Interesting News for Roseville CA Area Including Lincoln and Citrus Heights

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One of the BIG Changes for our Roseville Area

Of course, the biggest news for Roseville CA area is that TOMORROW is New Year’s Eve 2023 AND the next day is NEW YEAR’s DAY 2024. Another bittersweet change – the Christmas trees are coming down. But one thing that isn’t changing, the Roseville BOY SCOUTS are picking up all the trees put out at the curb in Roseville (not sure about other areas but keep reading for other options). So here’s the full scoop for Roseville:

Boy Scouts will pick up your tree in Roseville CA

And per a Roseville boy scout mom – They do drive all of Roseville, (BUT I don’t know if that means they split the area in half. In which case, they might have come by your area already. However, if they don’t pick up by 2pm you can call them at their number 916-741-0391. )  You can leave your donation under your mat in an envelope OR you can scan the above code with the word DONATE below it (I just tried it and it worked for me) BUT in case you don’t know how to do that or if it doesn’t work for you – here’s the code I got – you should be able to just click on it 😊


ALSO here is the scoop from the City of Roseville for even more options

We’ll give your used Christmas tree new life by recycling it into compost or wood chips. There are easy ways to recycle your tree. The best way to dispose of your Christmas tree is to place unflocked trees in your green waste bin. Remove all branches and cut the trunk into sizes small enough to fit within the bin. Make sure the tree fits completely within the bin with the lid closed. This is the most cost effective disposal solution which reduces city costs and helps keep your utility rates low.

Take unflocked trees to one of the City’s Christmas tree drop-off sites anytime after December 26, 2023 through January 7, 2024. Drop off at:

  • Maidu Park – 1550 Maidu Drive
  • Mahany Park – 1545 Pleasant Grove, Roseville (The exact location is west of the library and the sports complex, on the backside of the softball fields in the dog park parking lot.)
  • Saugstad Park – 100 Buljan Drive, Roseville
  • As a community service and fundraiser, Roseville Boy Scouts of America troops will pick up Christmas trees throughout the city. For more information about pick up dates, visit the Roseville Boy Scout’s Christmas Tree pick up webpage.

Simply place your tree at the curb before 9:00 a.m. Donations (in the form of cash or preferably check made out to the Boy Scouts of America) are appreciated to help fund Boy Scout Summer Camp costs. If you do make a donation, please place the check in any envelope labeled “BSA Tree Pickup” and tape it to your front door.

After the dates listed above, Roseville residents can dispose of their trees at the Western Regional Landfill (3033 Fiddyment Road). For hours, rates and directions visit


Here is even more info that includes Rocklin, Lincoln, Granite Bay, and more. Click here.


Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Christmas Tree Recycle news for Roseville CA area including Sacramento Citrus Heights Lincoln Rocklin Granite Bay and more

Interesting Changes for our Roseville CA Area

I love what a great resource the Sacramento Business Journal is – and I am always looking extra hard at anything dealing with Roseville. With the holidays, I’ve gotten a bit behind, so it was really fun to check out their site today and I definitely have some interesting news for Roseville CA area for us.

We have some new restaurant and other business news for Roseville area including:

Restaurant News In Roseville CA Area

Rose Park Bistro is bringing their modern California cuisine to the Fountains in Roseville CA. I have to say, it’s the Starters on their menu that got my attention – to be specific, the oven-roasted prawns in creamy garlic sauce sounds delish!

If Mediterranean food such as Greek and Turkish options including gyros, pitas, dips, etc. is more your “thing,” you might want to check out the Jayna Gyro which recently opened in Roseville at 1132 Galleria – in the Ridge at Creekside center. They should be next to Ike’s Love & Sandwiches, which I wrote about last January.  AND they told me they ARE open on New Year’s Eve AND New Year’s Day!  The Dip Trio on their menu looks yummy! They have a few different locations. The video below is for their Sacramento location, but hopefully the food will be similar to Roseville’s. If you go there before me, let me know.

Some sad restaurant news for both Roseville and Citrus Heights, I’m afraid. The Maneki sushi restaurant at 1902 Taylor Road  has closed. I remember eating there when it was the Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks.

