Exploring Roseville CA Parks – Bos Park

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I love visiting our various neighborhoods in the City of Roseville. This delightful city, located next to Sacramento in Northern California, has more parks than any city I have ever lived in. We  currently have over 80 parks!  And today I’m exploring one of Roseville CA parks. !!BOS PARK!!

Yesterday, while out visiting with a neighbor and meeting with a fellow REALTOR in West Roseville, I enjoyed spending time exploring the area around Bos Park. This park was named after Bev Bos and they have packed quite a bit of fun into this little neighborhood park located at 2323 Cumberland Dr, Roseville, CA 95747 near Crawford and Fiddyment.  It’s close to Raley’s O-N-E, a UPS Store, Chipotle, not to mention the Safeway Shopping Center and gas station, and Nugget shopping center with their new 24 Hour fitness center. It is also within 2 miles of a couple of our lovely 55+ communities, Sun City Roseville and Silverado Homes at Eskaton Village.  And it is surrounded by many lovely homes of all sizes, shapes, and stories! Here’s a video I took of it.

Here are some more photos from Bos Park:

Swing set - 2 for toddlers and 2 for older kids

Tables with some shade at Bos Park in Roseville California

This lovely park is named after Bev Bos

Those lovely big green fields that I showed in the video would be great for kite-flying too, don’t you think?

Kaseberg Creek And Pleasant Grove Creek Trail

You can’t see it in this location, but one of the Roseville CA creeks is very close to this park. There’s a portion of the Kaseberg Creek just beyond the play area. And let’s not forget all the great walking trails in Roseville CA BECAUSE  the Pleasant Grove Creek Trail is just beyond the creek!

A bit further down from the park, there’s a cool bridge where you CAN see the creek and part of the walking trail. I had a lovely time talking to a neighbor who lives in the area and his sweet dog, Happy!

Happy such a sweet dog in oone of our lovely Roseville CA neighborhoods

We had fun talking about the current green algae you can see on the creek. I have to say, it looks a LOT like the Play-Doh Nickelodeon Slime that I bought from Amazon for my grandkids. They LOVE to play with. (I actually enjoy it too – very intriguing texture and GREAT price but do watch the surface you use it on – it can stain. ) The color and texture on the creek, from a distance, really made me think of our slime. 🤣🤣🤣  What do you think? That being said, remind your kids and grandkids it’s best to stay away from water with algae as you never know if it is safe or not.

Here, I’m pointing at the green water 😀

WOW as I point towards the creek


Green creek near Bos park roseville ca parks

Bos Park is #7 on our Roseville Parks, Trails & Bikeways Map – it’s up in the top left area of the map. below:

And below is the google maps portion showing Bos Park, Kaseberg Creek and the Pleasant Grove Creek Trail as well as their proximity to Raley’s O-N-E and other places in the shopping center, which also includes a fave of mine – Chipotle – plus one of the great UPS stores in our area.  Very handy for Amazon returns, I must say!  😊

One of the lovely parks Roseville CA offers – Bos Park


For that matter, this area is also within 2 miles of the Safeway shopping center, with a gas station,  and the Nugget shopping center. And. not much further than that to the Raley’s shopping center and Mahany Park (which is a huge regional park that includes some great accessible options) across the street.  Very handy! Roseville CA parks are fun to visit and fun to live near. In fact…

Curious What Homes Are Near this Roseville CA Park?

If you have any questions about Bos Park or anything to share, I’d love to hear about it. Just email me KayeSwainRE@gmail.com.

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