture of its own. Unlike the libraries, this project will span a longer duration as it includes the creation of several new exhibits. A recent video offers tantalizing previews of the upcoming changes, promising fun and engaging experiences for visitors.

Another highlight of Roseville’s proactive community projects includes the expansion of our groundwater well system. With the addition of two new wells, Roseville, CA, continues to demonstrate its commitment to ensuring the reliable and safe provision of water for its residents. These initiatives reflect the city’s dedication to sustainability and resource management. MEGA CONGRATS to all involved on this project!

2 new groundwater wells in Roseville CA


Mark your calendars early for this sought-after event! Enjoy a three-course dinner, wine, and raffle on our beautiful Downtown Pedestrian Bridge on April 17 from 5pm – 6:30 pm.  With limited seating, early booking is recommended to secure your spot for an evening of culinary delight and community spirit. Fee: $125 per plate  Click here for more information.

Dinner on the Bridge in Downtown Roseville off the Square in APRIL


In the Spotlight: A Rocklin Family’s Story

The national attention is on Rocklin this week with the feature of a local family’s story on “48 Hours,” shedding light on the mysterious disappearance of Ray Wright. This poignant tale reminds us of the strength and resilience within our communities.

Also click here for an article about it. 



Getting bugged by spam phone calls – they are continuing to come fast and furious. Click here for  some good tips from Sacramento KCRA’s Rossen Reports!


Lincoln’s 2nd Saturdays in Downtown Lincoln is starting up again for 2024 with great discounts, special hours, cool offerings, and more!

Lincolns Second Saturday

Like this cool Valentine’s Cookie Workshop:

Valentines Cookie Workshop is part of Lincolns 2nd Saturday Fun

“If you haven’t heard yet, downtown Lincoln is throwing a fun event with different deals and specials every second Saturday of the month, from 10am-5pm. To keep things fun, we are going to be doing different specials each month! Here is what we came up with for February!

Partnering right next door with goodigoodigumdrops (436 Lincoln Blvd. Ste. 101, Lincoln, Ca
🕚 Thurs/Fri. 10am-4pm | Sat/Sun. 10am-2pm 🍭” –  🩷🤍💗 we will be throwing a Valentine’s Day cookie workshop. Rebel Hen will make homemade heart shaped sugar cookies and next door will have decorating stations with frosting, sprinkles and candies!
Tickets available online! Go to our website, then click “order online” then choose “pick up” and it will be the first item you see! (You don’t have to actually pick it up) just place your order and you’re all set!”



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