Happy Holidays in Roseville CA-From Thanksgiving to Christmas To New Years and Beyond!

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It’s the holiday season and so many fun things are going on here in Roseville CA and the surrounding Sacramento area. I keep my Facebook page updated regularly with the various plays, musicals, activities, and more. This week, though, Facebook is being a bit funky – perhaps it has the Facebook Flu? 🙂 So I created a new page – Roseville California Joys Shares Info, Activities, and More at Facebook – where I’ll be adding specific dated activities as I also post them to my Roseville California Joys Facebook page AND my Roseville California Joys Facebook GROUP  page (yes – you are invited to both 🙂 ). Hopefully that will give a us a good back-up that will last longer than Facebook’s short-term memory, just in case you want to go back further than Facebook allows.



Happy Holidays Y’all!


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