Good News and Autumn Fun Things To Do in Roseville CA Area

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Can you BELIEVE how many interesting and autumn fun things to do in Roseville CA and the surrounding area???? And be aware – Some, including registration deadlines are THIS WEEK – EARLY THIS WEEK – so check them all out and don’t miss out on the fun YOU are interested in. 😁 And if you didn’t get this in time to see them – be sure to remember to check my Facebook page – @RosevilleCaliforniaJoys OR friend me on Facebook – KayeSwainRE – as those I am able to update faster and easier. 😊

Roseville California Joys blog posts hints 9 30 23
Roseville California Joys blog posts hints for today –  9 30 23 – READ ON FOR ALL THE DETAILS

PlacerGrown Delights

PlacerGrown Delights in Autumn
PlacerGrown Delights are more  Autumn Fun Things to do in Roseville CA area

There are all sorts of fun things going on all around our area. And that includes our great farms in South Placer County. The photo above is just a few of the things I spotted on their Instagram page. Click the page to go there and then click each photo for details of what they are sharing.

ALSO be sure to go to click here to go to their Facebook Events Page for even more info about a cool self-guided tour with fun activities, tours, demos, and yummies that are on sale! It’s coming up a week from Sunday on October 8, 2023.  Click here for full details.

autumn fun things to do in roseville ca area include Farm and Barn Tour in Placer County
Farm and Barn Tour in Placer County

Racing Fun

Plus an FYI for next month (which is only 2 days away), they are also announcing, “Oct 21 MONSTER TRUCK BASH + F4s”. Now, I’ll be honest, I am not quite sure what that means but monster + Halloween sounds fun.  I’m guessing it’s big trucks like on the kids show Blaze, which is more my speed and only when my grandkids are over.  🤣

PS If you’d like to see one of their past races…


It’s PLACERGROWN month and here’s a great resource with info about activities and Farmer’s Markets all around Placer County –

Click the pix below and then click each individual pix for the instagram link to more info:

PlacerGrown Happenings
PlacerGrown Happenings on Instagram

Pumpkin Patch in Lincoln CA

Just opened! It’s located at 1598 Moore Road in Lincoln CA

Moore Farm Flowers and Pumpkin Patch
Moore Farm Flowers and Pumpkin Patch


Cuteness Overload at the Sacramento Zoo

Maybe this cute guy can befriend the cool new white rhinoceros, do you think?  Sounds like a fun time to go visit the Zoo too!  😁


Vacation Days Coming for Kids & Grandkids

If you are starting to plan out for autumn fun things to do in Roseville CA and the surrounding area during the times that school is closed for your kids and grandkids, don’t forget about one of my favorite resources. Check out the activities calendar at fellow grandmother and blogger’s great website,  Macaroni Kid in Roseville CA! 😁 She’s always got great ideas and plenty more to come from BOTH of us as the holidays ramp up! 😁

Halloween Fun Things To Do In Roseville is Coming

That being said, the Krazy Coupon Lady has some handy tips to share with us for picking up your candy and other treats for all the fun things to to in Roseville CA and the surrounding area. And with inflation chasing us (have you SEEN the price of gasoline!!!!! YIKES!), saving money where we can seems like a very practical help for us all!


 Interesting News for Those of Us Living in Roseville CA Area

Roseville Parkway Update

Coolness – here’s an interesting news article with more information about the Roseville Parkway Update!

Quiet News! Pickle Ball Is Breaking the Sound Barrier?

Well, not really. But apparently because pickle ball is so popular, if you are playing too close to homes, the noise can be a bother. So now, USA Pickle Ball is announcing a new QUIET category for pickle ball equipment. Sounds good to me. Tho happily, all the parks I’ve played at in Roseville have been far enough from homes, I don’t think it’s an issue. Even if they are only across the street. But maybe if it’s a place with many courts and competitions?  😁

Happier Flying News May Be Coming Soon for Delta and United

I am a total Southwest Airlines fan. They were wonderfully flexible for me when I was a frequent flyer but also caring for my sweet senior mom – if I needed to cancel at the last minute, I could. They flew to almost all the places I needed to go. And they are very budget friendly – especially now that I finally broke down and got an awesome and one of the best air miles credit card. I just wish I’d done that YEARS ago! MY needs have changed but all that is still true for them including the credit card!  Now that I’ve given them a happy hoorah, I have a couple more to share for two other airlines.

