Fun AND Practical Home Decor Ideas in Roseville CA

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New Construction Model Home Fun

New Construction Model homes are such fun to visit, aren’t they? We have enjoyed visiting them in the past, even when we weren’t house-hunting. They are a great source of both fun and practical home decor ideas.

Aging in Place and Multigenerational Options

Here in Roseville, CA we have many MANY new construction home sites and model homes abound. Once again, I enjoyed visiting three new ones in the past couple of weeks. It’s always good for me to preview homes to get a feel for what is available in our area. Whenever I go, I especially check for good aging in place options, multigenerational options, and /or good homes for first time home buyers. Like showers on the first floor for elderly seniors (did you spot my “selfie reflection?” 🙂

Those are all wonderful options for my own Sandwich Generation family of senior parents and grandkids. 🙂 And it works out well, as I really enjoy working with boomers and seniors as well as first time home buyers. I’m happy to report that all three sets of model homes did include great options for both aging in place, including at least one or more models with a bathroom on the first floor or a single story.

There were also some exciting opportunities for multigenerational needs including a model or two with private entrances and separate living areas. Very cool and eminently practical. Particularly when you consider the “silver tsunami” our country is experiencing, due to the entrance of so many baby boomers to senior citizen status.

Fun Dog and Granddog Home Decor Ideas

In addition, I spotted some fun dog (and granddog) home decor ideas I really liked and wanted to share with you. Isn’t this a cute dog food/water/cleaning setup?

Such an adorable storage box…

Oh my gracious – I know more than a couple of people who would love this dog pillow!

And check out this cute dog painting…

But for my house, I’d want a fun photo of one of my granddogs – something like this…

Getting Serious About New Construction Homes

On a more serious note, though, if you are interested in diving into homeownership and looking at new home construction models to put to good practice all your lovely home decor ideas, I highly recommend going with your own REALTOR. That way, the agents in the models can fully focus on their client (the builder) while your agent can fully focus on YOU. I have always recommended this, even before I became a real estate agent – and that’s what I did when I bought a brand new home a few years back. Of course, I would LOVE if you gave me a call so I can help you with your real estate needs (or refer you to a good REALTOR). But even if you work with someone else, I really think this is an important step to take. 🙂



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