Pet Friendly Guide To Help You Care For Your Pet In Roseville CA

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Beloved Dogs Cats and More in Roseville and Beyond

Dogs and cats, turtles and snakes, guinea pigs and hamsters,
birds and pet bugs.
You name it, between my kids and grandkids I’ve enjoyed them – here in Roseville CA and beyond! Some more than others. (I’m not a huge fan of snakes OR bugs! But shhhhh, don’t tell my grandkids on me!)

Animals are a sweet delight and I have a fun Pinterest board called Cute Critters where I post all sorts of cute photos. They are also an important responsibility, as many of my grandchildren are learning right now. And they each have a variety of needs – from health to food to exercise and more. Fortunately, our great town of Roseville is very pet friendly and has a wide variety of options to help us with those various needs. In the past week, I’ve had to research a couple of specific items for friends and family. As I did so, it occurred to me that you might find some of the info quite useful as well. So once I finished my little project, I added to it and here tis.

I will caveat this with the warning – much of this applies to all pets, but it is probably a wee bit slanted towards dogs as I help with beloved dogs near and far and that’s what I’m most familiar with. Then again, a sweet cat has joined the ranks of Grand-pets for me, so I have a feeling a kitty-licious article or addendum may be lurking down the road!

And for fellow pet lovers who don’t live in the Roseville – Sacramento area of California, there is plenty for you to enjoy as well. 😀

Pet Friendly Food Options In Roseville

Most stores (all stores?) carry a variety of pet food so that’s not usually an issue. Unless your preferences or the health issues of your beloved pet require a special diet. Then you might need to look a bit further than our local Raley’s Safeway, or Walmart. If so, you’ll discover we also have:

Petsmart – North Roseville CA
10363 Fairway Dr
Roseville, California 95678
Pet supplies, Dog obedience classes, Dog Grooming, Doggy Vacation Hotel at the Folsom location

Ben’s Barketplace – Pet Supply Store in the Nugget Shopping Center

701 Pleasant Grove Blvd
Roseville, CA 95678
Dog and cat health food

Animal Nutrition Center
1805 Cirby Way # 10
Roseville, CA 95661-5533

Incredible Pets in the Roseville Square Shopping Center
1105 Roseville Square
Roseville, CA 95678
Cat and Dog and Other Pet Supplies, Foods, Toys, Health Supplements, Specialty Pet Food including Dehydrated, Freeze Dried & Raw Diets

Petco Pet Supplies in the Target and Raley’s shopping Center

1917 Douglas Boulevard
Roseville, CA 95661

Some other options that I personally love for my own food and that also carry specialized dog and cat food include:

Trader Joes has dog and cat food
1117 Roseville Square
Roseville, CA 95678

Sunrise Natural Foods has dog and cat food.
1950 Douglas Blvd
Roseville CA 95661

More Fave Dog Treats of my Granddogs

In case you are looking for tasty treats to help with training or just have fun treating your sweet dog, here are the faves of my bigger granddog, in order of Great, Greater, GREATEST (which is also the same order of price 🙂 ):

  • Jerky Treats Dog Treats Made in the USA – My granddogs current container is made of lamb. They also have a beef flavor. He really likes these!

  • Stewart Pro-Treat 100% Pure Beef Liver Treats for Dogs – These are pretty expensive but well worth it as he REALLY likes these and comes running fast when i say treat. They buy these from Incredible Pets.

Per my sweet grand dog Greenies are the ultimate dog treat via Kaye Swain Roseville CA pet friendly REALTOR
  • Greenies Dental Chews – They come in several sizes. My granddog recommends you buy the big ones if you have a bigger dog (45 + pounds, give or take) as the smaller ones may make him choke. He buys his at Incredible Pets and they are his VERY favorite treat BUT he can only have one a day as too many could have an impact on his figure AND might give him a bit of in-di-GES-tion (remember that commercial? 🙂 ). But his doggy dentist ala vet likes them as they are GREAT for helping keep his teeth clean.

