Fun Things To Do in Roseville CA Area as Autumn Begins

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WOOOHOOOOO!!!  GUESS WHAT TODAY IS! ONE OF MY FAVORITE DAYS OF THE YEAR! IT’S THE FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN!!!! 😀. I’m SOOOO excited!  And I actually got to enjoy a lovely AUTUMN morning  doing one of those fun things to do in Roseville CA! I got to visit the Cherry Glen Neighborhood for their annual yard sale. Lots of great things to buy (less one cute scarecrow and one interesting Lego-style rocket ship that I scooped up.)

Having fun with dear friends at the Cherry Glen Neighborhood yard sale
Having fun with dear friends at the Cherry Glen Neighborhood yard sale


Lovely decor items for sale along with tools for those caring for elderly seniors and more on Clinton in Old Roseville

Fun yard sale in Cherry Glen neighborhood

One of the best things about Cherry Glen are all the great neighbors! Some of my other favorite things about Cherry Glen? The gorgeous trees that will start changing to their autumn colors soon and the lovely shade they provide!  And also, the rich history our city enjoys.  I’ve been told that many of these lovely old homes were built for the employees of the train that was a vital part of Roseville when it was very young.  You can learn more about that and the history of Roseville at our museum that is located in Old Roseville.

One of my favorite things about Cherry Glen in Old Roseville - the Lovely Old Trees
One of my favorite things about Cherry Glen in Old Roseville – the Lovely Old Trees

A fun morning, indeed!

More Handy Info and Fun Things to Do in Roseville CA Area

All sorts of things are going on now! And that’s going to keep increasing as we get closer and closer to the holidays.  Check this out…


Can you believe the 10th annual Family Fest is almost here. It will be held in Downtown Roseville on September 30, 2023 from 11 am – 2 pm! They started that the year I started real estate with Keller Williams here in Roseville CA!!!  Two exciting anniversaries! 😉

White Rhinos Coming to the Sacramento Zoo

White Rhinos - one is coming to the Sacramento Zoo soon
White Rhinos – one that may look similar to these cuties  is coming to the Sacramento Zoo soon

Awwww, aren’t these critters cute – especially the little one! This is an example of what white rhinos may look like. I found out recently that September 22 (yesterday) was White Rhino Day. While researching it to share on Facebook, I thought I’d check to see if our Sacramento Zoo had any white rhinos. I found out that they do not BUT THEY ARE PREPARING TO HAVE ONE! I personally thought that was pretty cool and I know others will as well. Particularly my cute local grandkids! And I am guessing some/a lot of you? So click this link for more info as they are due sometime this year (or maybe early-ish next year?) AND if you hear any updates, let me know and I’ll do the same for you! 😀

Exciting and Interesting Restaurant In Roseville is Making an Exciting Move – to the Westfield Galleria at Roseville

There are so many interesting and excellent restaurants in Roseville CA and our surrounding area including, Lincoln, Rocklin, Citrus Heights, Sacramento and more!

ONE of those great restaurants is right here in Roseville.  Q1227 is located at 1465 Eureka Rd. Ste 100 Roseville, CA 95661 and their phone number is 916.899.5146.  Hours: Tues – Thurs 5pm – 9pm | Fri – Sat 5pm – 10pm. Reservations are highly recommended. Their website is  They are so popular, they need more room. So they are moving to the Westfield Galleria at Roseville.

For those who, like me, haven’t had a chance to enjoy this lovely restaurant, their announcement at the Westfield Galleria website states, “Q1227 Restaurant…is a chef driven restaurant in the beautiful city of Roseville, CA. Our menu inspiration pulls from Chef’s love of the ‘farm to fork’ industry combined with the comfort food of his childhood, hence is why we call our cuisine, “modern comfort”. You can anticipate Chef’s savory bold flavors and nice portion size dishes. Chef Q is trailblazing the rise of “California Modern Comfort” cuisine.” Here’s a couple of videos to give you an idea of what it’s got going on. VERY cool!

Part 1

Part 2

And for those who, like me, prefer beef to fish, check this out – yummmm   😀

It appears this restaurant will be moving in next to Ruth Chris Steak in the Promenade! And per the Sacramento Business Journal, “Its menu includes starters like chicken-fried lobster bites and dry-aged lamb Wellington, shareables and flatbreads, and entrees such as jambalaya and braised prime short rib. It also offers a three-course fixed-price menu prepared by operator and chef Quentin Bennett, also known as “Chef Q.”  And based on what I saw of their YouTube videos, their food looks positively DELISH!

Woodcreek Oaks / Foothills Junction Neighborhood – Roseville, CA

More changes coming to Roseville. Woodcreek Oaks Neighborhood Association has been an active member over the years in  RCONA – Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations.  Another neighborhood, Foothills Junction, has been an inactive member of RCONA. As of September 2023, Woodcreek Oaks AND Foothills Junction have combined their neighborhoods to become the Woodcreek Oaks / Foothills Junction Neighborhood Association! Great news for both neighborhoods. This is one of many tools to help our city work together to stay safer.
If you live in either of those neighborhoods – Woodcreek Oaks / Foothills Junction  (The clickable links for each of these names goes to the Google maps for the neighborhoods,  which looks pretty accurate and is easier to read 😉 )- you are now part of the Woodcreek Oaks / Foothills Junction Neighborhood Association. Your association Facebook page is at
Long time members of Woodcreek Oaks will recognize that Facebook name. New members may wonder why it doesn’t have Foothills Junction on there as well. Facebook makes it VERY difficult to make that type of change AND it would be very confusing to existing members. So, for now at least, the name HAS been changed on the Facebook page, but not the login name. 😊

Woodcreek Oaks / Foothills Junction Neighborhood Associations have combined into one neighborhood association
And, one other piece of interesting info  about this lovely and  newly combined neighborhood. They are  coming together on October 21 for a huge community garage sale. Information on how to sign up and more will be coming out in the next few weeks on their Facebook page and probably here at Roseville California Joys as well. (As you may have guessed, I am one of the admins for their Facebook page. 😊 )
Woodcreek Oaks / Foothills Junction Neighborhood Association is having a community garage sale in October
Woodcreek Oaks / Foothills Junction Neighborhood Association is having a community garage sale in October

High School and Other Youth Sports SCAM ALERT

Sadly, it appears there is a new scam that has been out for at least a year, but I just heard about it. Scuzzy scammers are now targeting our kids and grandkids sports game. It appears there can be REAL video streaming options for high school and other youth sports, including in our Roseville area. But sadly, there are also scammers creating fake streaming OR attaching to the real streaming BUT stealing your credit card and other info while you are happily watching. Here’s an article about it – but first – let me personally recommend getting the streaming info straight from the schools ONLY!    Click here for the article with more info. AND here’s another news article about it on Youtube – this is from the Better Business Bureau.

That’s It for This Week’s Fun Things To Do in Roseville CA Area Update!

Be sure to check back NEXT week for even more fun and interesting happenings in Roseville CA and the surrounding area. And again – HAPPY FALL!!!

Happy Autumn from Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent

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