Talking Roseville Area Shopping, My Fall Sensor Watch, Boomers and Seniors, and More

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Christmas Shopping In Roseville – Memories

It’s been three weeks since Christmas and there are still clearance sales going on.  I did all my shopping the last two weeks before Christmas. After that, I went from SamsClub, where I bought goodies for Christmas dinner. I also picked up a handy “fall sensor watch,.”  Later that week, I headed to Walmart where I bought a wonderful and cozy yet lightweight blanket. And let’s not forget fun visits to various stores at the Galleria!  We definitely have plenty of great shopping options in Roseville CA, don’t we? My budget is proud of me! This month I’m mostly avoiding any further shopping for the moment other than grocery shopping while getting lots of work done.

Clearance sales all around Roseville CA and beyond

Apple Watch 9 Headaches Are Over – For Now

AND WOW! Speaking of holiday shopping, did you hear that the Apple Watch 9 is apparently once more available to buy at SamsClub, the Apple Store,  Amazon, and more? According to CNBC which they shared at the end of December, “Apple will be able to sell the latest Apple Watches after an import ban was temporarily paused by an appeals court on Wednesday, in a major victory for the iPhone maker.”

I wonder, though, how long that will last.  SO if that IS something you need, I’d get it FAST. I bought mine right BEFORE this brouhaha erupted and picked it because it was the same price as the 8 and yet it was newer. So I was happy to have gotten ahead of that.

Safety Tip for Boomers and Seniors

May I say, I LOVE this watch! It does exactly what I wanted it to do. What is that you may ask? Well, embarrassing as this may be, I’m a bit on the klutzy side. And Roseville is a great city, but we do have some uneven sidewalks and roads, just like every other city in the world.  So I have occasionally taken a tumble.

Even more importantly, I had two dear senior friends in my life, at separate times and in separate places, experience a health incident that led to them becoming unconscious and unable to make a phone call or get help. Each of them laid there for 3-4 days until their absence was noticed. I doubt I could get away with it that long as I am blessed with so many sweet kids and grandkids who stay in close contact so it would probably only be a day or so, but even that’s not a great thing.

As my mom aged and fell quite a bit, we added a Philips Lifeline to her “jewelry” and it was great! I highly recommend it for those who are primarily house-bound. My mother-in-law went with the Lively necklace which was great for her as she was still active and out and about. But it is a bit of a heavy necklace.

My Cool New Fall Sensor Watch

As a younger baby boomer, I don’t worry about it per se but when I learned that several of the newer models of Apple Watch  are considered a fall alert watch, I perked up! One of my daughters already has one and had suggested it for me, because of some of its other handy attributes. I have been saying, “Nah. I don’t need it.” But then I learned it was also a fall sensor watch, that it can call 911 and family members on the list – in case of a fall or other hard accident – and that changed my mind, big tiem. Time for me to get this cool watch, for sure!

Off I headed to my local Sams Club in Roseville to purchase the larger size of the two but found it was too big. But it was good I checked it out  though, because I realized that, for me, it was also too hard to see certain items because the whole watch head was the same color.

The Watch Winner

Here’s the watch I now happily own. You can easily see the “crown” (the “circle thing” that is sticking out at the top of the picture above.)

Now look below. See the pink arrow which also  points to the “crown.” Definitely easy to see.  BUT the orange arrow to the left  is pointing to a button that is flush with the side of the watch – much harder to see unless you look at the side.

My fall sensor watch ie Apple Watch series 9 with fall alert is great for all ages including boomers and seniors

The first watch I planned on did not work for me (the blue and black one above), because it’s black on the side of the watch so it all blended in. It is “prettier,” but much harder to see, for me, so I am very happy I opted for the smaller watch right up above, from Sam’s Club, that is silver all around and much easier to see. And best of all, it works well and gives me an extra cushion for help in case of a fall, accident, etc. because it is a “fall sensor watch” that really works. 😊

Alternative Watch Bands for Apple Watch 9

You may be wondering if this fall sensor watch from Apple normally comes with that wrist band? No it doesn’t. It came with the fairly traditional blue plastic band but I didn’t personally care for it, though I know many others who love theirs. So I purchased a stainless  steel Milanese Loop watch band that was compatible and I LOVE it. Some days, it slides down a few times, other days it stays put (no clue why the difference). But it is comfortable, looks very nice, and hasn’t caused any allergy issues. (In researching, I discovered that can sometimes be a possiblity. So I am very happy I have not had to deal with that.) If you’d like to see what I got, just click here for a link to it at Amazon.

Loving Robots and Shopping in Roseville

I love that we have so many great shopping options in Roseville CA including Sams Club, Walmart, and The Galleria! And that’s not even the half of it. I really appreciate that many of those also offer shipping options and delivery options.  When there’s no time to shop, OR you are home and ill, OR the local store is out of what you need, you still have great options from trustworthy sources. AND speaking of Sams Club, I can’t resist sharing…

YUP! I also LOVE the cute robots at Sam’s Club! I got to see one in action again during the holiday season though this video was actually from much earlier. They are just so cute!

Kaye Swain Roseville Blogger REALTOR






P.S. Speaking of sales!!! Enjoy some extra savings – good through 2/3/24 – at Kohls. They are currently advertising major markdowns up to 70% OFF PLUS. And/or, on many items you can Take an extra 15% off with code ENJOY15 1/29-2/3 

Not only that! Walmart is advertising flash deals for up to 65% off for the next 6 days!  Click here to check out the details.



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