Healthy Eating At Farmers Markets In and Around Roseville CA

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One of the great things about Roseville, and California in general, is the great weather year round. Thanks to this lovely climate we usually have an abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables year round.  And that also means we have great Farmers Markets all over including 2 – 3 year-round Farmers Markets right here in Roseville CA.

The Fountains in Roseville is a lovely shopping center, as famous for their fun activities as for their great shopping and eating delights. One of their weekly activities is a year-round Roseville Farmers Market located right outside Peet’s Coffee and next to the Whole Foods Market in Roseville CA.

I stopped there this week to pick up my fave herbal tea that Whole Foods Market carries – Orange Ginger Mint herbal tea by The Republic of Tea. I had also planned to peruse the Farmers Market but missed it by about 20 minutes as they were in the process of closing for the day. It’s a great location, though, I must say. Stop by and get veggies, some other groceries at Whole Foods Roseville CA, and a coffee or tea to go. A delightful outing! And check out the last pop-up. It has a cute SMILIE!

Another Farmers’ Market that runs all year round in Roseville is at the Kaiser Medical Center on Douglas. We discovered this gem last fall and thoroughly enjoyed the zucchini we purchased then. At the time, it was held at the tip of the “circle-around driveway where you can drop off and pick up patients for the hospital.

Perhaps the biggest in Roseville, CA is at Denio’s Market. It’s also year-round AND is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all day. My senior parents used to love meandering around, eyeing all the fun swap-meet goodies, shopping for golf goodies for dad and old books for mom, and finishing up at the farmers market section to buy their fresh fruit and veggies for the week. That was back before Fountains was thought of and Kaiser was barely built. 🙂

It’s not a big Farmers Market and it’s not year-round, but the Strawberry Stand on Baseline between Foothills and Country Club has great strawberries during strawberry season. We picked some up for Easter dinner and they were DELISH!

Of course, there are plenty of other Farmers Markets that are also seasonal, not to mention plenty that are not in Roseville CA but ARE within an easy driving distance – making for a fun outing. Here’s a grand list of more Farmers Market in Roseville and the surrounding areas.

You can also find posts about the various Roseville Farmers Markets and others in the greater Roseville, Placer and Sacramento area at my Pinterest Board, Farmers Market Fun, which I’ll be updating periodically as I learn of other options.

Farmer’s Markets are fun, full of delicious sights sounds and healthy things to eat. They’ve been a part of my life since I was a kid and I really appreciate them AND the hard-working farmers! How about you? Have you got a Farmers Market or fruit/veggie stand in or around Roseville, CA that you love. Care to share? Just leave the info in the comments – and thank you!   🙂

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