Dinosaur Fun at Olympus Park in Roseville

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Discovering Olympus Park Roseville California

I had such a lovely Thursday morning this week at one of our delightful Roseville parks. Yesterday I took one of my local grandkids to Olympus Park in East Roseville CA 95661 before we had to pick up another grandchild. It was a true delight.

DINOmite fun for grandchildren

It is a DINO-mite Park for kids of all ages and especially for those who love DINOSAURS. I was amazed at all the dinosaur fun ideas they had come up with for this enjoyable Roseville park! There were dinosaurs to climb, dinosaurs to ride on, and dinosaur bones to explore. Not to mention a very cool Jurassic Park-style jeep that thrilled grandbaby. He finally realized his dream of actually “driving” a moving car! Talk about a beaming smile! 🙂

Grandbaby having fun driving a Jurassic Park style jeep at Olympus Park La Croix and Olympus Roseville California
Roseville parks fun for all ages

Kaye Swain sharing Cool Dinosaur climbing jungle gym at Pinterest AND Roseville California Joys dinosaur park | dinosaur parks | Roseville CA | Roseville California | Rpseville California Things to Do | Dinosaurs | grandbaby | grandbabies | grandchildren | grandkids | Olympus Park is full of dinosaur fun in Roseville CA

There is a dinosaur shaped climber that was too big for grandbaby but a lot of fun to photograph. More his speed was the tiny rocking Dino alongside the traditional swings for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school kids and grandkids.

Giant slides and climbing fun

Across the walkway was a giant slide and climbing area. It was all too big/ old for him BUT with grandmas help, he “jumped” from step to step to get up on the rock hewn steps that lead to the slide.

Then sat on my lap and down we went together – wheeeeeeee!

Picnics, ball games, Kites +

With a picnic tables, BBQs, a softball field and adjacent soccer field that would also be perfect for running with kites and the very important rest rooms, this is definitely a park we will be returning to someday. It may be a while though, as I’d like to eventually be able to say I’ve visited all 75+++ ROSEVILLE parks we so enjoy!

How about you?

Ever been to Olympus Park on La Croix and Olympus in East Roseville? It’s near Bayside Church in Granite Bay as well as HomeGoods and Chipotle on Sierra College and Douglas (some of my favorite places to visit over there 😉 ).

What was your favorite thing there? If not, what looks the most interesting to you from my photos? We’d love to hear – in the comments or at Facebook – @RosevilleCaliforniaJoys. 🙂


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