Good Rain News In Roseville CA Area and More!

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Rain News In Roseville CA Area

I’m guessing the biggest topic on many of our minds is all the rain we’ve been getting, the damage it has caused, and is there any good news in the midst of all this. And YES, there is definitely GOOD rain news in Roseville CA area!

According to ABC10 News, “The precipitation is no doubt helping California in terms of drought. The latest drought monitor, released Thursday, shows nowhere in California under exceptional drought conditions for the first time since last May!” And that doesn’t even include any rain from Thursday or Friday. Not to mention that we are getting even more rain on Monday and Tuesday. So great news drought-wise.

Area-wise, as most of us know, it has caused flooding – including for our neighbors south of Sacramento and in the Bay area.

We’ve had some power outages, though I believe most have been fairly short. And, as I mentioned, more rain to come. Here are storm resources for cities in our immediate area along with the reminder from many of the cities to keep our storm drains free of leaves:

And for all of the above, if it is a real emergency – CALL 911 😀

Per the California Department of Water Resources –
“We are in the middle of a flood emergency and also in the middle of a drought emergency. This is an extreme weather event and we’re moving from extreme drought to extreme flood. What that means is a lot of our trees are stressed, after three years of intensive drought, the ground is saturated and there is significant chance of downed trees that will create significant problems. Potentially flooding problems, potentially power problems. That is really the signature of this particular event.” – DWR Director Nemeth

Hmmmm – I’m wondering if that’s what happened to this poor tree to make it lean over so much?

Safety tape around tree that seems to be leaning way too far over is my big news in Roseville CA
I wonder if rain is the culprit for this tree that is safety taped all round and seems to be leaning way too far over in Roseville CA










Here’s a bit more info fresh off the Facebook press today, January 8, 2028 – if you click the “see more” it should take you to the full statement in Facebook. If you don’t have Facebook but want the info, go to



Also, here’s a chart from Placer County showing they are expecting major heavy rain, flooding, and wind tomorrow and extreme heavy rain and flooding, and wind Tuesday!
And my weather app says up to 27 mph winds tonight!

Placer County DA Citizens Academy

Here’s a fascinating way to start the year – Placer County DA’s Citizens Academy for 2023 Spring is now accepting  applications through February 3! To learn more – click here.

Roseville CA News

Have you ever heard of Ike’s Love & Sandwiches – this sandwich chain (which started in the Bay area) has two sites and is now adding a Roseville site.  growing sandwich chain with roots in the Bay Area is planning to add a third local site (they have 80 all over the Western U.S.), which will be in Roseville. Their new restaurant will be in the Ridge at Creekside shopping center, 1132 Galleria Blvd., Suite 120, Roseville, along  with Mimi’s Cafe, AT&T, Chipotles and many others (you can tell my faves 😀 ) and also an old fave that is possibly leaving – Bed Bath and Beyond – (Rumors of their going out of business are continuing.)

Sad news, per the Sacramento Business Journal. It looks like Things Remembered is going to be closing all their stores, including their Roseville Galleria store.

They also shared that Elk Grove-based dessert eatery “‘Lil’ Hotties Mini Donuts” is going to be opening in the Westfield Galleria at Roseville – maybe by January 15. Their cute little donuts can be eaten as is or enjoyed with ice cream and various toppings, along with a cup of coffee from Temple Coffee Roasters. With all the donut-lovers in our area, I suspect they will be very popular.  AND they are hiring.

Job options at Lil Hotties in the Westfield Galleria is in the news in Roseville CA
Job options at Lil Hotties – coming soon in the Westfield Galleria at Roseville CA

Job Option News in our Roseville CA Area

Roseville CA Jobs

Click here to see the various jobs available with Roseville City. 

You can also attend their upcoming  Job Fair in Roseville on January 28, 2023 from 9am – 12pm at Mahany Fitness Center (formerly Roseville Sports Center) at 1545 Pleasant Grove Blvd. They will be hiring for a variety of cool positions including: · Adult Sports · Aquatics · Child Care · Day Camps · Fitness · Garbage · Libraries · Park Maintenance · Water Efficiency

This event features: Free swag and raffle prizes · Help with submitting applications · Hiring workshops · Interview practice · On the spot interviews

For more information, please call Roseville PRL (Parks, Recreation & Libraries) at 772-PLAY (916-772-7529)

Citrus Heights Jobs

The City of Citrus Heights is actively recruiting for an IT Manager. For more information and to apply, click here. 

Rocklin Joys

Rocklin Job Openings  – Click here.

Lincoln Joys

Lincoln Job Openings – Click here.

While I don’t normally cover Sacramento – it’s not a bad commute for working – so here is there job openings  list and it looks great as well. Click here

Park and Recreation News in Roseville CA Area

Roseville CA

Lincoln CA

Lincoln’s Winter-Spring 2023 Recreation Guide

Citrus Heights, Antelope CA

Sunrise Parks and Recreation Activity Guide through March 2023

Rocklin CA

Rocklin’s Recreation Guide for Fall and Winter 2022-2023


My latest real estate update covers facts and figures for November and December 2022 with info for Placer and Sacramento County, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, and Citru Heights as well as our two largest 55+ retirement communities – Sun City Roseville CA and Sun City Lincoln CA and even looks at the lovely Misty Wood / Pleasant Grove Neighborhood. Click here to check it out.

And if you’re curious if sellers are getting offers over – yes, they are, but not as many as offers under. I share those numbers weekly at

Bottom Line for News In Roseville CA Area

The holidays may be over but things are still staying busy and interesting albeit a bit on the rainy side which is good news in Roseville CA area!  Tho this might be a good week to stay inside as much as possible, enjoy some yummy cups of hot tea or hot cocoa and catch up on the news.

In the meantime, have a great week, keep an eye on your trees, and try to stay dry. 😀☔️

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