Fall Fun Things to Do In Roseville CA 2021

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Fall Fun Things to Do In Roseville vs Facebook Outage!

While Facebook is busy with repair things to do in Roseville in Autumn I shall write about FUN things to do in Roseville CA
I have some fall fun things to do in Roseville CA 2021 and went to share them on Facebook. And guess what! WOW! Can you believe it! Facebook is DOWN! Has been for over four hours! I tried searching the internet for news about it because, let’s face it. That is kind of a big deal. Nothing! Apparently it was too soon! But then I popped over to Twitter and they were having a lot of fun with it. News Channels on Twitter WERE announcing the outage. Other twitter peep were making fun of Facebook over it. And in the meantime, I had all these fun holiday things to do in Roseville to share with y’all.

So off I went to type this post up BECAUSE, after all,  it’s NOT the internet that’s down. It’s just Facebook. So I can definitely share them here as well. And someday, if and when Facebook is restored, I’ll share them there as well. 😀

Fall Fun Things to Do in Roseville CA

Do You Prefer Pumpkin Patches or Grocery Stores?

Roseville REALTOR Kaye Swain shares pumpkin patch and more resources for fun things to do near Roseville CA

Which do you prefer to do? Most of the time, I just pick up one or two while I’m at the grocery store.  My grandkids and I especially enjoy the tiny ones. This year I actually bought some tiny ones at the Dollar Tree store and we are using that for a fun hide and hunt for the pumpkins game which they have been thoroughly enjoying.

That being said I have also enjoyed several trips to local pumpkin patches over the years. One of our family’s favorites is Bishops pumpkin patch and wow!  It’s been fun watching it grow up over the years as my kids have grown and my grandkids have come along for the fun! They have a petting zoo, a train, a zipline and SO much more! There is no charge for admittance but they do charge for parking on some days and they’ve added even more fun things to do BUT they’ve also added ticket prices. Here’s the link to all that good stuff to know.  Now my youngest grandkids are looking forward to a trip out there and from what I hear it should be a blast!

If you’d rather head up the 50, Apple Hill has some great options as well, including the Delfino Corn Maze and UPick Pumpkins.

For either of these fun options, be sure to call ahead to check closer to the trip to see if there are any covid rules that may have changed.

For even more pumpkin patch options, visit another fave resource of mine – Macaroni Kids Roseville-Rocklin-Lincoln.

Dollar Tree Changes

Speaking of Dollar Tree – have you heard they are raising some prices? According to Business Insider that includes some positives about it along with the negatives – such as giving us more choices. What do you think?

Holiday Fun Things to Do in Roseville CA Parks and Recreation PRL Book

Things to do in Roseville CA Events Flyer September thru November

Be sure to check out the latest Park and Rec Guide – recently renamed PRL – for what the City has coming up for the next few holiday months. LOTS OF FUN for SURE!  You can also check out their flyer on my last blog post for many of them listed by date.  Roseville.CA.US/Guide

Downtown Roseville Merchants Events

You might think all activities in Downtown Roseville would be on the city’s website but, as it turns out, some of them are initiated by Roseville parks and recreation AND some of them are initiated by the Roseville Downtown Merchants Association and two of those events have just recently been announced (on the currently DOWN Facebook. ) Happily, I had already prepared to share them both! Check them out:

Family Fun Night

Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR sharing Downtown Roseville Family Fun Night October 2021

In October it’s a tradition for the Downtown Roseville merchants to host Family Fun Night with fun trick or treating  on the last Thursday before Halloween and we’re back to it again this year! It’s been slightly different for the last two years due to Covid. It’s a drive-through trick-or-treat COVID-safe Family Fun Night. 🎉

They will have a drive-through Halloween parade through Downtown. Participants will ‘trick-or-treat’ at various merchants along Vernon Street from their vehicles.

VERY IMPORTANT – This event is FREE, by reservation ONLY and will be held on October 28 from 4 – 7 p.m. Registration IS required to reserve your time slot. Tickets will be available on Eventbrite on a first come, first serve basis. I believe they open for tickets on October 7 but follow their page (once Facebook is back up) at  https://www.facebook.com/GoDowntownRoseville/ – for details, updates, etc. Space is LIMITED! So I’d be getting registered as soon as it’s an option. 🎃


Sylvia Besana Holiday Parade
Roseville CA Christmas parade via Kaye Swain real estate agent Chick Fil A 1200

Yes! Fall fun things to do in Roseville include our annual Sylvia Besana Holiday Parade which is also held in the Autumn right before Thanksgiving! This year, it will be happening on November 20, 2021 and I believe it will be starting out on Vernon Street as in past years – but doublecheck that and the time closer to the event, along with any updated covid information. It’s quite fun – especially if you know people that are in it. And every year there are a LOT of our Roseville neighbors that are in this parade – From our city Council on down to school groups, kids groups, businesses, and more and it’s quite a treat. This is also coordinated with the Downtown Merchants Association. 😀

Trunk Or Treat Options


Trunk or Treat has been a fun and family-friendly tradition among many of our churches for at least a couple of decades – maybe longer.  I believe Bayside was the first to implement these fall fun things to do in Roseville CA and they are still going strong with a variety of options of fun, games, kids in costume, and more:

Bayside Blue Oaks

Bayside Blue Oaks’ Trunk Or Treat will be held on October 30, 2021 from 1pm  to 4pm.  Fall fun awaits the entire family at this special Bayside Blue Oaks event! They will have candy, carnival games, and so much more at this fun, safe, & family friendly party! Bayside Blue Oaks, 10000 Alantown Drive, Roseville, CA – Click here for more details.

Bayside Granite Bay

Bayside Granite Bay’s Trunk or Treat will be held on October 30, 2021 from 5:30pm – 8:30pm – with candy, inflatables, bounce houses, food trucks, and more!  Join in on the fun, and wear your favorite family-friendly costume! Bayside Church | Granite Bay, 8191 Sierra College Blvd, Roseville, CA 95661  Click here for more details.

Bayside Adventure

Bayside Adventure  is switching things around a bit with a Park N Pumpkin Parade that sounds quite fun.  It will be held on October 30, 2021 from 5:30pm – 8:30pm  “Enjoy a fun and free community parade through our parking lot featuring original floats, classic cars, first responders, community groups, and some of your kids’ favorite characters! The gates open at 5:30 PM. Come early for dinner at the food trucks or bring your own food to tailgate at your car. The parade starts at 7:00 PM. Reserve your spot in the parking lot for FREE. Only need one ticket per car. Space is limited so register now. Bayside Adventure, 6401 Stanford Ranch Road, Roseville, CA 95678 CLICK HERE for more details! 

Got More Fun Options?

Do you know of other family-friendly and fall fun things to do in Roseville CA and the surrounding area. Leave a comment below and it might get added.

P.S. Roseville California Joys

If you’re reading this and you don’t live in Roseville, it is indeed a fun city to live in.  If you’d like more information about Roseville and the great neighborhoods and homes available, just pop on over to KayeSwain.com/Roseville

P.P.S. Or peek below at some of our lovely options…


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