Local Pet Veterinarian and Emergency Veterinarians and Hospitals In Roseville CA Area

Speaking of pet health Issues…When you have to take your dog, cat, guinea pig or other pet to the veterinarian, here are medical care options, including emergency veterinarians, who come recommended by some of our local Roseville CA neighbors. Of course, as when you have to find any important caregiver, always do your due diligence, ask around  – check the Better Business Bureau about a specific veterinarian clinic, look up veterinarian reviews on Yelp, ask Facebook’s Good Neighbors Roseville group for their suggestions for best veterinarians offices and the vets themselves, etc. And, as is normal in life, some people will LOVE the same vet while others may not care for that veterinarian. So research well, take good notes whenever you go in, and if you are ever not comfortable with your pet’s treatment, it might be wise to look at other options.  🙂

Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital
Pet Emergency Center

Directory of Pet Emergency Veterinarians
1100 Atlantic Street
Roseville, CA 95678

Dr. Carstens with Willow Rock Pet Hospital
6661-M Stanford Ranch Road,
Rocklin, CA 95677

Rocklin Road Animal Hospital
4730 Rocklin Road
Rocklin, CA 95677

Bird and Pet Clinic of Roseville
3985 Foothills Boulevard
Roseville, CA 95747

PetCare – Dr. McRoberts
1022 Douglas Blvd
Roseville, CA 95678

Arbor View Veterinary Clinic
7441 Foothills Blvd
Roseville, CA 95747

Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital
7484 Sunrise Blvd
Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Dr White at West Roseville Veterinary Hospital
7631 Galilee Road
Roseville CA 95678

Good Resource – Check Yelp for Veterinarians Near Roseville CA

For more options, here is a map with a directory of Vets in and around Roseville CA  – Just click the photo or click here.


Dog Parks in Roseville CA

In addition to 70+ people parks, there are 3 dog parks and a dog run. Marco and Bear Dog Parks are both named after Roseville K-9 dogs – very cool!

Marco Dog Park, 1.5-acre
Off of Douglas Blvd and Sierra Gardens Dr
1800 Sierra Gardens Dr,
Roseville 95661

Bear Dog Park, approximately 2 acres
Two separate areas, one for small dogs and one for large dogs.
Off of Pleasant Grove Blvd within Mahany Park
1575 Pleasant Grove Blvd,
Roseville 95747

Hughes Park – a 35 acre general park that includes a 1.5 acre fenced dog park. Per the website:
“Includes a 1.5 acre off-leash, fenced dog park.
There are separate areas for large and small dogs,
as well as a separate enclosure for dog training.”
Off of Blue Oaks Blvd and Diamond Creek Blvd and has two addresses to help you find it:
North Side of Hughes Park
2796 McCloud Wy,
Roseville, CA 95747
South Side of Hughes Park
1600 Parkside Wy,
Roseville, CA 95747

Saugstad Park – a 15 acre park with 5 acres developed that includes a dog run area.

Off of Douglas Blvd and Buljan Dr at 100 Buljan Dr, Roseville 95678 – right along Dry Creek.

Here’s a portion of the City of Roseville CA parks and recreation map with my arrows on it to show each of the 4 locations as does the google map right at the top of this section:

City of Roseville CA Dog Zone Areas and Map

The City of Roseville allows dogs in designated areas. They have a Dog Zone Map that is given out with dog licenses and signs are posted to help show where dogs are permitted. It’s important to note that in sensitive open space areas, dogs will be required to remain on-leash. Dogs are not allowed in developed park areas. And, of course, we all need to be considerate and clean up anything our sweet pooches leave behind. 🙂

Click here for my “Love Our Pets” Pinterest board with more links where you can also find these links.


