Park News in Roseville CA 5-19-23

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Roseville CA is In the News Again!

There’s some interesting news in Roseville CA for residents!  Did you know we have added two more parks? Both are in my neck of the woods of West Roseville, CA!

Four Corners Park

Four Corners Park is located at 6101 Garland Way, Roseville, CA 95747. This 1.2 acre park in West Roseville includes  a children’s play and swing area (sounds like it is primarily geared for pre-schoolers?), an interior “trike track,” two bocce ball courts, and a half basketball court. I love that they are offering bocce ball – I know a lot of boomers and seniors love that game! We have it in most (all?) of our 55+ communities but there are a lot of boomers and seniors NOT in our 55+ communities – and I bet it will be popular!

And check out this clipping from the January 2023 FAB50 newsletter – apparently we HAVE Bocce Ball courts at Maidu AND at Harry Crabb

Bocce ball at Maidu and Harry Crabb Parks too

After I saw that I went searching our Roseville Parks page – – for bocce and here are some of the other parks that apparently offer Bocce Ball areas:

  • Festersen Park
  • Woodbridge Park
  • North Hayden Park

Very cool!

Getting back to Four Corners park, according to  Google Maps, an easy route to get to Four Corners Park in Roseville CA is to take Blue Oaks West, turn left on Westbrook Blvd, turn right on Brookstone Dr., turn left on Stanwyck Way,  and at Garland Way you are there.

Audrey Huisking Park

Audrey Huisking Park, which is at 6484 Garland Way,  This is a 1.2 acre park that, according to Yahoo!Sports, ” includes a ‘children’s play area, zip line, pedestrian pathways, shaded picnic tables, benches, (and) open turf areas.'” This park’s name was chosen by “unanimous vote in honor of Audrey Huisking, who has devoted nearly 50 years to the city of Roseville. Huisking has served on Roseville’s Parks and Recreation Committee, Transportation Commission and Planning Commission. ” Sounds like an awesome person and a great name for the park! 😊

Audrey Huisking Park per Google maps
Audrey Huisking Park per Google maps


Based on this map from Google Maps, it looks like an easy way to get to Audrey Huisking Park in Roseville CA is to take Blue Oaks West, turn left on Westbrook Blvd, turn right on Brookstone Dr., turn right on Campanella Way and in three blocks you should arrive.

That’s Not All the Park News in Roseville CA!

There are several more parks to come in Roseville CA . I’m spotlighting two today and hoping to share more in the coming weeks.

Campus Oaks Park

The City of Roseville is currently working on Campus Oaks Park, an 8 acre park located off of Foothills and Blue Oaks Boulevards along the former Hewlett Packard campus. It is planned to include Pickleball Courts, a dog park, and more.  Hopefully it will be completed Summer/Fall 2023.

The Courts at Gibson Park

Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR shares park news in Roseville CA 5 19 23

They have also started work on Phase 1 of The Courts at Gibson Park. This is located at 201 Gibson Drive, on the corner of Gibson Drive and Roseville Parkway.  This should be about a 13.75 acre multi-generational sports complex and phase 1 will include nine-lighted pickle ball courts – WOOHOO – happy news for all us pickle ball fans! And I’m thinking this will be another park popular with all ages including boomers and seniors! 😊 I’m especially looking forward to its scheduled  completion in Fall 2023 (if the weather cooperates. Hmmmmmmmm!!!! 🤣😊)

Ciao for Now

That’s it with the park news in Roseville CA but there’s a lot more of that news to come, so stay tuned and be sure to also subscribe so you will get the scoop and not miss anything interesting in our lovely Roseville CA area.  Just click



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