Happy Valentine Tips To Warm Your Winter’s Heart and Home

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Happy Valentine’s Day Greetings and Projects!

Yes, I’m writing this a bit early so that you have plenty of time to print these fun vintage Valentines to make your own Valentines to share with family, friends and neighbors.


Happy Valentines Day Owl from Kaye Swain REALTOR in Roseville CA


Happy Valentine's Day from Kaye Swain Roseville California REALTOR


If you’d like more ideas for making your own homemade Valentines to share with your family, friends and Roseville, CA neighbors, along with cute home and table decor, pop on over to my Pinterest board, Valentine Joys for Valentine’s Day.

And as a Valentine gift from me to you, here are some practical and WISE words of advice (yes the pun with the owl was definitely intended 🙂 ) to help you with your home and yard as we continue on through winter, looking forward to spring.

Beat the Winter Blahs

  • Have fun being creative – Like making home made Valentines. 🙂
  • Give a room a bright new look – If your house is contributing to your blahs, supercharge a room or two with Valentine home decor. Or perhaps you’d prefer summery decorative elements. Throwing a fresh coat of paint in your favorite shade on the walls, or adding bunches of fresh daffodils, tulips, or maybe even roses, possibly candles, or accessories from favorite vacations will warm your heart as well as your room. (If you are thinking of moving soon, I would personally recommend using Navajo White or another off-white shade for the fresh paint. It is a perennial “best bet” when selling your home.)
  • Declutter – Here in California, we aren’t stuck inside as much as some of my grandkids back east are. But cool winter weather does keep us in more than the summer time. This is a great time to take advantage of that indoor time to organize closets, clean out the fridge, and purge old files. Most people report that having a handle on their household clutter actually increases their peace of mind and happiness.
  • Garden Glories. One of the things my senior mom and I LOVE about Roseville, CA is year-round gardening joys. And Farmer Fred always is always a great resource to help us with Sacramento/Roseville specific gardening issues. Click here for his January garden chore list.
  • Rose Bliss – On those glorious winter days that make us SO glad we DO live in California, be sure to get out and enjoy the fresh air while pruning your roses. Here’s an interesting video with some tips to speed the process up! And click here for Baldo Villegas’ cheat sheet for rose care. 🙂

Have a lovely California Winter and a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day from Kaye Swain REALTOR in Roseville CA


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