Also some GOOD restaurant news for Citrus Heights – Hibachi Buffet is now open in Citrus Heights at 5623 Sunrise Blvd., and the reviews I spotted for it are GOOD. You can find it in the location that used to be the China Buffet.

Also Boston’s Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bar in Citrus Heights has officially closed at 5511 Sunrise Blvd.  AND I had read that they were opening one in Roseville earlier this year but it doesn’t look like that ever happened. However, it was mentioned again in the Sacramento Business Journal in November of this year, so maybe it’s still coming? If I hear more, I’ll update it here. AND if you hear? Do let us know – leave a comment below or email me at 😊

A couple more recently opened eating spots that I spotted include The Grove Coffee House at 9260 Sierra College Blvd., Suite 100, Roseville. It appears their coffee is awesome and their sandwiches look good too!

Also Uncle Dumpling at 1485 Eureka Road, Suite 150, Roseville.  Check out these videos about it! Yummmm.

And here’s the REST of the story…

I was picking up an order at El Azteca and noticed Rite Aid is closed and almost all empty. So sad to see it go. Once they are done with all their bankruptcy closures, they only expect to have one store left in Roseville. Happily, of course, we also have CVS.

Business News In Our Roseville CA Area

Psycho Bunny recently came to the Westfield Galleria at Roseville California. And soon, there will be a new women’s retail shop – Amour Vert. They will be selling various clothing and accessories and, as they describe their items, they “combine Parisian sophistication with Northern California ease.” It’s expected that they will open on their shop on the ground floor in spring of 2024. (It’s a pity they aren’t open already – they are having 50-70% off clearance sales right now. 😊 I do LOVE stores that do that – don’t you? I also appreciate another of their policies that I discovered when I found their Amazon page – click this aff link to see it.

Amour Vert Tree Planing Policy
Amour Vert Tree Planing Policy – isn’t that COOL!


According to the article, there will be a few more new businesses coming to the Galleria to join Amour Vert and Psycho Bunny which opened there recently as well. Q1227 Restaurant, which I wrote about previously, is still planning to move there, along with  Aritzia, Gorjana, and more.

Sharif Fine Jewelers has finished its new building and they expect to move into and open soon at 1251 Roseville Parkway next to the Ridge at Creekside shopping center. That puts them directly across the street from the Galleria. (Did you know they are the official jeweler for the Sacramento Kings? )

One more interesting change! This is coming to a closed Wells Fargo bank building in Roseville at 5007 Foothills Blvd. where you can also find family faves like Family Fitness, Burger King, and Original Pete’s Pizza.  It’s being remodeled into a health care facility.  This will become an urgent care center that will be owned and operated by the owners of Lincoln Urgent Care and Granite Bay Urgent Care. According to one of the owners,  Dr. Eric Ellis,  “We are a little different from other urgent cares, in that we are more set up like a mini emergency room. We fill a particular niche and our patients have really responded to our Lincoln and Granite Bay locations.” That sounds like a great option for many.

Here’s a video from a fave YouTuber of mine sharing about Lincoln Urgent Care with an interesting update about their practice AND good news for Kaiser patients as well. And YES! I called and they do, indeed, accept Kaiser patients.  Another great option from Kaiser via this terrific-sounding Urgent Care. I’m definitely looking forward to it opening in Roseville. And such a handy location for many in Central and West Roseville – both 95747 and 95678 Roseville.

Golf Cart News For Sun City Lincoln CA

While researching the business news for this article, I came upon another interesting news tidbit from Retired Sockmonkey in Lincoln regarding golf cart and NEV laws in Lincoln.  I shared about this topic a. bit a few months ago at Great Drought News and Fun Things to Do in Roseville CA and the Surrounding Area He shared some new updates and interesting info, and generated quite the discussion at If you are thinking about any of these options, I would recommend checking out both the video and the discussion, along with the Roseville and Lincoln rules on golf carts and NEVs that I shared here, before making your decisions. And for inquiring minds, I agree with him. It isn’t worth it to take chances with not having the right insurance coverage. 

Bottom Line for this week’s interesting news for Roseville CA including Lincoln and Citrus Heights!

There is definitely some interesting news and info for us to end 2023 with! And there’s more to come next week as we start on 2024. Have a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR and a GREAT WEEK to come!

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