Fun and Interesting Local Roseville CA News and Activities 6-15-24

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Can you believe it is only 5 days til summer officially starts. So as you can guess, there are LOTS of fun and interesting local Roseville CA news and activities to share!

First Day of Summer AND First Day of Placer County Fair!

June 20, 2024 is the official first day of summer AND it is the first day of the Placer County Fair, located at 700 Event Center Dr, Roseville, CA 95678

Not only that, the 4th of July holiday fun is ramping up as well!  And since some may require registration I’m sharing them now!

Crime Stoppers Fun Run

First thing in the morning of the 4th will be the annual Crime Stoppers Fun Run where all ages are welcome to test themselves against our awesome Roseville Police officers. Join in the fun for their annual “Run Crime Out of Roseville” races where you can match your speed against the Roseville Police Department in a 5K race! And once again this year, your kids can compete against the officers in a 1/4 mile!

The money raised by these events goes to make our community safer for ALL residents and they also work closely with other local non-profits and the Roseville Police Department to ensure everyone in our City feels safe. The funds go directly to community education, the management of their anonymous tip software and phone number, and sponsorships for high school students in our community who want to go into the first responder field.

Check-in and registration start at 6:15 – 7:10, with the race starting at 7:15 and the kids fun run starting at 8:05 am.  Click here for all the details and join the fun.

4th of July Parade AND Music in the Park

Plans are well already under way for the 4th of July parade in Roseville CA which will then be followed by fun in Royer Park where you can enjoy the sounds of the Vino Banditos while kids enjoy various games and activities. Food will also be available for purchase.   Here’s a couple of videos from past parades. The first is very cool – our awesome Police Dept. motorcycle team! 

And this one is from 2 years ago – right after the covid shut down had opened up again. It made me tear up a bit – how about you?

And now – it’s time to do it again! July 4, 2024 in Downtown Roseville! Have FUN!  🙂🙂🙂

Fireworks In The Area

Interesting Local Roseville CA News includes fireworks free lunch and more 6-15-24
As I am sharing interesting local Roseville CA news, naturally I’m going to share about even MORE FIREWORKS coming!

Fireworks in Rocklin CA Are on the 28th and 29th of June at Twin Creeks Park

Destiny Church will again host their Celebrate America which is a “community event featuring a military fly-over, delicious food, live music, and one the of the largest firework presentations in the region. There is something for the whole family!” This year it will be on Friday, June 28th AND  Saturday, June 29th at  Twin Oaks Park, 5500 Park Dr, Rocklin, CA 95765. The gate opens at 6:00PM! Enjoy the pre-show, food trucks, the Kid Zone which is open from 6-7:50p for kids ages 0-12, and MORE. Click here for all the details.

Fireworks In Roseville CA Are on the 4th of July in the Evening @The Grounds

Bring a blanket or chairs for the family and come celebrate Independence day @The Grounds with the 4th of July fireworks show. Gates open at 4pm. Seating at the grandstand in the All American Raceway is first come, first serve. They will have activities and games for the kids and concessions for the whole family. Fireworks begin between 9:15 and 9:30pm. Parking is $15, cash only. No fee for entrance. No outside food or coolers. Sealed waters are okay. The fairgrounds website is warning that parking will be limited, so I would recommend getting their EARLY!

Fireworks in Lincoln CA are on the 4th of July in the Evening at McBean Park

Lincoln residents, come join in the fun at this community gathering where you’ll find food, fun, and family entertainment for everyone! And check this out – the finale from their 2015 fireworks show. So pretty!

Firework Safety Alerts

Of course, there will also be the safe and sane fireworks sales booths coming that raise so much money for so many good causes. They will be selling the fireworks that are allowed in the CITY of Roseville. (There are NO fireworks allowed in the unincorporated parts of Roseville and Placer County! So if you aren’t sure if that includes your house/apartment, be sure to find out.)

One important note to be aware of. This year, the City of Roseville City Council voted to toughen the laws on illegal firework activity. So please please PLEASE, for the safety of our city and for the health of our pocketbooks, let’s all follow the law for fireworks.  Here’s a video from our City of Roseville Police and Fire Department:

Have a safe, happy, and fun Fourth!

