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Monday, January 16, is Martin Luther King Day!

Great quote by Martin Luther King to share with our kids and grandkids


Just wanted to let y’all know that I am sharing holidays news in Roseville CA area centered around Martin Luther King Day! Many government and business offices will be closed on Monday to celebrate the memory and accomplishments of Martin Luther King. I did some checking and some places were better than others at sharing but I did discover that:

  • Many offices in Sacramento will be closed
  • Citrus Heights City Hall is closed
  • Lincoln CA government offices are closed
  • Here is a flyer with Roseville’s closures
City of Roseville CA closures for Martin Luther King Day 2023
City of Roseville CA closures for Martin Luther King Day 2023


If you are going to any government offices and/or out to any businesses (not stores – they are usually open) – I would give them a buzz if you’d rather not get there and find them closed. 😊

Water in Roseville

I don’t know about y’all, but I LOVE water and am  VERY SENSITIVE TO ITS TASTES. The last week or so I’ve noticed an odd taste to it but figured it had something to do with all the rain so just been sticking to water bottles. Thanks to a sweet friend, I now have the answer via ABC10 news – it IS from the rain, and all the leaves, etc. being added to the water, leading to extra chemicals being added. Bottom line – it is safe, but tastes and maybe smells differently. Funnily enough, she noticed the smell and not the taste. Whereas I usually have a very sensitive nose, but never noticed the smell of it. 😆 Go figure!  If you do have any questions or issues though, you can call the City of Roseville Environmental Utilities at  (916) 774-5750.

Gardening News in Roseville CA Area

Are you wondering what seeds you can start in January in our Roseville area? Here are a few,  including my sweet mom’s fave –  tomatoes – but also some unusual options that might be interesting.

For all of you in or close to Citrus Heights, Green Acres is having an Extraordinary Houseplant Event at their Citrus Heights location at the end of this month on Saturday, January 28, from 8am – 4pm – 6128 San Juan Avenue, Citrus Heights, CA 95610


Keeping Our Area Cities Beautiful

Speaking of Citrus Heights – Cool news for them!  The City of Citrus Heights is taking big steps to beautify our community and create a comprehensive toolbox to achieve a new level of community cleanliness and pride. They have a cool new truck with a city Beautification Crew that picked up 2.2 tons of trash and debris in the first week of operation!  Check it out!

Helpful Tech News

YIKES – SCAM NEWS in Roseville CA Area!

1. Yet ANOTHER scam (or two) being warned about in our Roseville CA area – KCRA has all the info for us on a video on their website – so if you have received a letter from “social security” about suspending your number, don’t panic, just click here!
Local Sacramento News Station KCRA shares about Fake Social Security letter
Local Sacramento News Station KCRA shares about Fake Social Security letter
2. Plus – I have no specifics, but I’m hearing that, with all the rain and storms – (and just in general, sadly), there are lots of scammers and spammers offering to do work but not always following thru – you can find some great tips for us all at the California Contractors’ State License Board, including their link to check the licenses of someone you are thinking of hiring. I would also check Yelp but I always recommend that you read ALL the reviews and take some with grain of salt 😉

Organizing Our Roseville Area Homes

Are you looking for help to get your Roseville area home organized? Here’s a great website I love – though I am the first to admit, my great real estate clients (and adorable grandkids) keep me so busy, I rarely do this. Home Storage Solutions has a wonderful site with all SORTS of great organizing tips. My favorite is her annual calendar. You can get each month’s issue for free just by visiting OR even easier, subscribe FOR FREE to her site and she’ll send you the whole year’s worth of calendars – that are set up to help you get your whole house organized in just 15 minutes a day! 😀  Just click here to give it a try! (She has paid options as well, that I have never used. But one of these days, I am REALLY going to get GOOD at this calendar – REALLY!  😂😂😂

Bottom Line for Holiday News In Roseville CA Area and More!

The big “Holidays” may be over but we still have lots of fun holidays throughout the year including this month with our holiday news in Roseville CA area focusing on Martin Luther King Day – so don’t forget to plan for that on Monday.  In the meantime, stay safe, stay dry, have fun in your Roseville area home or garden, and be sure to also check out my other blog, with more interesting news for our city of Roseville and our immediate area including Lincoln, Rocklin, and Citrus Heights. Also, be sure to sign up for my free newsletter that alerts you to when I update either or both blogs and where I share Roseville and Sacramento area updates, fun events, holiday happenings, real estate market info, and more. Just click here.  Now I’m off to make good use of my home storage calendar and get some organizing gone while I avoid the rain that’s back! 😀

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