LOVE Those Grand-Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Grandbaby Joys

I’m enjoying my latest grandbaby immensely. Toddlers are so much fun and he brings sweet smiles to my elderly mom and myself!

Roseville Real Estate Agent sharing senior grandparent grandkids including cute toddlers.

All my grandkids do, but he is the only one living in the area so we get to see him the most, which is a joy. And for the rest of my grand-adorables? BOY! Do I appreciate our great Sacramento international airport – Spiderbunny and all!  🙂

The Red Rabbit at Sacramento Airport makes me smile to and from Roseville California

Toddlers and Preschoolers Fun

Being involved in the toddler and preschool era again has led to some great conversations with neighbors at the various neighborhood and community gatherings I enjoy. I’ve been busy comparing notes on sleep habits, toy ideas, sick day tips, and more. And oh my! There are SO MANY cool new things for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and beyond. I LOVE my stroller that I bought used from one of the great JBF (Just Between Friends) sales.

Love taking my grand toddlers for a stroll.

I have a place for my water bottle (especially nice with the hot summer we’ve had!) I can easily check on grandbaby through the little window in the hood.

Kaye Swain REALTOR grandmother loves stroller cupholders and windows

And I can push it one-handed while taking photos or checking messages on my iphone as baby snoozes away. And oh my! He, my mom, and I get such a kick out of the walking toy we got him. Soooo cute!

My grandbaby loves his new toddler walker

Growing Up and Out

It also led me to remember that for many, the introduction of a new baby to a home, with all these cool new and old goodies, means it’s time to look for a bigger house. (Yup, as a REALTOR, I do tend to think of those things. 😉 ). I was curious how the different areas of Roseville stack up for 3 and 4 bedroom homes. I have to admit, I was surprised at the results. I figured 95747 might have the most but wow! Check it out.

3 and 4 bedroom homes for sale in Roseville

4 bedroom homes for sale in Roseville CA

  • 95661 – 42
  • 95678 – 39
  • 95747 – 117

3 bedroom homes for sale in Roseville CA

  • 95661 – 56
  • 95678 – 70
  • 95747 – 172

4 bedroom homes sold in the past year in Roseville CA

  • 95661 – 189
  • 95678 – 199
  • 95747 – 559

3 bedroom homes sold in the past year in Roseville CA

  • 95661 – 183
  • 95678 – 361
  • 95747 – 599

These numbers are somewhat approximate due to fluctuations with the MLS system. It doesn’t include most brand new homes (only a few of those ever go on the MLS) which means there are even more than is listed. They also include homes in Sun City Roseville and Del Webb’s The Club at Roseville – both of which are 55+ active adult communities.

Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean West Roseville has more homes than the other area codes (though that wouldn’t surprise me if it did). West Roseville just seems to have more buying and selling activity going on in the past year.

Still and all, I found this very interesting, indeed. How about you? Curious about those homes for sale?

4 bedroom homes for sale in Roseville 95747



4 bedroom homes for sale in Roseville 95678



4 bedroom homes for sale in Roseville 95661



3 bedroom homes for sale in Roseville 95747



3 bedroom homes for sale in Roseville 95678


3 bedroom homes for sale in Roseville 95661






[table id=2 /]



[table id=3 /]

little tikes race car toddler bed for kids grandkids

Babies and Grandbabies

Babies and grandbabies are sweet joys. And they do seem to collect all sorts of toys, clothes, beds, and stuff. Having a bigger house can definitely be a sweet joy as well. What do you think?

Kaye Swain

P.S. If you’re ready to buy or sell, we’re here to help you! We are committed to providing caring, compassionate and quality real estate services for you and your family of all ages!  🙂

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