What’s Happening in Roseville CA Area For The Week of Saturday 2-10-24

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Wondering What’s Happening In Roseville CA Area This Week?

There is a lot happening in Roseville CA and the surrounding area this week! First and FOREMOST –  NEXT WEDNESDAY IS February 14, 2024 – otherwise known as VALENTINE’S DAY – So I want to be the first to wish each and every one of you:


A heart made of roses to say Happy Valentines Day from Kaye Swain at Roseville California Joys

Now that Valentine is lovely, isn’t it? And so appropriate for Roseville CA! HOWEVER there’s another type of Valentine that I love that is much more practical. And downright yummy! Long time readers of my blog can probably guess what I’m about to write.

Yup. It’s time for those really cute and really tasty heart-shaped pizzas. And according to the various websites I found, there are some great ones in Roseville CA and the surrounding area – check these out:

Round Table Pizza


(As my Facebook message says, call first to confirm they have them and what dates they have them as it is subject to location and to changes. 😊)

If you’d like something else that is absolutely delicious and a bit fancier, check out Buca Di Beppo!

GORGEOUS VALENTINE LASAGNA happening in Roseville CA on February 14 2024
Is this not GORGEOUS looking????


If you’d rather stay home but are wishing you could cut your dinner into a heart shape, Amazon has a LOT of great heart shaped cutters of all sizes including pizza size at least. Just click here on my aff link  to see some.

Beyond Valentine’s Day

Happening In Roseville CA This Week

WOOHOOOOOO – The Roll Em Up Taquitos in Roseville is now OPEN!!!! I am so looking forward to test driving them this week PLUS I’ve heard of another place with “delicious taquitos!” I’m going ot be in taquito heaven this week, for sure! 👍

Got Questions About What’s Happening In West Roseville CA ?

Got questions about what’s happening in Roseville CA on the west side of town?  Roseville CA City Councilman Scott Alvord is going to be sharing about what’s happening with the construction projects for Safeway and Costco and MORE.  As he puts it, “I’ll have a bunch of updates on development projects (including something interesting about Costco) and, as always, I’ll try to answer all of your questions that you bring to the event. We’ll be meeting on Monday, February 12th at 5:30pm at Oakmont of Westpark  (2400 Pleasant Grove Blvd, the big building alongside the shopping center where MoJoe’s Cafe and kitchen747 reside).”

Oakmont of Westpark is one of our lovely assisted living facilities in Roseville so if you’ve ever wondered about that, this meeting could be doubly interesting for you.  I just had to give them a call for some info and they were so nice and very helpful! 😊

What's Happening in Roseville CA on the West side of Roseville

Roseville Libraries Update With A New Info

As I mentioned last week, all Roseville Public Library locations will be closed on Monday February 12. Here’s the REST of the story – very interesting – they are closing for the installation of new security gates. Also, library materials may still be returned via the exterior inductions at Maidu Library and Riley Library. All locations will reopen Tuesday, February 13.

Coffee With A Cop in Roseville CA

As I mentioned above, VALENTINE’S DAY is Wednesday, February 14, 2024 BUT it’s NOT just all about the pizza and lasagna. It’s also the latest COFFEE WITH A COP day at Peet’s Coffee, 4180 Thrive Drive, Suite 100 from 9-11 am . A sweet day to let them know how much you appreciate them. 😊❤️
Coffee with a cop from Roseville CA police department


9-1-1 Newsletter

And speaking of our awesome police officers – their latest 9-1-1 newsletter is out and you will want to read it. It’s got some important updates, sad scams people have fallen for, and a link to the latest crime log along with great tips and info! Click here to read it.

Happening In Roseville CA Area This Week

Girls’ Gone Junking In Lincoln CA…

It’s time for the “once a month” 4-day only sale at the Gypsy-Chic Vintage Market, 109 Flocchini Circle, Lincoln CA. And it looks like they may even have some cute items for Valentine’s Day.  They are open today til 5pm  AND tomorrow from 10-4. Too late for today I’m afraid but you’ll have plenty of time tomorrow. And then they are gone again until NEXT MONTH on the SECOND Thursday (and then they are again open Thursday-Sunday) 😊

PURRRRR-FECTLY Cute Things Happening In Sacramento

It’s time for the Sacramento CATstravaganza February 10 – February 11 at Cal Expo In Sacramento.  I’m afraid it’s too late to go today BUT they are indeed open tomorrow. As their site says:

“Join us at our family-furr-iendly event and meet the most beautiful cats in the world!

  • ❤️‍🩹 Meet with local rescues/charities and DO YOUR PART!
  • 🐈 Learn more about your favorite breeds on the CatWalk
  • 👋🏻 Speak to our exhibitors and meet with renowned cat breeders
  • 🌍 International Judges
  • 🏆 Take a front-row seat at an International Cat Competition
  • 😻 Judging Rings with educational anecdotes about each breed
  • 🛍 Pick up a treat for your own cat from one of our fabulous shopping stalls”

Ticket prices vary, there is parking, and they have a great scheduled. Click here to find all that and more.  10-4 Saturday and Sunday.

International Market in Rocklin, CA

Do you love International Markets? Check out Jessup’s International Night Market  in Lincoln CA on February 13, 2024

The Jessup International Night Market (JINM) promises an array of international street foods, a captivating retail market, cultural performances, and a plethora of fun games. This gathering presents an excellent opportunity for us to share and celebrate our diverse cultures in a fun and memorable way! Tuesday night from 5pm – 9:30 pm at Jessup University Rocklin Campus, 2121 University Ave, Rocklin CA

National Home Warranty Day Happening In Roseville CA Area !
 Did you know that today, 2/10/24,  is National Home Warranty Day! And did you know that my real estate buyers all receive an upgraded 1-year home warranty from Old Republic – AND if you buy a brand new home, you get a FOUR year home warranty. And that’s not just today. It’s EVERYDAY!  🙂 (Email  us at KayeSwainRE@gmail.com for details.🙂)


PS Speaking of buying new homes –

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