Fun Things to Do In Winter Weather in Roseville CA

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Walking in Winter Weather in Roseville CA

Happy Winter Y’all! And don’t we love that there are so many fun things to do in winter weather in Roseville CA and the surrounding Sacramento Valley area?

So far in the last few weeks, we’ve enjoyed off and on days of lovely rain that we always need and appreciate. And that often leads to bundling up in long warm sweaters and jackets and heading out for  delightful walk options including around cheery creeks.  Two of my older grandkids and I enjoyed doing just that while they were visiting for the New Year. And it was fun to see so many others out and about as well, in spite of it being a bit chilly.

Still and all, chilly is way warmer than the snow days that my other two sets of kids and grandkids enjoy where they live. Happily, they LOVE the snow and I have enjoyed it myself when visiting. But I have to be honest. I do love to tell real estate clients when they ask me, “does it snow in Roseville California” – very VERY rarely and never more than a teeny tiny bit! 😊  And after all, we can usually find plenty of snow fun all around us if we head up the mountains. Plus we can enjoy beach fun that’s also quite close – usually in the opposite direction.

Gardening Doesn’t Stop for Winter Weather in Roseville CA

While much of the country’s gardens are totally shut down for winter weather, many of us in our Roseville Sacramento area are still enjoying a handful of lovely roses, even as we prepare to enjoy our soon-to-bloom camellias as well as  “cue [our rose] bushes to take a winter nap” by pruning them, as pointed out in her December 27 article full of great nuggets of gardening tips and info for our area.

I love my fingerless gloves - great for arthritis AND typing when cold

Now don’t get me wrong. We still have chilly winters.  So I have a ton of lovely soft fingerless gloves for for arthritis fingers, since I do have arthritis. They work GREAT! My hands stay warm inside and out and I can still text and type with ease.  I would recommend regular garden gloves, though, in the garden if you start your own pruning.  Much better protection for that. 😊

Speaking of pruning and gardens, Roseville’s garden classes are starting soon. I just checked and the first two are totally full including one on pruning. However, the third one – Pruning with Purpose on February 7, 2024 – still has plenty of room and possibly some of the other classes following may have openings as well. If you are interested but haven’t got around to signing up, this is the PERFECT time to do so! 😊  Click here for the Pruning With Purpose class. Also, the Green Gardener at Home Multi-Week Series that I mentioned in an earlier post still has several spots available. Click here to check it out and sign up.

Don’t forget to pop over to Green Acres Nursery’s website regularly. They have an awesome calendar each month with gardening tips, tricks, and seasonal suggestions. Click here for the latest!

Things to Do In Winter Weather in Roseville CA

Gardening isn’t the only fun thing to do in winter in Roseville! Right now, it’s time for the latest EVENTS FLYER for ROSEVILLE CA, which you can also find on page 37 of the Experience PRL Publication!

The Winter Spring Events Flyer for Roseville CA 2024
Roseville CA Events Flyer


Speaking of which – here’s the cover for the  latest Experience PRL activities magazine with even MORE fun things to do in winter AND spring in Roseville CA! Click here for YOUR copy! AND FYI – January 9 is when REGISTRATION STARTS!!!

A few items of interest that caught my eye are:


Some big changes and announcements from FAB50. That’s our Roseville Group for 50 years and up! Their January/February newsletter is out and you can click here to read it. Two items that I thought might interest a lot of you include:

Mahany Park in West Roseville CA will also be hosting Fab50 events.
Going forward, Mahany Park in West Roseville CA will also be hosting Fab50 events.



We just enjoyed a fun season of Christmas craft fairs, but next Christmas is now a long way away. GUESS WHAT  – Roseville has a SPRING CRAFT FAIR coming up May 25, 2024 – Discover a world of handmade treasures and unique artisanal goods adding a touch of charm to your life. Location: Mahany Fitness Center, Saturday,  5/25 • 9:00am–3:00pm!

For fellow bookworms, the Friends of the Roseville Public Library will be having a couple of great used book sales this winter and spring! Cool!!!

  • Downtown Library Sat • 2/3 • 10:00am–3:00pm
  • Riley Library Sat • 5/11 • 10:00am–3:00pm

New Parks Coming

More parks news in Roseville CA


My favorite sport of pickleball now has its own city url –   🙂! VERY cool!


There is SO much more! Including, of course, all the fun sports and classes our parks and libraries offer for our kids and grandkids. You can find them all in the ExperiencePRL booklet!

There’s even info for job hunters – of all ages!  There is a job fair coming on January 27, 2024 AND a Career Fair coming on March 2, 2024. Plus check out all the info for teens for preparing them for job hunting and summer jobs! And from the sounds of it, they are definitely in high demand!

TWO Job Fairs in Roseville - one in winter and one in spring Prep those resumes


Theres a career fair coming in spring in Roseville CA as well


All the Parks and Rec in each city are AWESOME – here are even more fun seasonal activity options to check out:



Roseville CA police updates newsletter 9 1 1
Click on either page to see them larger


Click on the name of the police departments below to see their updates:

Winter Weather in Roseville CA is GREAT and FULL of GREAT FUN!

Have you spotted anything of interest? We’d love to hear what! AND if you know of something fun not on here, do let me know. It might show up in a future post. Email it to In the meantime, have a happy Winter Week and stay HEALTHY y’all. There’s a lot of bugs out there – yet another seasonal norm for winter. But a nice one to AVOID IF you can! 😀


PS Be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter – updating you on all of this and more. Just click here.

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