Mimis cafe has a lovely French country home decor via Kaye Swain Roseville CA REALTOR

Mimi’s Cafe-Tasty Food, Great Hours for Boomers and Seniors, and Lovely Decor Ideas

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The-Baby-Boomers-Generation-caring-for-elderly-parents-appreciate-caring-doctors1My senior mom had a doctor appointment last week with a new doctor. Doctor appointments are always a bit stressful for her and that’s especially true if it’s a new physician she’s never met. This doctor had come highly recommended but still, you never know. It didn’t start off all that well as we had a very hard time figuring out where their office was. Not their fault, of course. It’s one of the joys of a growing community here in Roseville. AND the fact that we have many excellent doctors and doctor offices throughout the city in all parts of Roseville – both independent medical practices as well as groups like Kaiser and Sutter Health.  But I only had to go into one incorrect office. The staff there was wonderful and gave me excellent directions and on we went. (And yes, I would have been wise to get more detailed instructions from the get go, but I thought I knew the area better than I did. Again, more growth. But with that growth comes lots more great choices. 🙂 ) Eventually, we found the office, were able to park quite close, and even with the slight misplacing, we were there early. And after that, all went well and she really liked the new doc! Hooray!

We saw many boomers and seniors who appreciated that Mimis Cafe Roseville CA is open for breakfast via REALTOR Kaye Swain

Afterwards, we had planned to go to one of her fave restaurants, Olive Garden, on Galleria in Roseville, directly across the street from the Westfield Galleria Mall at Roseville CA. Because her new doctor was not only very nice, but unusually prompt (awesome!) we were out of the office much earlier than we expected. So early, Olive Garden wasn’t yet open. She was QUITE tired! Too tired to wait, so I talked her into another fave, Mimi’s Cafe, which is in the same shopping center. They open earlier as they serve breakfast and brunch in addition to lunch and dinner. From the looks of it, that is a very popular option.

Since mom was so tired she waited in the car while I went in and got our order. She enjoyed resting and watching the many MANY cars driving by on Galleria where she also had a good view of the Mall as well as the Fountains at Roseville, also across the street from this shopping center, which as you can see, includes Bed Bath and Beyond, Buy Buy Baby, REI, and other businesses including Chipotle and AT&T to name just a couple.

Mimis Cafe is across the street from the Westfield Galleria Mall and the Fountains at Roseville CA via Kaye Swain REALTOR

I have to say, I love Mimi’s Cafe’s ambiance. The soft jazz music playing in the background coupled with their gorgeous rustic look – a country home decor style I have loved for years!

Mimis cafe has a lovely French country home decor via Kaye Swain Roseville CA REALTOR

I had fun snapping a few photos before taking our French Dip and Tomato Basil Soup


Multigenerational caregivers appreciate being able to call in orders to go at Mimis Cafe Roseville CA via REALTOR Kaye Swain


and, of course, their delicious baguettes and breads home with us. Oh my!


I do love the bread at Mimis Cafe in Roseville CA and beyond via real estate agent and social media blogger Kaye Swain



Even with a great experience at the doctor’s and a lovely lunch smell on the way home, my mom was so tired she headed for a nap as soon as we walked in the door. An hour later, after reheating her soup, she beamed up at me and stated, “That’s the BEST soup ever!” Isn’t it great that we can enjoy yummy deliciousness at home without having to do the cooking on top of the doctor’s appointment! 🙂


Mimis cafe in Roseville CA via Kaye Swain REALTOR


A delightful doctor appointment, a fun stop at Mimi’s and a delicious lunch at home. That’s what I call a mega success story for us that day in sunny and sweet Roseville California! QUITE nice indeed!


I love the rustic home decor ideas at Mimis Cafe in Roseville California via REALTOR Kaye Swain

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    • bj
    • 07/25/2015

    so glad the trip to the new doctor turned out good…and the cafe looks awesome.

    • Kaye Swain - SandwichINK
    • 08/21/2015

    Thanks BJ – have a great weekend 🙂

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