I have to admit, when I am petsitting, I prefer to stay in the back yard for fun and exercise. My granddog and I have such fun playing tennis together. I throw, or use my tennis racket, to bounce the ball hard from the patio cement high up in the air. He runs all over to chase it, often leaping up to get it. Then he takes the ball and enjoys nibbling it, hiding it from me, and playing with it. I then bring his squeaky Wubba over to him and squeak it. That moves his attention away and POUNCE, I can grab the ball with my foot or hand! And off we go to rinse and repeat as long as I last. HE would last for hours, I think. It’s a game we both enjoy and he gets a ton of exercise, while I get a bit as well. 🙂


City of Roseville CA Pet Safety and Licensing Tips

Animal Control Officers and pet licensing laws often get a bad rap – especially on kids TV shows. But the reality is, those officers are there to help us and our beloved pets in case of problems – like if they get lost or attacked by another dog. If your dog has a current Roseville CA license tag on, you are more likely to get it back safely if it gets misplaced. The licensing fees help pay for emergency medical care for injured stray animals until they can find its owner. That means if your dog gets out and is injured, they can take it to an emergency vet even if they can’t track you down right away. I really appreciate our Roseville animal control department. I’ve worked with them a couple of times and always been impressed at how nice they have been and how helpful!

Dogs are required to be licensed by the time they are 4 months old and then have regular rabies shots which protects all of us! You can get details at the Roseville CA site by clicking here. Boomers and seniors will be happy to hear that they offer a discount to senior citizens over the age of 65.

Placer County SPCA provides low-cost shots and microchip options on a monthly basis. Be sure to call them before heading over there as weather can occasionally cause a clinic to be cancelled. They also want to remind us all that “If your pet already has a microchip, be sure to keep your information current with the manufacturer when you move or change phone numbers. Placer SPCA will scan your pet for free to determine if they already have a microchip.”

Their contact info is:
Placer SPCA Companion Animal Care Center
150 Corporation Yard Rd.
Roseville CA 95678
916-782-7722 or 530-885-7387

For those who need it, The Spay & Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) program was established to provide Placer County residents with free or subsidized spay and neuter services for their cats, dogs and rabbits. Please CLICK HERE for cost and services for the type of animal you have. For other low-cost spay and neuter services, visit

If you are wondering, “do you spay or neuter a female cat,” The SPCA states, “When a female cat is spayed (also called an ovariohysterectomy), the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus are removed. Neutering results in the castration of males and the complete removal of their testicles.”  And for that matter, “Spaying and neutering are surgical procedures performed by veterinarians that render dogs incapable of breeding by removing their reproductive organs. When a female dog is spayed (also called an ovariohysterectomy), the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus are removed.”    🙂

HomeAgain Microchip Service is one company that has been recommended to me so I am passing that suggestion on to you as well. And from the looks of it, they offer quite a few great options for pet owners.

I know how devastating it can be to lose a beloved pet. As I understand it, microchips don’t help you track your pet. But once a lost pet is turned into a shelter or vet anywhere, they should be able to read its chip, find your (hopefully up-to-date) contact information, and give you the happy news that you can come pick up your sweet pooch or kitty.

In addition, “HomeAgain is a proactive pet recovery service that actively helps you look for your pet. Once informed of a missing pet, HomeAgain immediately sends out Rapid Lost Pet Alerts to veterinarians and shelters surrounding the area in which your pet was lost. HomeAgain also supplies you with an easy-to-personalize “Lost Pet” poster that you can print and post in the neighborhood. And with HomeAgain, Lost Pet Specialists are always available to help you, 24/7.”

I have read pros and cons of their minor annual fee and my personal philosophy is that it is worth it for the peace of mind. But you can also register the chip at other places such as the AKC. You can read more information about microchips at Pet Microchip FAQs.

For all you bird owners, I called HomeAgain and checked. They can also be microchipped. In fact, the lady I talked to said several kinds of cute, unique, even exotic critters who are pets can all be microchipped. One of my neighbors just had a parrot go missing a couple of weeks ago. Happily, it was found a day or so later! Birds do occasionally get out and those microchips can put a lot of pet owners’ minds at ease. You can read more about chipping birds at Windy City Parrot.


