“Hidden” Park In East Roseville, Bill Santucci Park and Mahaney Park in West Roseville CA

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Two of my grandkids came to Roseville CA to visit last week and we had a delightful time at the park together. When planning out our Roseville CA things to do I had hoped to visit a new-to-me park and I did, but not QUITE the way I thought. We had thought of Olympus Park at 2551 La Croix Dr. which is basically on Olympus near Sierra College Blvd. and Bayside Church. But someone was doing construction work there, it was a hot day, and we decided to re-visit Maidu Park at 1550 Maidu Dr., Roseville CA since we thought the wee one might enjoy the maze and the playhouse structures. When we arrived, it was quite busy. Since we had to eat our yummy Subway sandwiches first, we spied some empty tables over by the ball field.

Once we got there, we were delighted to discover a “hidden park” between two of the ball fields. It was doubly fun as my older grandchild realized she had spent many a happy evening at this particular park years ago watching a beloved play softball. How fun! The kids enjoyed playing on the little park options. Wee one and I went down the slide together and, even though it’s made primarily for younger kiddos, I’m happy to report that I didn’t bop my head on the overhang the way I have at other parks I’ve visited in other states.

She had fun climbing the mini rock climbing wall.  She treated us to a musical concert.

And both kids enjoyed sitting in a baseball mitt – giant-sized, of course. Then we headed over to the main playground and they had fun with the play structures, swings (notice the cool accessible swings for all ages), and the riding horsey.

I spotted the Veteran’s Memorial Rose Garden and asked if they would enjoy seeing and smelling the roses. Hooray, they would. So off we trooped. The roses were all quite lovely and several of them had lovely scents as well.


By this time we were REALLY hot and thirsty. Since we were so close to the library, we headed there next. What a delight! For starters – a drinking fountain! YAY! Then we discovered the kids’ section was all set up nicely with chairs, couch and toys as well as lots of interesting books.

Great for all ages including non-readers and babies with plenty of fun things do Roseville for all ages. Wee one had a great time playing with toys.

Maidu Regional Park has a library and museum in Roseville CA via Kaye Swain real estate agent

Then sat on sissy’s lap for a fun story or two. My older grandchild and I had fun remembering a reading class she and I had taken at that library MANY moons ago. When it was finally time to head for home, we’d had a wonderful time with old and new treats, enjoyed several fun old memories while creating new and delightful new memories. A definite win-win in my book, always!

And oh my goodness, even with these two fun trips to Maidu Library in Roseville, we still have barely scratched the surface of this 152 acre regional park! According to the Roseville CA website, there are:

  • a four diamond lighted softball complex
  • a five field lighted soccer complex
  • a four station batting cage
  • a regulation size lighted covered soccer arena
  • a skate park
  • one full basketball court
  • a pedestrian and bike path
  • numerous picnic areas and children’s play equipment
  • Maidu Museum
  • Maidu Library
  • Maidu Center including the Senior Center. (CLICK HERE for the latest issue of their newsletter, or pick it up at the library. 🙂 )
  • MORE…

You’ve heard of a Bird’s Eye View of an area? Here’s a “google’s eye view” of Maidu Park’s entrance.

I’m personally looking forward to cooler autumn weather and, perhaps, a walk all around this huge regional park. I’ve heard there are some lovely sights to see in the less developed area. If you’ve explored that area, we’d love to hear about it. 🙂


I discovered this sweet park, with lovely flowers throughout, while showcasing a large and lovely home for sale just down the street-ish. Santucci Park is located at 1831 Morningstar Dr. off of Fiddyment Rd.

