Where Can I Find Good Home Owners Insurance California Has To Offer?

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Home Owners Insurance California

best homeowners insurance california

As I mentioned in the title,ย  Are you asking “Where can I find good home owners insurance California has to offer?” Guess what! You are not alone! Ever since the newspapers and TV news started announcing that State Farm and Allstate home owners insurance in California have quit writing home owners insurance policies in California, home owners AND home buyers have started worrying!

In The News!

Here are a couple of articles on the topic:

Happily, it appears that State Farm is keeping their current customers. But I don’t know if that includes if they move and buy a new house.ย  And I read that someone had “heard” that Allstate was doing the same. If you have Allstate, I’d recommend calling to confirm that.

Not JUST Homes!

Is your Car Insurance Company in California sticking around

Not only that! It appears that this is NOT JUST home insurance California is dealing with!ย  Click here to check out an article from JANUARY about car insurance – that I just spotted while working on this article!

How To Find Good Home Owners Insurance California Has To Offer?

As soon as you get in escrow get going on tracking down your best options for homeowners policies

For those who may be losing their home owners insurance or are moving, start researching right away! Ask your current insurance brokers’ California agent for suggestions if they are closing up. Also, homeowner insurance brokers may be well worth checking into.ย  They deal with a variety of companies which may well save you time and maybe even some money. If you are on a neighborhood Facebook page, that can be a handy resource to see what insurance companies your neighbors are happy with.

Yelp has various insurance brokers – some with individual companies who are no longer writing policies, so be sure to avoid those; some with individual companies who are still writing policies (I believe that includes Farmer’s Insurance); and some for insurance brokers who work with a variety of insurance companies.)

Thanks to an awesome client, great friend AND newsletter reader, I have even more resources to add:

For my part, I am working to compile a list of recommendations from my past real estate clients, neighbors, etc., for my real estate clients going forward, as I imagine many other REALTORS are doing, to help our clients find good home owners insurance California! (If you’d like to see the list, just email me at KayeSwainRE@gmail.com)


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