KCRA A-List Is Now Sacramento City Voter – A Terrific Resource

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KCRA A-List is Now The Sacramento A-List!

Once upon a time there was a great resource called the KCRA A-List or KCRA City Voter or KCRA CityVoter or even KCRA List. It was an annual opportunity for people to vote for their fave businesses and biz people all over the greater Sacramento Valley. And guess what! It still exists and it’s still a great resource. It just has changed its name to the Sacramento A-List by City Voter. It’s also known as the Sacramento City Voter or the Sacramento List as well as SacramentoAlist on Twitter and SacAList on Facebook. (Whew! That’s a LOT of names! 😉 )

Roseville California Joys Blog is a Nominee

And guess what else? Kaye Swain (yup, that’s me 😉 ) is a nominee for best local blogger, with Roseville California Joys for the Sacramento City Voter A-List!  I’d so appreciate it ON MARCH 12 (or later) if you’d spend a few seconds, pop over to my page, register and vote for me. 🙂 And to all who have voted for me in the past – THANK YOU!!! 🙂  🙂  🙂

More Great Biz on Sacramento City Voter

And while you’re there, take a stroll through some of the other great places listed on the Sacramento City Voter A-List (formerly KCRA A-List) and vote for your favorites! Some of my votes went to:

Hurry and VOTE

The Sacramento City Voter A-List voting goes FAST. Nominations are going on right now. Voting starts March 12 at 8am. Come April 23, 2018, it will be closed. BUT the results will be up all year round. It’s a great place to go when you’re wondering, “what are the best museums to take the kids or grandkids too?” or “where can I find the best burgers or donuts” or “where can I find a great 9 hole golf course” not to mention “where I can get info about 55+ senior retirement communities in Roseville.”  And YES! You will find places in all the cities around Sacramento – including Sacramento itself, Roseville, Rocklin, Citrus Heights, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Folsom, Auburn, and more!

I regularly recommend this as a resource to my real estate clients moving here from out of the area. (Did you know I also have a real estate blog with even more great info – KayeSwain.com). I also often use the Sacramento City Voter A-List myself and find it a great resource even for those of us who have lived here for decades. It’s been “crowd-sourcing” since before that was a word OR a TV show. 🙂


So definitely bookmark Sacramento City Voter for those times you are looking for the best…what-ever. And be sure to vote for all your faves so they’ll get even more business, become even more popular, and not disappear like some of our faves have done (sniff…I love Barnes and Noble! But I still miss Borders! 😉 ).

And FOR SURE vote for Roseville California Joys and moi, Kaye Swain, as the best blog and blogger in the Greater Sacramento Valley, Roseville area.  🙂  I would definitely and PAWS-itively appreciate it! And my Roseville granddog would be woofing happily all day long along with his cousins who live elsewhere. No that cutie above isn’t my granddog though he could be a twin for two of my adorable grandpooches. He is a cute pooch, isn’t he! 🙂


Have a great week y’all. And THANK YOU!!!!

P.S. What’s YOUR fave biz on their list? We’d love to hear.

P.P.S. Sadly, it looks like this contest has ended. But keep a look out at the local magazines as they often run contests about favorite businesses – a big help for us all.

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