Personal Needs For Dogs Cats and Other Pets

When it comes to dogs and cats, other things may come to mind – from doggie hair-dos to precious pet or other critter-sitters. As with vets, you may be able to find good ones by asking friends, checking with a local area Facebook Group, and researching reviews at Yelp and other locations. Here are some examples to help you get started:

Roseville and Sacramento Area Dog Obedience Classes

Yelp Reviews for Dog Obedience Classes and Trainers  – I used two different search terms and did get different results 🙂

BARCC Dog Training Services
A friend recommended this trainer and she was also on the KCRA3 A-List though I think she was under their “businesses in general” section.

KCRA3 A-List for Sacramento and Roseville Area
Dog Training and Dog Obedience Classes

Roseville and Sacramento Area Dog Groomers

Roseville and Sacramento Area Pet Sitters and Doggy Hotels

  • Wag Hotel – one of my relatives used this a couple of times when both of her regular petsitters were unavailable. She opted for a private room with video option and had fun watching him regularly over the long weekend. She still prefers her petsitters, but it was a big help for her.
  • YELP – Pet Sitters/Doggy Hotels
  • The KCRA 3 A-List – Pet sitters/Doggy Hotels

  • My granddogs are all primarily cared for by friends and family, often me. Also my granddogs have each enjoyed the occasional trip to grandma’s house, complete with doggy diaper bag on more than one occasion.
  • Occasionally my granddogs’ moms have also hired petsitters – either neighborhood teens who pop over every day or people who were referred by friends who have stayed at the house while the owners were gone. That has the added bonus of letting the sweet dogs stay at home in their own comfort zone AND the house gets watched over as well.

More Great Research Resources for Pet Owners

My granddog wants to mention that Roseville CA offers plenty of dog parks as well via Kaye Swain REALTOR

Facebook Groups

For each of these search terms and others, you can also check one of the many local area Facebook groups, like Good Neighbors of Roseville CA – just search for city state AND group. If that doesn’t work, try city state AND neighbors AND group. Once you’ve joined the group(s), you can then search the group for groomers, boarders, etc. For example,  Roseville CA AND group   or   Roseville CA AND neighbors AND group  – Request to join the group. Once you are accepted, you can post questions such as, “who would you recommend for boarding a pet.” It will be eye-opening, I’m sure. But you should get a pretty good list to help you get started. Then research those specific options.


NextDoor can be a great resource as well. NextDoor is like Facebook for our neighborhoods and our Roseville CA city and police department are on it as well. You can choose to be on up to 10 of your immediate neighborhoods and people often post questions about recommendations for a variety of things including dog sitters, etc. NextDoor to join.

Pet Friendly Restaurants

Bring Fido lists two Roseville CA restaurants that may offer the pet-friendly choice of welcoming dogs to their outside patio area, along with a creative idea for two other restaurants. Since policies can and do change with little or no notice, you might call them first to verify this.

Yelp has a useful-looking conversation from 2014 about pet-friendly options in Sacramento that was quite interesting to read.

Pet Photographers

Dog cat and other pet friendly vets stores and other resources via Roseville CA REALTOR Kaye Swain

Mike Martin Photography offers a variety of services, including pet photography and has great Yelp Reviews
518 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA 95678

Yelp also has several pet photographers listed, including many in and around Roseville CA

KCRA 3 A List only had 12 pet photographers listed and none were in Roseville, but most worked in the general Sacramento area including Roseville CA.

Travel Time Tips

If you have to/want to travel with your pet (my cat HATED to go in the car, my granddogs LOVE it), be sure to check ahead for pet-friendly hotels. If you click here, it takes you to Trip Advisor’s list of Sacramento Roseville area pet-friendly hotels. You can use Trip Advisor to find those in other areas. I would also look at the main brands here who are pet-friendly and try those brands in other locales. And if you have guests visiting here with pets, this info will prove handy for them as well.


