Halloween, Pumpkin Pies, and Holiday Craft Fairs in Roseville CA Area

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It’s time for Halloween fun (INCLUDING TONIGHT!!!), November and pumpkin pies not to mention other scrumptious goodies, delightful craft fairs in Roseville CA, and so much more. Check it out…


So many halloween holiday things to do in Roseville CA area

Halloween is coming! TUESDAY, 10-31-23!!! Whether you are a HUGE Halloween fan, or you just like to see the cute kids in cute costumes, or you prefer to shut the doors – close the curtains – and enjoy a peaceful boring evening keeping your dog (or granddog – that’s me 😀) calm, I hope your Halloween is sweet, fun, peaceful, SAFE, and a lovely memory to come! And by the by – here are some great safety tips from the Pioneer Woman.

In the meantime, we’ve already enjoyed several earlybird Halloween activities and this is the weekend for SO MANY Trunk or Treat (or otherwise-named) events – many of which I’ve written about including here and here and here. And that’s not all. Here’s a couple more resources including one that is TONIGHT and another that is TOMORROW NIGHT:


Homemade pumpkin pies with Autumn stamped leafs.
Homemade pumpkin pies with Autumn stamped leafs.


Can you believe it’s almost NOVEMBER! The month of pumpkin pies! Well, I have to admit! For me, EVERY month is the month of pumpkin pies IF I can find them!  BUT for all y’all who are more normal than I, THIS is the best season for them! And aren’t those cute above with the leaves on it? I’m guessing they were made with the pie crust?

November is also the month of intriguing turkey recipes, delicious mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casseroles, and so much more – at least, where I’m headed for Thanksgiving. What are YOU having for Thanksgiving. We’d love to hear – just leave a message below or over at Facebook – @KayeSwainRE or @RosevilleCaliforniaJoys


Christmas Quilt Hop in Roseville CA area via Kaye Swain Roseville real estate agent

1RunsWithScissors has holiday crafting fun for you with a Holiday Hop for Quilters on  Friday November 3 and Saturday November 4 from 10-4.  Doesn’t that sound great? 😀


Enjoy Roseville CA holiday craft fairs 2023

Have fun at each Roseville CA holiday craft fair this year

And that’s not all the crafting fun! Check these out.

MOST of our awesome area craft fairs seem to be in NOVEMBER as well. BUT there is one I just found out about coming up at the end of October AND another during the first week of December so we will be in Craft Fair Heaven for the next several weeks. They are always fun to visit and a great way to find interesting, unique and, often, hand-made delights for Christmas gifts. Here are the ones I’ve discovered so far:

55+ retirement community Springfield at Whitney Oaks Rocklin CA is having a holiday craft fair in Rocklin
55+ retirement community Springfield at Whitney Oaks Rocklin CA is having a holiday craft fair in Rocklin


The lovely 55+ community of Springfield at Whitney Oaks Rocklin CA is hosting a delightful holiday craft fair featuring items the various residents have hand crafted. It is open to the  public and it will be held at their clubhouse – the Gables – from 10 – 2 on October 28, 2023. (If you spot this event on Google events and/or Eventbrite – it may show an evening time. That is NOT correct.  I did call and confirm the actual time as being 10-2 with the HOA and let them know so hopefully it will be an easy fix for them.) (Don’t we love the internet 😀).  They will be featuring homemade gifts, holiday items, decor, jewelry, and more!

local area holiday craft fairs in roseville ca and area


Lincoln Community Church is hosting their 12th Annual Holiday Craft Faire and Bake Sale on November 3-4, 2023 from 9am – 3pm at 950 E. Joiner Parkway in Lincoln CA .  😋


local area holiday craft fairs in roseville ca and area


 Roseville Craft Fair November 4 2023 9am - 2 pm Lodge
Roseville Craft Fair November 4 2023 9am – 2 pm At the Lodge


Sun City Roseville is having their annual Holiday Craft Faire in the Timber Creek Lodge at 7050 Del Webb Blvd, Roseville CA on Saturday, November 4, 2023, from 9am – 2pm and will be featuring needle arts, creative arts, and fine arts along with a bake sale and a book sale.  And they will have an ATM available for your convenience. Very cool!

local area holiday craft fairs in roseville ca and area

Holiday Craft Fairs

Roseville CA craft fairs  are well known in our area and very popular. There are two that are hosted by the city of Roseville California.  The first is the Roseville CA Holiday Craft Fair and this year it will again be held at the Maidu Community Center on Saturday, November 4th from 9am – 3pm with free entry. The Maidu Community Center is located at Maidu Regional Park Roseville CA at  1550 Maidu Drive, Roseville, CA. Traditional Christmas and holiday craft projects and gift items abound at this delightful event. You should be able to find plenty of unique and interesting presents for all your holiday shopping list.

The second Roseville CA craft fair is the Native Craft Fair at Maidu Museum, also on Saturday, November 4th from 10am – 3 pm. Maidu Museum is also located on the grounds of Maidu Regional Park Roseville CA however its address is 1970 Johnson Ranch Drive, Roseville CA, as it is further along in the park.  The Roseville CA Native Craft Fair highlights dozens of Native American artisans from all over California selling their handcrafted items. Items range from contemporary art and art prints to traditional jewelry to handmade soaps using native plants. Great unique and intriguing holiday gift ideas as well!

local area holiday craft fairs in roseville ca and area

Silverado Middle School PTA is also joining in on the fun! This Roseville CA Holiday Craft Fair is also November 4, 2023 from 9am – 2pm at  Silverado Middle School, 2525 Country Club Drive, Roseville, CA 95747  – Free admission

local area holiday craft fairs in roseville ca and area

And that’s STILL not all!   Just a quick heads up – I know of at least ONE MORE craft show coming up. at The Club At Westpark (it will be the first week of December and I’ll probably write more about it in a couple weeks). ALSO if you hear of others, do let me know so I can share them as well either here and/or at Facebook +   Email me at KayeSwainRE@gmail.com or DM me at Facebook @KayeSwainRE with all the details. And thank you!  😀


Fall Back November 4 2023 in Roseville CA area

It’s that time again. TIME CHANGE WEEKEND IS NEXT WEEKEND – NOVEMBER 5 ! Be sure to stock up on batteries for your smoke detectors (mine take 9 volt, how bout yours?). On Saturday, NOVEMBER 4, change any of your clocks that don’t automatically change their times (like my car, my stove, and my microwave) – FALL BACK an hour – and change your smoke detector batteries and then you won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night for that obnoxious beep from the smoke detectors later in the year. 🤣🤣🤣


This week to come is FULL OF FUN for ALL AGES! I’m especially looking forward to the pumpkin pie and a craft fair or three! And it’s going to get busier as the days rush quickly by! Have a GREAT time, slow down for a bit and enjoy a piece of YOUR favorite pie or other treat, and I’ll see you next month (only 7 days away). Perhaps we will even get to run into each other while out shopping at a craft fair?!?!?!?! 😀

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