And if you haven’t heard of the new restrictions/laws for fireworks in Roseville CA yet, click here for the details. 

CPR Training Option for Small Groups That Comes To YOU!

Speaking of safety, knowing CPR is a GREAT way to help others be safer when you are around. If you work in or own a small medical or dental office and are looking for a fun and easy way to have all your staff trained together, there is an excellent local option to help you with that. Eric Sanchez, a skilled and certified CPR instructor,  is now offering training 7 days a week at a time and location of YOUR choice. You can gain vital life saving skills with his American Heart Association endorsed CPR, AED, and first aid courses.

The comprehensive programs cater to diverse audiences, from healthcare providers to concerned citizens looking to be prepared for emergencies. And with his training, you can acquire the confidence and knowledge to “Act Fast” and respond effectively in a critical situation, regardless of your background or profession.

The training is skilled and professional, but I hear it’s also really interesting and sometimes downright funny. Now that’s how I like to learn!!! How about you? For more information contact Eric at 916-742-2522, email him at or visit his Facebook page – just click here.

Roseville Police Department News

More safety talk!

Here’s our awesome Roseville Police Department’s latest Crime Report…

The Roseville Police Deptartment’s  911 Public Safety Newsletter!

Click on the pix below to see them full size.



Roseville K-9 Demonstration

I love and respect our awesome Roseville K9 team as well. Here’s a great demonstration of one in action from 3 weeks ago. (FYI – The “bad guy” is really a “good guy” acting as a bad guy.). It’s hard to hear, but easy to see and very interesting. These dogs are such a great resource to help protect their officers and all of us.

Roseville Parks’ Latest  3 in 30 Videos

Awww – I do love our cute goats! Hmmmm, maybe I should get my grandkids one of these adorable stuffed goats at Amazon – including one by Melissa and Doug, they are always a family fave!

Great Support for Our Area Kids With Free Lunches for Summer!

Many of our area children enjoy free breakfast at their schools. It helps set them up for success, and provides many a vital nourishment they might not get. Happily, when summer comes, that support does NOT end.  Here is vital info on the locations. If you know anyone who can use this info, please share it with them. 🙂 Click here for the abc10 news show on this, which includes info for Roseville AND beyond.

Roseville CA  Free School Lunch in the Summer Info

Roseville City School District offers free breakfast and lunch starting June 6 at four locations: Antelope Crossing Middle School, Barrett Ranch Elementary School, Cirby Elementary School and Woodbridge Elementary School. Click here to view schedules for each location.

Placer County Free School Lunch In the Summer Info

Click here for this pdf.


Sacramento and Placer County Free School Lunch in the Summer Info

What’s Bugging You?

Apparently, it’s a bad year for all SORTS of icky critters – mosquitoes, grasshoppers, cockroaches…  I’ve shared about this at Facebook including at @RosevilleCaliforniaJoys and @KayeSwainRE. Some tips I got included:

One of my friends added that they hate cinnamon. I checked it out and found this concurring info – “Due to their strong sense of smell, cockroaches dislike several pungent herbs and spices, including cinnamon, citrus, thyme, basil, citronella (which apparently mosquitoes hate too – a two-fer!), basil, mint, garlic, coffee grounds, peppermint, and bay leaves.” That being said, I REALLY REALLY appreciate all the great people at Noble Way Pest Control!

Grasshoppers – More ewwww – especially if they jump up a pant leg (yes, that once happened to me, thanks to my cute bell bottoms! Double ewwwww! 🙂)

And for some of our neighbors, including in Westpark, Birds are not only EATING the bugs, they are doing the bugging to some. One good suggestion was to throw fake snakes up on the roof. I know that helped in the garden for my sweet mom years ago, so I would think it would definitely be worth a try.  If YOU have any great tips, I’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment below or at Facebook.

Happy Summer Y’all

I hope you enjoyed this round up of some of the fun and interesting local Roseville CA news coming up. It’s going to be a busy few weeks for SURE! This week will be fun as summer begins and more of the pools will open. Plus I’ll be enjoying working with my awesome real estate clients AND Vacation Bible School. Y’all stay safe and COOL!











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