Adorable Doggies Vs Air Conditioner Units

GUESS what I JUST learned! To be a bit blunt, dog pee can kill air conditioners! I found this out because a client buying a brand new house in Roseville CA was shocked to discover that if his sweet male dog pees on the air conditioner even once and it has ANY problems at all, they will come out, check for pee, and if they find any – it will VOID THE WHOLE AIR CONDITIONER WARRANTY. Oh my!!!!! I had never heard this, nor had he. I put my fingers to keyboard and discovered, they have GOOD reasons for doing that. Here are just SOME of the links I found discussing this, including from some local Roseville-Sacramento area air conditioner companies:

  • Bell Brothers Sacramento  –  “The acid in dog urine corrodes the condenser and destroys the coils by eating through the aluminum and copper, often causing refrigerant leaks and usually leading to an untimely replacement…Should I build a fence around my air conditioner?  You can but you will want to leave at least a foot of room around the air conditioner and plenty of space to allow the panel to be removed.”
  • Coolray Atlanta – “Dog urine eats away at the insides of your air conditioner..The dog urine destroys the coils and fins of your condenser unit, causing major repairs…What to do: Install a fence around the air conditioning unit to keep the dogs away. Just make sure the fence is at least 12 inches away from the sides of the AC.”
  • RLP Sacramento – Dog urine on a condenser can cause damage to the aluminum coils fins to become brittle and crumbly, also making the painted metal surface bubbly.
    When damage to the condenser becomes this defective, you will need to replace the entire unit.
  • A.B. May Kansas City –  More tips to prevent dogs and air conditioner units from commingling – “ protect your condenser in the backyard you can plant bushes around it or build a fence to discourage the dog from going near there. Also, odor sprays to deter dog urination can be helpful as well. If building a new home think about the placement of the condenser, it might be best on the side of the house where your dog or others cannot reach it.”
  • Beutler Sacramento – Great review that includes this customers dog tale of a/c woe and the type of fence Beutler installed as part of the contract.
  • Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning Oregon – “…Dog urine contains chemicals that are very good at eating away at metals…and the coils begin to leak. A leak in coils means that the unit is no longer a closed system. The refrigerant will leak out, and in a matter of hours or days the system could be emptied completely. When this happens to your unit, you risk burning out the condenser…” And all this can happen as quickly as a year!
  • Buyer’s Inspection Service Dayton – 2 great tips – “The fence should be at least two feet high, and depending on the size of your dog it may have to be higher….The fence should be designed to allow air flow through it like the photo above. A solid fence could impede the flow of air to the A/C unit.”
  • Click here for even MORE articles on this topic at my Pinterest Board – Love Our Pets. 🙂

Pet Friendly Homes With Large Back Yards

Having a large yard is quite handy for any dog(s). And, of course, the bigger the dog, the more you’ll appreciate a large lot. If/when you are thinking of house hunting and you specifically want to look for a larger lot, give me a buzz at 916-768-0127 or email me at We’d love to help you with all your real estate needs.


P.S. Enjoy these doggy coloring pages with your kids or grandkids 🙂






P.P.S. Would you like to find out an estimate of your Roseville CA home value instantly? Do so by CLICKING HERE or call 1-916-768-0127.









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  1. What a great compilation of resources for pet lovers. We are currently without any pets but our daughter and son in law have one cat and three dogs that we “sit” for when they are away. Visiting from Stephanie’s link-up today where I am your “neighbor”. Nice to meet you : )

  2. Wow, a lot of good information for pet lovers in your area! I am an animal lover too and we rescued our dog about 2 1/2 yrs ago from a shelter in Georgia. She is part Irish setter (all black)and looks like a flatcoated retriever.She has a wubba too and loves that thing. One of these days I am going to print out a doggy coloring sheet just for me! LOL!

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  6. “I am so grateful for this amazing pet care site! As a pet owner, it can be overwhelming to know what’s best for our furry friends, but this site provides valuable information and resources to help us make informed decisions.

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