More Park News in Roseville CA 5-26-23

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Curious about the Latest  Park News in Roseville CA

Last week, I shared about two of our brand new parks in Roseville and two others that are being worked on. You can read that post at Park News in Roseville CA 5-19-23. Today i have MORE park news in Roseville CA! 

Some Roseville Park History

But first, have you ever wondered how Roseville picks their parks, what their budget plan is for them, and more? Here’s a great (and short) video they made that explains a lot of that.

In addition to all of this, did you know that Roseville has set a goal to have a park within a 10 mile walk of most/all homes in Roseville CA. That’s awesome! It’s yet another reason our city is so nice and attracting so many new residents and businesses!  Check it out —>>> 10 Minute Walk Commitment

Wasn’t that interesting? By the way, I have that saved in my RosevilleCaliforniaJoys playlist on Youtube – There you can find other great posts from the City of Roseville, from myself and from other resources in and around Roseville and our surrounding area. You can check it out by clicking here!

More Recently Completed Parks in Roseville

Apollo Dog Park, 1280 Antelope Creek Drive, Roseville, CA 95678. This is a 0.5-acre fenced off-leash dog park site. The varied Dog park amenities include a gated entry area, accessible pathway, drinking fountain, dog wash station, seating bench and an interesting display of native trees  that use high efficiency irrigation methods. I thought the dog wash station was a great idea. Particularly for those who are walking distance to the park.  Much easier to wash them there after they’ve had fun playing and then air dry on a walk home. 😊

Kay Sakamoto Park – This 1+ acre park, at Challis Circle and Tablona Place,  features a children’s play area, swings, shaded picnic area, climbing spheres, open grass area, and a walking path.  This is considered a pocket park and it was built by Taylor Builders on behalf of the City of Roseville. It was named after Roseville Community Services Officer, Kay Sakamoto, who also worked as a part of Roseville’s traffic unit, who had responded to numerous collisions and accidents in the community. Sadly, Kay Sakamoto died of a stroke while on duty in July 2020.

Coming Soon In Roseville Park News

Great shade at Royer park in Roseville CA

I am looking forward to the upcoming changes to this lovely and fun old park will look like.

There are many more parks and  park upgrading planned. These are all outlined on the City of Roseville website and you can see them by clicking here. One that is currently under construction is Crimson Ridge Park,  which is not yet opened to the public

Park Projects in the Design Phase

  • Solaire Park
  • Riego Creek Park
  • Denio Family Park
  • John Byouk Park
  • Regional Sports Complex and Universally Accessible Playground

Play Structure Replacement Planned

  • Lockridge Park Play Structure Replacement – Anticipated to start and be completed in Fall/Winter 2023
  • Erven Park Play Structure Replacement – Anticipated to start and be completed in Fall/Winter 2023
  • Kenwood Oaks Park Play Structure Replacement
  • Del Stephenson Park Play Structure Replacement
  • Royer Park Play Structure Replacement – One of the parks I’m especially looking forward to checking out as my grandkids and I have enjoyed this park many times in the past
  • Blue Oaks Park Playground Replacement
  • Mark White Park Playground Replacement – Another park I’m looking forward to re-visiting having enjoyed a neighborhood event there a couple of years ago.

Over 80 Parks in Roseville and Growing!

With over 80 parks in Roseville CA I doubt we’d ever get bored with our park options. And with more park news in Roseville CA, I doubt we’ll get bored with park updates either! I so appreciate the wealth of parks and choices in our lovely city!
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