Intriguing Things to Do in Roseville CA

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My senior mom and I just returned from a doctor’s appointment. I had to write and share some of the yummy AND intriguing things to do in Roseville CA that we spotted while out.

Intriguing things to do in Roseville CA at Del Taco

Yummy was at Del Taco on Douglas Blvd. off Sunrise! We had my fave – a green burrito with the addition of lettuce, tomato, and two avocado slices. Delish! While there, I spotted this sign that you can sort of see in the photo above. I saw it last time I was there too. Then it was to highlight their fresh avocados. Today it was to highlight their fresh limes. Very cool! Especially in this day and age of mass production at the expense of flavor. Kudos to Del Taco and hooray that we have one right here in Roseville!

And heads up to those driving in that area. I noticed that Sierra Gardens was totally closed off and there is NO ROAD there – well, no topping anyway. So if you have any business over there, call first to discuss the best way to approach the office you might need to go to!

After Del Taco, we headed over to Vernon Street to the post office. From there I could see this intriguing crane over the trees.

Intriguing things to do in Roseville CA from the old post office on Vernon


Then we took the circle around to go under the train bridge heading over to West Roseville. Therein lay the full view of the intriguing things to do and see in Roseville CA today. They have about three BIG cranes working on the bridges from the old fire station across Dry Creek to Royer Park! Very cool to see.

Intriguing things to do in Roseville CA 0

SO COOL, in fact, that it had drawn out TONS of people to watch. In fact, over at the new parking garage  I noticed it was FULL of people watching, photographing, and even waving at all the intriguing and interesting happenings with the construction team working on this project.

AND a quick check of the Roseville City website yielded this intriguing info:

Heavy machinery will move into downtown Roseville tomorrow morning, Friday, September 14 starting at 6 a.m. Please prepare for periodic lane closures on the streets surrounding and leading to the Civic Center, Fire Station 1, and the parking garages while a 550-ton crane and other equipment are moved into position. No significant traffic delays are expected. Crews will move the historic Ice House Bridge from its current position over Dry Creek into the parking lot on Oak Street, across from the Oak Street Parking Garage. This is a critical step to refurbish and reposition the bridge as part of the Downtown Bridges and Trails Project. In the bridge’s final location, it will connect two trail segments across Dry Creek—making the final connection in a continuous 6-mile trail from Sierra College Boulevard to Darling Way. Please contact Public Works – Engineering at (916) 746-1300 or with questions.

A very interesting trip home from the doctor’s office in Roseville for my sweet senior mom and myself, I must say. And perhaps it has sparked an idea for a quick trip downtown (carefully) to see this intriguing site as well – definitely an interesting thing to do in Roseville CA if you hurry!  🙂


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