Local News Roseville CA Area – Upcoming Changes and Exciting Additions and Puppy Day

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Exciting Changes and Other Local News Roseville CA Area Is Enjoying! 

Trader Joe’s

When I am researching for interesting local news Roseville CA area, I think the one thing people on the West side of Roseville have wanted the most is a Trader Joe’s closer to us. Well, there are a lot of happy campers  now as I just shared yesterday and now, again, today, that Trader Joes may be coming to the West Side of Roseville. Officially it is planned to be in Central Roseville,  in the Big Lots shopping center – 95678 zip code. That will be oh so handy whether you shop at Walmart and Sam’s Club like me or Costco like some of my sweet friends!

My grandkids and I LOVE their tortellini and it looks like they still have it - hooray
My grandkids and I LOVE their tortellini and it looks like they still have it – hooray

AND even though it’s not officially in West Roseville,  it’s a LOT closer than the one on Harding and Douglas – about 10 minutes instead of 20 minutes from Sun City Roseville CA. VERY COOL! It’s not official yet BUT it has been confirmed that Trader Joe’s is definitely in the process. Time will tell if everything works out. As I tell my real estate clients, it’s never for sure til it’s in concrete. (Or you are moving in 😄).

Babies R Us

I REALLY miss Toys R Us. And to a lesser extent (as my grandkids have mostly outgrown it), Babies R Us. I can’t help with the Toys R Us BUT I do have good news regarding Babies R Us –  According to California Patch, “Babies ‘R’ Us is returning inside Kohl’s department stores. That’s happy news, I think – especially since Kohl’s is one of my favorite stores as I love their clothes AND their great sales!

Home Insurance Hope

California Department of Insurance proposes change to companies’ rate-setting process. Many California homeowners , including real estate buyers, are struggling to find affordable insurance. That makes for NOT great local news Roseville CA and beyond! The California Dept. of Insurance proposed a rule this week to try and help alleviate that. Click here to read the article and watch the video. Also, as mentioned in the video, click here to read and comment on the newly proposed CA Insurance Dept. regulation.

Meals On Wheels in Citrus Heights

Great news for some boomers and seniors in Citrus Heights. –  The city of Citrus Heights has partnered with  Sunrise Recreation and Parks District Partner to Relaunch Meals on Wheels. Meals on Wheels will provide hot meals to local senior citizens on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. The program will start by serving 20 meals daily and up to 60 meals weekly. Through Meals on Wheels, a registered dietitian plans and prepares meals, providing nutritionally sound means that enable seniors to maintain their independence. Meals are delivered by staff and volunteers who provide daily social contact and monthly nutrition information and are a resource for community services. Click here for full details.

You Are Invited!

Bayside Blue Oaks Easter Services in Roseville CA



Friday, March 29
6:00pm – includes Kids Program (8 weeks – Kindergarten)


Sunday, March 31
6:30 am – Sunrise Service in the Park
8:30am* – includes *Kids Program (8 weeks – 5th grade)
10:30am* – includes *Kids Program (8 weeks – 5th grade)
12:30pm* – includes *Kids Program (8 weeks – 5th grade)

Mosquito Mayhem

LOTS of Mosquitos This Year!

Aedes Sierrensis otherwise known as the western treehole mosquito otherwise known as nasty mosquito
Aedes Sierrensis otherwise known as the western treehole mosquito otherwise known as nasty mosquito! 😀

Yikes! Another thing I’m running into when I’m out scouting local news Roseville CA area, is lots of comments and concerns shared on Facebook regarding the massive mosquitoes this year. I’m personally guessing it’s from all the wonderful rain, though I could be wrong. And I’m so grateful we’re out of the drought but I do sympathize as my poor little local grandkids are being nibbled on a LOT! (My kids installed one of those great easy-open/close magnetic screen doors and that has helped some.)

Great Newsletter From Placer Mosquito and Vector Control  District

Did you know you can subscribe to a newsletter from the Placer Mosquito and Vector Control  District that is always full of interesting tips and info? Here is this month’s as an example:

“Mosquito activity persists! Although the number of public service requests has decreased, we continue to receive questions and comments about mosquito activity this spring. Although Anopheles freeboorni, the rice field mosquito, has been most active this early spring, the Western Treehole mosquito, Aedes sierrensis, will become more abundant in some areas. Like the rice field mosquito, this mosquito species does not spread disease to people however, it can transmit dog heartworm. Talk to your vet about effective heartworm prevention and use EPA-registered mosquito repellent to prevent mosquito bites on people. Read more about the Western Treehole mosquito on our website. We will continue to keep you updated this spring on mosquito activity.

