When is a Home Community In Roseville CA But Not In Roseville CA?!?!?!

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Have you ever heard of WoodBridge Ranch? I have been a part of the lovely community of Roseville CA since 1994 and I had never heard of it. Come to find out, it’s a gorgeous, master-planned community that is in East Roseville. Well, actually it’s in Orangevale. No Roseville. No, Orangevale. ?!?!?!?

It is actually in BOTH. Part of the WoodBridge community has a Placer County address and part of it is in Sacramento County. And all of it is in a lovely gated retreat full of beautiful trees, flowers, 2 lakes with a catch and release fishing option, walking trails, horse trails (as I understand it, about 1/2 of the homes are zoned for a horse), creeks (though I hear they are a tad low in the summer with the drought, as most of our area creeks are) and so much more.

It is in the far east end of Roseville right “next door” to Woodridge Creek, Ashley Woods, Lexington Greens, and Eastridge right off Old Auburn Road and Sierra College / Hazel. It’s two big blocks away from Johnson Ranch (now that one I knew 🙂 ) and a whopping 4 small blocks from Granite Bay (another one I’m VERY familiar with).

While visiting there this week, I enjoyed driving through and seeing the wide range of home styles found in this lovely community. From great-looking classic single story ranchers that are perfect for boomers and seniors who are looking for good aging in place options to 2 story traditional-style homes to a handful of what I would call mansions. It was a beautiful and peaceful drive along quiet streets with their own private security and security guards where every home seemed to have its own lovely forests and gardens.

East Roseville is a delight. Granite Bay is known for it’s seclusion and luxury. And the WoodBridge Ranch home community has both of these and thensome. And the nice thing is, you get all of that, without the Granite Bay price tag. A sweet treat, for sure, right here in Roseville California. Orangevale, CA. Roseville AND Orangevale, CA!   🙂

P.S. Just so no further confusion ensues, this WoodBridge Ranch Community is not the WoodBridge in Folsom OR Sacramento. I’m guessing some or all of these may hearken back to some great people from the days of yore – Mr. and Mrs. Woodbridge, who left a great legacy in a variety of ways? But I’m just guessing on that one. It’s definitely a popular name, though. 🙂

P. P.S. According to the MLS, homes don’t go for sale there very often. It’s such a lovely community, I can understand why. But guess what! It’s spring. Summer is on its way. And there’s currently, at the moment I’m typing this, one home for sale. And who knows, more may be coming? Interested? Keep your eyes here. Or feel free to give me a call or send me a text or an email and if I hear more, I’ll be glad to let you know.  657-229-KAYE or Kaye@KayeSwain.com or click here for to search the MLS for homes for sale in the WoodBridge Ranch community in Roseville AND Orangevale, CA.

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