Great Options For Grocery Delivery in Roseville CA

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Looking Back At Stores That Provide Grocery Delivery in Roseville CA

I do appreciate the many stores that provide grocery delivery in roseville ca
I do appreciate the many stores that provide grocery delivery in Roseville CA
A few years ago I wrote an article titled, “Busy? Spotlight on Five Stores that Deliver Groceries in Roseville!”  I did that for a couple of years but, as is often the case in life, things changed, and I went back to going out to shop in our Roseville CA grocery stores personally and loved it. I really prefer to do that in order to pick out my own fruits and veggies.

Looking Foward To My New Ways to Shop at Stores That Deliver Groceries in Roseville CA

This week, though, I decided to return to ordering from a few favorite stores that deliver in Roseville CA and oh my! There have definitely been some changes in the last few years. So, of course, I had to share some of them with you. 😀

For the moment, I have decided to focus on:

  • Amazon
  • Sams Club
  • Walmart
  • Safeway.
Why those four?
  • Amazon has many of the items I use regularly for great prices and speedy delivery. And they have made returns uber easy – including free returns via the UPS stores and the new Amazon HUB – both of which also handle the wrapping – I LOVE that!
  • Sams Club – They carry certain big items that are at great prices, easy to deliver, and not to mention – great Christmas options. Not only that – if you have Plus membership, which I do, the delivery fee is reduced AND you can often get your orders on the same day!  (And if I go in person, I get to go earlier, their gas prices are GREAT, and generally speaking, I LOVE their fruit!)
  • Walmart –  great prices and I like a lot of their clothing items as well – not to mention they have a great kids toy area! (Very important for us grandparents, right!?!?!? )
  • Safeway – They carry a couple of specialty items than I haven’t found anywhere else. And for me, those particular items are a BIG deal.

Options For These Stores That Provide Grocery Delivery in Roseville CA

BUT what about the cost of doing all this? Currently (subject to change with little or no notice), their delivery options that I am using are:
1. Amazon Prime – I’ve been a member of that since they first started and LOVE it!  NOT ONLY do I NOT have to wrap packages to send gifts, (Can you tell I HATE mailing and prepping packages!), on their Prime Video they have some of my favorite shows for me personally AND for my cute grandkids! That membership is a non-optional item so I make use of it to ensure I get my money’s worth and then-some!
2.  SamsClub Plus – Again, I already have their PLUS membership and would use it regardless. I get 2% credit for everything I spend, early access which is WAY less busy, FREE shipping to me or those I am shopping for gifts for, AND I get to have fun listening and “chatting” with their cute robots!!! Last year, my PLUS membership returned all but $5 of my annual fee. So yup! That one is a keeper!  Even Motley Fools seems to like it. 😀 Tho I will miss seeing their cute cleaning robots more often!
Find this video and more – all about Roseville – on my Youtube Playlist –

3.  Walmart PLUS – I always got free shipping with Walmart since I always made sure to order $35 or more of items, giving me that free shipping. But now that I am planning on making regular use of theirgrocery delivery in Roseville CA, I decided to invest in their  Walmart PLUS membership.

It’s $98 per year – which is is less than $10 per month and all my deliveries are free as long as I spend at least $35 (which is NOT a problem for me. )   They also have an extra option for those with a low income  – Walmart + Assist  – “With Walmart+ Assist, qualifying government assistance recipients of SNAP, WIC, Medicaid & more can always get a W+ membership for just $6.47/month or $49/year!*” Sounds like a good option for many including  seniors citizens with a low income!

I just looked and they currently have 1 hour windows from 7am to 10 pm – right now  it’s 2:45 pm and there are still slots available for a delivery today! VERY COOL! Consumer Reports gives Walmart PLUS a thumbs up as well. And check out this article from Tom’s Guide sharing some of the cool extras including a couple of streaming TV channels, travel discounts, and more!  And here’s one more article explaining some of the extra benefits. I’m not sure Ill use all/any of them but I’ll have to keep my eyes open to check them out. 😀

Great options online and off for grocery delivery in roseville ca
Great options online and off for grocery delivery in Roseville CA

4. Safeway Fresh Pass  – This is the last of the annual memberships I’m test driving this year (well, Amazon is pretty much in cement and I’ve enjoyed Sam’s Club for years. But Walmart and Safeway are still in test mode. )  They have a couple of brands of fruit I love, along with a couple of favorite yogurts. Plus I often stop there on the way home for church to get fresh produce (tho now I can go straight home, order it, and get it all delivered to me that day or the next day, depending on my needs. If you click here, and then look for “Unlimited Free Delivery with FreshPass® Plus score a $5 monthly credit with annual subscription – a $60 value! Restrictions apply. Start Free Trial,” you can see what they offer. It’s now 3:15 pm on Sunday and their options for this afternoon are all gone. But the options I have for tomorrow – with the FRESH PASS membership include:

Your FreshPass benefits

  • A no-risk 30-day FREE Trial. Once it’s over, you can simply choose a $12.99 monthly plan or a $99 yearly plan to subscribe.
  • Unlimited free Delivery* on orders over $30
  • $5 Monthly Credit for Annual Subscribers​
  • Save $20 off your first online order over $75
  • Earn 2X Reward Points on Our Exclusive Brands
  • Save 5% on O Organics® and Open Nature®
  • Save 5% on Signature Pet Care™
  • Rewards don’t expire
  • Monthly exclusive Starbucks® perks
  • VIP Phone service – I’ve used this twice and LOVED it – a REAL PERSON – NO GETTING LOST IN
  • ANSWERING MACHINE DUNGEONS!!! (Can you tell I’ve had a tough week with answering machines this week! 🤣)

Fun Food For Thought

There are certainly plenty of interesting options and lots of good food for thought! (Pun unintended but pretty good 😀.)

Do you have or have you tried any of these options for grocery delivery in Roseville CA? How did you like them? We’d love to read about it!  Just  leave a comment here or over at!


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