We have received a lot of questions about why we are not aerial spraying right now. Traditional mosquito control tools, like aerial treatments, are used for treating mosquitoes when disease is present in the mosquito population. Annually, we conduct aerial treatments in the summer to target adult mosquitoes that are spreading West Nile virus. You can sign up for treatment notifications here.CLICK HERE to sign up for the newsletter.


AND if you have a pond or water trough, you might be interested in this info about mosquitofish! “It’s finally the time of year when it’s warm enough overnight for mosquitofish to survive. Mosquitofish are used as a biological control to target mosquitofish larvae. Mosquitofish are applied by our trained technicians to sites where they are likely to be successful in controlling mosquitoes and unlikely to escape into natural bodies of water. Many factors affect how well mosquitofish will work to minimize mosquitoes including the water’s condition, time of year, species of mosquito present and mosquitofish predators present. Mosquitofish generally reduce but may not eliminate mosquito larvae completely. Like other mosquito control materials, we do not give away mosquitofish directly to residents. If you are interested in mosquitofish, please submit a problem report to schedule an inspection.” Click here to submit a problem report. Looks like Amazon has them too tho I would ask the Placer people about them first.

Kids Video About Mosquitos

They even have a cute video for kids and their parents! Check it out!

Job Hunting

LOTS of government jobs available in the Roseville Rocklin Lincoln and Sacramento CA area
LOTS of government jobs available in the Roseville Rocklin Lincoln and Sacramento CA area

In the process of writing the information up about Placer Mosquito and Vector Control, I discovered they are hiring! Click here for their job opportunities.   AND, they are also looking for a summer social media intern – “We’re hiring a part-time summer social media intern to participate on our public outreach team this summer! Create engaging and creative social media and digital media content for the District! This role is active and will require some outside work when capturing photos and videos of fieldwork or filming content. Must be 18+ with a driver’s license. $18/hour. Hybrid remote flexible working schedule. ”  Doesn’t that sound interesting!!! Click here for more details about that.

They aren’t the only ones that are hiring. And because I’m seeing a lot of interest in job opportunities when out scouting local news Roseville CA area, I did a bit of a deep dive and made a list of all our area’s city and county job opportunities as they ALL have jobs available right now.







And by the way, I checked. Lincoln isn’t the only one who uses CalOpps, so try typing each city in there – not sure if it will just overlap with the other links or if there might be even more to check out. But definitely worth checking into.😊

The Eclipse is Coming…On April 8, 2024

Eclipse Info

I’m not going but some of my loved ones are. It should be interesting to hear about it from them. In the meantime, I know many are making plans to watch it safely. Though I have to confess….Personally I’m paranoid so I am NOT going to get glasses to watch the eclipse just to be safe. But I have to admit – there are some games. and activity books on Amazon that look interesting. Here’s my affiliate link if you also want to check them out. 

Eclipse Warning

As you can see, I have a lot more fun writing about eclipses than watching them. And that’s a lot safer as well. Here is an article with some sad horror stories from the previous eclipse(s), including:

“She had peeked up at the crescent sun without eyewear at first, then looked at it longer while wearing what she thought were appropriate eclipse glasses. “But the problem was she was handed glasses from someone else,” says ophthalmologist Avnish Deobhakta, so she didn’t know if the eyewear really met safety standards. Doctors found a permanent, crescent-shaped wound on her retina; there’s no treatment for that kind of injury, which is similar to the kind of light-induced damage caused by pointing a laser into the eye…”My advice is to not look at the sun, because you may not realize that it is affecting your retina. It does not hurt. It doesn’t burn at the time. It’s not as if you feel it,” says Deobhakta.” Click here to read more of the article INCLUDING a list of “vetted suppliers from The American Astronomical Society.”

Eclipse Cautions

Again, I AM PARANOID and will be avoiding ALL of that like the plague and recommend the same to one and all. BUT if you definitely want to do it MAKE SURE YOU GET SAFE ONES. But again, if they make a mistake – YOU WILL NOT KNOW TIL IT IS TOO LATE and YOU ARE THE ONE TO PAY THE PRICE! Trust me. My family has dealt with regular eye problems now for years, first with elderly parents and now my generation. IT AIN’T WORTH IT.  (Have I scared you – I’m sorry but not sorry – you can thank me later. 😁😁😁 And YES – I just sent all THIS off to my own kids. 😄 It’s my PSA – public service announcement – for the year!  😁😁😁 ) Moving on to regular programming and an interesting video…

Eclipse Video


Mahany Park Farmer’s Market

Did you get a chance to see this video about the Mahany Park Farmer’s Market in West Roseville – very interesting.

Happy Puppy Day!

One more bit of local news-Roseville CA area. We have a LOT of dog and PUPPY lovers – perfect for PUPPY DAY!

Can you tell I had fun with Puppy Day 😀😀😀😀

Happy Puppy day to you and yours as well 😀











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