It’s 12 acres and has:


  • play area geared for school aged children
  • covered picnic areas
  • 10 picnic tables
  • swings (belt and bucket)
  • 2 baseball/softball fields
  • 2 soccer fields
  • 2 barbeques
  • a basketball court

Here’s a snapshot via Google’s Eye View of the playground area:


Mahany Park is a 225 acre regional park located at 1545 Pleasant Grove Blvd which includes the Roseville Aquatics Complex at 3050 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. Mahany’s main entrance is on Pleasant Grove right down from Woodcreek Oaks and right across the street from the Raley’s Shopping Center. I had to return the library books my grandkids checked out last week and drove by this park so I stopped and while there, I went on a bit of a self-tour. The last time I was here was last fall for a Quilting Show and I hadn’t had time to look around much. Boy! I wish I had. I would have made sure this great center was on my to-do list with my grandkids! It’s awesome. Like Maidu, it has a library – TWO story and with a very cool elevator.

It also has the educational activities right next to the library and that place is very cool as well! With lots of fun and interesting and educational activities to delight young and old. I loved the makeup of this exhibit. So great for kids’ imaginations!

Roseville CA Utility Exploration Center has TONS of cool exhibits via real estate agent blogger Kaye Swain

Next to that is the sports center with tons of exercise equipment that was being very busily used. And in the back, two parks side-by-side and full of happy kids. One park is for the wee ones. And one for the bigger kids. And both with fun and interesting activities to enjoy including swings. I arrived at the playground by going through the back door of the Utility Center (be aware – you can exit the center through the back but you can’t come back in through the back).  You can also get there by walking around the complex or from the walking trails that come from the Aquatics Center or the reserve area to the right of the complex (looking at it with my back to Raley’s and facing the center and the Aquatics Center.) Apparently, that walking trail also goes beside a creek which I am now looking forward to exploring though probably I’ll wait for cooler weather. 🙂

The little tykes playground includes swings and a very cool raised-play sandbox – perfect for my grandkids Hot Wheels. 🙂

Over on the older kids’ side, there are swings including accessible swings for all ages, an awesome play structure,

and a cobweb climber that is tall, cool, and fun! And quite popular from the looks of things (do you like my postorized version 🙂 ).

The cool spiderweb climber at Mahany Park Roseville CA via Kaye Swain real estate agent blogger

Some extra details on this great regional park which does offer reservable options and lots of restrooms:

Per the Roseville CA city website,

  • The Roseville Sports Center, located at 1545 Pleasant Grove Blvd., houses a full sized gymnasium, fitness room, group exercise fitness and cycle room, childcare/activity room, cafĂ©, full locker rooms, catering kitchen and a 32 foot tall climbing wall.
  • The park site also has several different athletic fields. Near the Sports Center is the state-of-the-art, All-Weather Field. There are also two lighted softball fields, a four field lighted baseball complex, including three youth baseball fields and one youth/adult 90’ baseball diamond. Tennis courts are also located within Mahany Park, behind the Aquatics Complex.
  • Next to the tennis courts is a reservable group picnic area with a built in barbeque, tables and a shade structure.
  • Mahany Park also has batting cages with 8 stations and varying pitch speeds for baseball and softball fast and slow pitch. The batting cages are located directly behind the Sports Center.

Some of the Mahany Park Roseville CA batting cages info via Kaye Swain REALTOR blogger

All in all, this is yet another grand park in Roseville CA! One caution about it. When I was leaving, I wanted to turn left. Pleasant Grove is pretty busy and the speed is 45 mph. Personally, I don’t like left turns on such busy streets. I CAN do them. I just don’t LIKE to do them. Used to make my kids laugh til I told them about UPS and how they strive to have their drivers ONLY do right turns – because it saves time and money!  In the future, I will be turning right from Mahany Park and making a U-Turn at the signal or finding another route to where I’m headed so I don’t have to turn left out of there.


Don’t you love the wide variety of parks here in Roseville CA – over 70 parks and more to come! No wonder Roseville was just named in the Top Ten of a list of Best California Cities to put down roots in! There are so many fun and interesting things to do in Roseville and indeed, the whole Sacramento area! It’s truly a sweet delight!

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