Living In West Roseville CA With Critters

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From Southern California to West Roseville

My family moved from Southern California to West Roseville CA around 1994. Back then West Roseville only went out about to the Autumn Oaks Apartments and Foothill Tennis Apartments (now called Allegria At Roseville Apartments).

West Roseville Memories

We bought a home in West Roseville where our bathroom overlooked a field with cows! I loved the sweet hint of country living that accompanied the great advantages of city living like good stores, restaurants, medical options, etc. The Woodcreek Oaks neighborhood was still quite new – at least the neighborhood of homes by JTS builders was (we had friends who lived there 😉 ).  And Sun City must have been in the planning stages as they just this year (2016) celebrated their 20th anniversary! I’d still be in that home but the cows moved and we realized we needed a single story or a home with a bedroom and a bathroom downstairs. But I do miss those cows.

West Roseville Goats and Other Fun Critters

Things have definitely changed over the years! I love that we can still enjoy that country feeling, though you’re probably living in homes further over in West Roseville such as in the Westpark or Fiddyment Farm neighborhoods if you have cows nearby. Or perhaps over near the Morgan Creek Country Club. But our beloved Roseville goats continue to wander around in a variety of areas including West Roseville, munching on grass and delighting nearby residents – young and old!

Thanks to our lovely nature preserves, we can enjoy delightful walks, runs, and bike rides throughout the city along the beautiful walking trails. But, when you’re walking, running, or biking do be alert. With a little bit of country can come a little bit of country critters! And that’s true for all of Roseville, not just West Roseville. My sweet turkeys are still marching around – the adults (pink arrow) were strutting around one of our local golf courses the other day. And last week, I spotted a mom, dad, and baby turkeys (where black arrows are pointing) – so cute!

Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent shares turkey smiles West Roseville golf course

Not Such Cute Critters

Along with cute and cuddly, however, comes not so cute and cuddly – like skunks, squirrels, rattlesnakes, coyotes (spotted this year), and mountain lions (spotted last year). To learn more about each critter, click each name to go to a page with info about them. Plus here are some other useful sites with info about some of these interesting, albeit disconcerting, critters, just in case…

Another “critter” that is of special concern to us in Roseville, from West Roseville to East Roseville and all around the Sacramento valley- as well as the whole world this year – is the mosquito! The normal garden-variety mosquito is bad enough. For years, Placer County has been spraying to help stave off West Nile Virus. In fact, they just did a spraying in West Roseville – in the Westpark, Fiddyment Farm area.

But this year, there is also a major concern about the Zika virus! According to the Placer Mosquito & Vector Control District, they are monitoring the Zika mosquito activity closely. Currently it is mostly in Southern California. However, according to the California Department of Public Health, there have been some found in Northern California cities including 5 in Alameda, 4 in Contra Costa, 1 in Napa, 2 in San Francisco, 2 in Yolo, and others. Their list is updated weekly and you can find it by CLICKING HERE. KQED has a good article on the Zika mosquito too.

You’ll be happy to hear that our Placer Mosquito & Vector Control District, as well as others in the state, are researching, planning, and preparing to fight it if and when it becomes necessary. Sadly, scientists are discovering it is an extremely hardy critter. Happily, it’s not fond of our normal California weather so that may be a big help over the next few years. We definitely hope and pray they will find a way to stop these bugs SOON!

At an RCONA (Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations) meeting recently, the Placer Mosquito & Vector Control District’s Public Information Officer shared that they plan to attend as many outdoor city and community events as possible, like Movies in the Park, National Night Out, etc., to give away a variety of free bug repellent towelettes. Their goal is to give all of us a chance to “test drive” different brands. Isn’t that a cool idea! 🙂 Click here for a link to the two flyers she shared, with more information about mosquitoes in general – something we all need to be proactive at working against.

Some other steps we can take to battle these bugs include “thinking green.” As in, adding more mosquito repellant plants around our Roseville homes. Did you know that mosquitoes don’t like plants like Rosemary? That’s one of my fave ground cover plants. It smells good, looks nice, and it’s great in cooking. Talk about a practical plant! BUT do be cautious when buying Rosemary. According to Canidae (manufacturer of my sweet granddog’s fave dog food), in their article, “Garden Plants that Help Fight Fleas” (and Mosquitoes), “Rosemary is also a member of the mint family. Be careful when planting Rosemary, however. You want to make sure to get the herb plant, which is safe for pets and not Rosemary Pea or Rosemary Bog because they are toxic for dogs and cats.” That was certainly news to me! How about you?

There are several other plants that repel mosquitoes. Green Acres Nursery suggests Lemon Thyme, Lime Basil, and Catnip. More practical plants and my grand-cat would definitely LOVE that catnip! Also, Thyme, Catmint, and Cedars.

Love Living In Roseville CA!

Yes, here in Roseville CA we do enjoy cute critters and less-than-cute critters.  But isn’t it nice to know that we have great people in Roseville, in Placer County, and in our sweet state of California who are working hard to help us be safer and more proactive in needed areas! So we can keep enjoying the lovely walking trails from West Roseville to East Roseville and all in between! As I said earlier, we moved here in 1994. We loved it then and we love it even more now! With all the the cute AND not-so-cute critters. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Living In West Roseville CA With Critters”

  1. So happy to hear that about rosemary. I like them and I need to plant more. I have a lemon grass and I heard mosquitoes don’t like them either. So nice that you have a part country where you live….Christine

  2. Kaye,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for supporting my new blog!! Thanks for sharing where you live with us!! I really enjoyed this post!!


  3. I’m a country girl at heart, born in the country but raised in the city. Would love to live in a farm community some day. All the critters are fine BUT not snakes or mosquitoes. The baby goats are adorable for sure.

  4. You’re very welcome Debbie. And thank you for popping by and your sweet comments. Have a blessed and beautiful week!


  5. Awwww Ann, the farm community is, indeed, sweet! My grandkids are blessed by two different ones. 🙂 And I have to admit, I’m right there with you on the snakes and mosquitoes. As for the goats, I’m TOTALLY enamored by them. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a blessed week!


  6. I think I would fit right in where you live!! OMG..I love the great spots you have for your outdoor activities and “critter spotting”!! (Only want to see the good ones, of course!)

    That’s so awesome to know about the mosquito repelling plants you shared!! Plus, I didn’t know rosemary could be a ground cover!!

    Great post!! Happy Pink Saturday.

    Oh and HIGH FIVES for volunteering at your local july 4th 5K….and for walking 2 mi every day!! Moving is moving is moving is moving!!


  7. Thank you for the HIGH FIVES, Dana – and you are so right! Moving is VITAL (tho today, after a week of moving non-stop with 9 adorable 1st graders for VBS, I’m not moving so fast. But soon… 😉
    Thanks for your sweet visit. Have a blessed and beautiful holiday weekend!


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