United is in the news because of settling a recent lawsuit and as a result, they have agreed to “add a filter to the booking tool on its website to help consumers find flights on which the plane can more easily accommodate their wheelchairs. The cargo doors on some planes are too small to easily get a motorized wheelchair in the belly of the plane. The airline also agreed to refund the fare difference if a passenger has to take a more expensive flight to accommodate their wheelchair.” Having cared for various boomers and seniors in my family who did travel using wheel chairs, I applaud United for this positive change.

Delta was mentioned in the Minneapolis Business Journal (NO, I am NOT moving to Minneapolis – it’s connected to my subscription to the Sacramento Business Journal 😁), which stated, “Two weeks after Delta Air Lines Inc. made [DRAMATIC]  changes to its SkyMiles program and said it would limit access to its SkyClub lounges [BIG TIME] — both of which drew [HUGELY] fierce criticism from customers — the airline’s CEO said the moves may have been too drastic. [YOU THINK!!!!???!?!?!?!?]  They are expected to make changes to their changes in the next few weeks. Click here to read another article on it with more details. And YES – the semi-snarkey commenets in the [ ] were mine. All of this just makes me appreciate Southwest even MORE!!!! 😁 They aren’t perfect. Neither am I. But I do enjoy flying with them from and to Sacramento International Airport, have been blessed many times by their great employees, and HIGHLY recommend them – as you can tell by clicking here.

October Emergency Testing News In Roseville CA Area

There are TWO days of emergency alert tests coming in Roseville CA in October!

Roseville Train Depot Emergency Siren Test

This Monday October 2, 2023 at 12 pm – the Union Pacific Railroad will be testing their emergency notification siren. Nearby residents may hear the siren. But what about those of us that don’t live close enough to hear that in a real live emergency. I’m SOOO glad you asked that. Follow me to below the photo!

The REST of the story, straight from our awesome Roseville Fire Department  – “Here are steps that we recommend all residents take to prepare for any emergency that might affect our region:
– Register for Placer Alert ( This is an emergency notification system used by our Fire and Police departments to notify residents of emergency situations that may affect them and would be used in conjunction with the Union Pacific siren should there be an incident at the railyard where residents need to be notified. If you wish to receive these notifications on your cell phone, you have to register your information.
– Many times, information during emergencies remains dynamic and can change frequently. We encourage all residents to be signed up to receive emergency alerts ( and to know where to look for additional verified information when they receive or hear a notification. See below for details.
– Be prepared should you need to evacuate. More tips on how to be prepared can be found at
The following locations are places that may contain pertinent information during an incident:
• Roseville Police – here’s their shortcut url –
City of Roseville, California Police Department
• Roseville Fire – here’s their shortcut url –
Roseville Fire Department
• City of Roseville Website
You do not have to have a social media account to follow the links above.
We encourage residents to only call 9-1-1 should they be experiencing or witnessing an emergency.

Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System

TWO days after our Roseville emergency alert test, on Wednesday October 4, 2023, FEMA is having their OWN test – only this is for the entire United States.

“FEMA and FCC to conduct nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System October 4,” per The City of Roseville CA website! They shared that, “On Wednesday, October 4 at approximately 11:20 a.m. PST, FEMA in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts. The test will be initiated using FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) and directed to all consumer cell phones as well as through radio and television broadcasters, cable systems, satellite radio, television providers, and wireline video providers. If your mobile phone is on and within range of an active cell tower from a participating wireless provider, you should receive the test message. The test is anticipated to last approximately one minute and is accompanied by a unique tone and vibration. The message on your mobile should appear “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.” For more info, visit the FEMA website.

NOTICE – “unique tone and vibration.” Even if you read this warning, you may forget all about it by October 4. And it doesn’t say how LOUD it may be. My suggestion would be to set your phone alarm for a few minutes /hours before this test, so that it won’t come as a shock to you when it goes off. 😊  Just a thought… And also, be sure to let your senior parents and other relatives, as well as your kids and grandkids know about this. It could be a bit scary for any or all of them.


Autumn fun things to do in roseville ca area

Can you believe it, Sunday is OCTOBER! This year has flown by faster than any other and I suspect that will continue.  Have a lovely weekend and week to come and enjoy the many autumn fun things to do in Roseville CA and area starting with the Roseville Family Fest TOMORROW!

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