New Construction Homes and Interesting Park News in Roseville CA

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New Construction Homes – Model Home Tours

This week, I enjoyed spending time previewing some of the lovely brand new construction homes for sale in West Roseville CA. There are several new home construction companies that have been building in Roseville for some time.

A beautiful new home construction model home with a gorgeous wall for books via Sacramento Roseville CA REALTOR blogger Kaye Swain
¬†A few¬†of those companies even have some completed new construction homes ready to move into right away. That’s always nice when your house has sold and there aren’t very many homes for sale on the market, which we are experiencing right now. At least one or more of these companies have builder trade-in programs for folks who want to sell their home with less hassle and then enjoy moving into their choice of brand new¬†construction¬†homes available. And some¬†are brand new properties that have just opened (or are about to open) new model homes and showing offices. And let me tell you, each model home that I saw was¬†GORGEOUS! They are fun to look at just to get great furnishing, furniture, and home decor ideas. (And YES, if you’re interested in buying a new construction home, I’d love to help you check them out and see if they are right for your real estate needs. ūüôā ).

Fun Roseville CA Park Photos

While out and about on these errands, I also enjoyed stopping by a couple more of our awesome 70+ city parks and taking some photos to show them off to you. These two are local family-fun parks that I’m quite familiar with and have enjoyed with my grandkids. They’re not huge, but they’re also often pretty quiet. So if you’re looking for a peaceful play time with little or big kids and grandkids, these can be a good option.

Paul J Lunardi Park

Paul J. Lunardi Park is right beside Silverado Middle School on the corner of Junction and Country Club.¬†I like this one because it also shares a walking trail with Silverado Middle School that is part of our lovely Roseville CA walking trails system.¬†I discovered the sharing aspect one sunny Monday morning, when I was out walking on the trail and started hearing some noise behind me. Turning, I discovered several cute young teens from the middle school following me along the trail. I’m guessing their PE classes occasionally walk on the school trails and a bit beyond. It reminded me of when I was in high school and we would run/walk the trails in the foothills behind us. I loved those PE days and these¬†walks¬†seemed quite popular with the happy students from Silverado as well.¬†I enjoyed fun smiles while diverging over to another section for my walk and they ran cheerfully along their route.

In addition to the trails, they have a fun¬†playground along with a covered picnic area. It’s a lovely¬†place to stop¬†while taking a¬†walk, or for kids to wait until¬†a sibling is out of class,¬†or just to enjoy a quiet time in the midst of your day.

Paul J. Lunardi¬†Park’s address is¬†2501 Country Club Dr, Roseville 95747. It has 8 acres and includes the trail which is made of decomposed granite, along with a turf area, a cool playground and swing area with belt and buckle swings and even some native wetland that is quite lovely. The park is named after¬†Paul Lunardi¬†who was, among many other achievements, a former mayor of Roseville CA, state assemblyman of California and state senator of California.

James A Hall Park

A little bit further along Country Club, heading towards Baseline, is Raeburn Way where you’ll find James A Hall Park (which I’ve written about before). Hall Park¬†is bordered by Raeburn Way and Lazenby Way on each side right off Country Club Drive and its address is1401 Raeburn Wy, Roseville, CA 95747. I would say Hall park has a bit more¬†play equipment, I think, than Lunardi Park with playground equipment for big and little kids as well belt and buckle swings, and a very nice covered picnic area with tables, . It also has a¬†2 acre Oak woodland preserve which I love! It’s a vital part of this fun park¬†as is the¬†large turf play area – fun for kites, ball games, bubble games and more.

Hall Park is a delightful place for a family, friend or workplace get-together. The only caveats are that there is no restroom and no electric outlets either. Our neighborhood group used it for a potluck last summer and had plenty of room to visit, set out yummy food dishes, and oh my! The kids had such a blast playing on the playground and chasing bubbles. A delightful time was had by all!

Cresthaven Park Changes To Come

While I’m on the subject of¬†parks, I have a sweet update I heard about at this month’s RCONA meeting – Cresthaven Park is getting an updated name. It will become Jack Wallace Park at Cresthaven¬†in honor of Jack Wallace. Jack was a dedicated and hard working Roseville resident, activist, and neighborhood volunteer. I¬†had the privilege of working with him years ago when I was the secretary for RCONA¬†which gave me the opportunity¬†to see his strong love for Roseville and constant hard work¬†towards keeping it a great town to live in. This is a¬†well-deserved honor indeed!


New Construction Homes Joys

Beautiful granite counters and lovely backsplashes abound in the new home construction model home visited by Kaye Swain Roseville CA real estate agent blogger in Sacramento area

After a delightful time photographing Hall and Lunardi¬†parks, I made my way to some¬†new construction model homes where I enjoyed more fun photo opportunities, a nice time chatting with the various new home construction team members, and, oh my, you should have seen the delightful spread in one of the lovely new model homes I visited on a “real estate broker’s tour!” A very thoughtful treat! And so many fun and lovely ideas throughout each model home for furnishing and decor updates for our own homes.


Multigenerational and Aging In Place Options

And best of all, such gorgeous homes I enjoyed seeing, including many with some of my fave things to see – multigenerational options and good aging in place choices. Things like walk in showers and bedroom, bathroom, sitting room suites that could be great for elderly parents, older children, or roommates. Lots of great options!

Roseville CA Delights

Lovely weather, delightful parks, beautiful new construction homes! It was a fun day indeed here in Roseville CA!

P.S. If you are interested in seeing any of the beautiful new home construction options in Roseville CA or the greater area of Sacramento CA, I would be glad to help you. I personally think it is wise to go with your own REALTOR who can focus on your needs, leaving the new construction homes’ sales representatives/agents¬†to focus on their company’s requirements. A win-win for all, I believe. (And yes, when I bought a brand new home several years ago, I came with my own agent and was very glad I did. She had some great ideas and suggestions I really appreciated. AND set a great example for me to follow ūüôā ). ¬†When you are ready, I’d love to tell you all about what’s available and show them to you. Just give me a call at 916-768-0127 or email me at I’d love to help you with all your real estate needs! ¬† ūüôā


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