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Why Use

Many of us enjoy using, the local social media app for up to 10 neighborhoods around your home.

It can be a useful resource for reuniting lost pets and their families; getting updates from the local city leaders, police, park and other staff; helping to protect your neighborhood by sharing important neighborhood watch tips, decluttering your home while providing great items at terrific prices for people who buy your extras; and more.

Just this past month, I got a cute high chair, a play mat and bouncy chair, and some fun toys for my newest grandbaby. All at a fraction of the cost of new from different neighbors via one of their posts on NextDoor. A huge help for the budget, that’s for sure!

How to Use NextDoor

If you’re not on this cool neighborly social site but would like to give it a try, Just click here for a link to start up easily. And yes, it’s all free! 🙂

Once there, treating neighbors online as politely as offline is always the best way to use NextDoor, and any other Social Media site. NextDoor has good guidelines and it’s wise to read them as well as implementing the “Golden Rule” – Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Recently, a sweet neighbor new to NextDoor asked an etiquette question. In researching my answer, I found this terrific infographic that we are allowed to share (see below). Isn’t it cool! 🙂

Etiquette Infographic


Nextdoor Etiquette Created By: – Many thanks to their gracious sharing of this. 🙂

Have Fun on NextDoor

Have fun on And let us know how you like it!  🙂


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